Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday: "SHE Needs to be in the Dark" {March 24, 2009}

This video was taken around this time last March. Peyton and I had just gotten a new video camera in anticipation of Annie's upcoming arrival and we spent the next few weeks having the time of our lives making ridiculous videos of each other. I thought I'd share a special one.....

In case anyone is interested, this is how I do pregnancy. Or, so far, how I have done it. I really didn't have any major sickness issues. So much so that my OB told one of her patients (a friend of mine) that I had one of the easiest, uneventful pregnancies she had EVER seen (I guess Dr. McMinn had a little lapse and forgot about her other favorite patient, who does pregnancy even better than me!). And it's true, I was VERY blessed. But it made me AWFULLY tired. I like to blame it on my small size, but gestating required just about everything in me. Anyway, I spent the majority of the pregnancy in the above state. Not real sure what I'll do round two when I have an Annie Baby (or really, by that time, an Annie Big Girl) to keep up with!

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Christy said...

I am working on a post about FOTF now...not sure if I will publish it or not. If I don't, I will email you the links :)

To make a long story short, Dr. Dobson did retire and it was a planned retirement. We recieved a letter last year stating that he would be retiring soon. However, he would still do the radio station, have an active role in the organization, ect... Everything seemed to be that way when he retired this year. The letter he wrote, the website's letter about all seemed like everything was just fine. But lately some statements have been released and thinks have come to light that reveal Dr. Dobson was basically pushed out of the organization because he is "too polarizing". Jim Daly is a personal friend of Obama and that alone makes me suspicious.

HOWEVER, I am not a huge conspiracy theory person. I am praying about this, researching more, ect... before I come out and write a post blasting FOTF. Right now it may all be coincidence and hearsay. But, even if it is, I think FOTF has not done enough in defending Dr. Dobson lately. They have kept their mouths shut over this whole issue and that does everyone a disservice.