Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday

So, I decided that last week would be the last week in my series of "classic" children's books for awhile; I have several more but they are all "bunny books" so I wanted to wait until around Easter to feature them!

Anyway, this week we have been reading....

Touch and Feel Bible Stories
by Beverly Larson
illustrated by Sarah Dillard

A couple of months ago I wrote this Read to Me Wednesday post about the Baby Bible Storybook we read nightly to Ann Peyton from. Well, lately we have been branching out a bit in the bedtime routine. Honestly, we have just gone through the little Baby Bible so many times that we needed a change. We have a couple of books that were mine as a child, but they are really for older children.

But this Touch and Feel book is PERFECT for right now! The stories are short but meaningful and it's another durable board book (two of the qualities I love about her Baby Bible). And, it's a Touch and Feel, which is something she has just recently started to become really interested in. So, it's doing another thing that her Baby Bible did that I loved- providing her opportunities to interact with the story and engaging her senses!

I have decided that I just love the age she is right now. Although I have loved every age, it's just so neat to watch her "learn" so much each day. Even though I know she has been soaking up things all along like a little sponge, it's now starting to become really obvious to us and it's really neat to play and interact with her and see how she responds!

I'm trying a different link-up this week. We'll see how it works!

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Tiffany said...

Yah! The new McLinky works! I always love finding Bible stories for the kids. What a really neat way to introduce your daughter to the Bible early on. I like it alot! Touch and feel anything is also so good for this age! -I have my selection up for the week! It's a sentimental pick. It holds lots of treasured memories for me. ~Blessings!