Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday/Babykin Boutique: Overstock Flashbacks {Fall and Winter 2009}

So, I'm kind of cheating on my Flashback post again. This week included one of my favorite events, the fabulous Overstock Sale. Well, I realized that I never posted pictures of my previous two adventures at this sale. I took the pictures and I had every intention of blogging about it, but I just never did it. Now that it has rolled around again, this seemed like as good a time as any and I decided I'd kill two birds with one stone and consider it my Flashback post for the week, as well.

Fall 2009 Sale

So, yeah, I guess I was lazy and just took one picture this time. Here's what all that is, though:

1. smocked birthday cake dress- It's a 2T, so probably she'll wear it next April. Annie is a "blue baby" (that's Minniespeak for she looks pretty in blue), but I tend to put her in a lot of pink because pink is my signature color (I was a "pink baby", ovbiously) and because I want it to be clear she is a girl.
2. blue linen romper- Another blue outfit! It's 12-18 mo. so she should be able to wear it this summer!
3. Layla Luv floral t-shirt dress- another 12 mo. that she can wear after Easter.
4. Rosie Posie lollipop romper- it's an 18 mo. but if she doesn't wear it this summer, I think it will be fine for early fall with a shirt under it or maybe even early next spring.
5. Rosie Posie polka dot/crown dress- It's a 12 mo. The neck was already a little tight (Annie's got the big head), so my mom worked on it (I'll have to share the cute way she "rigged" it, sometime). I think I'll probably have it monogrammed.
6. Toni Tierney knit apron dress- this was a 6 mo., but of course, we're still wearing it. I have LOVED this dress. It's so unique to me.
7. Anavini smocked seersucker swimsuit- it's a 12 mo. and I'm pretty excited about it!
8. striped duck swimsuit- It's a 3T, so it'll be awhile, but it was too cute to pass up!

Winter 2009 Sale

This time I took individual pictures of my finds:

I got these three little smocked outfits. The ladybug dress and the blue gingam two peice set are 2T. The pink dress has an Easter bunny on it and it's 18-24 mo. so hopefully, AP can wear it next Easter!

I love this little Castles and Crowns corduroy dress. It's a 2T (have I mentioned that I like to buy ahead?)

This is only a 24 mo. I thought it was so sweet and pretty!

I think I also may have mentioned that I have a problem with buying baby swimsuits. 2T.

And this is where I may have gone overboard. The little blue gingam set is a 4 and the pink seersucker dress is a 6, but they were such a steal (like $15 and $10, respectivly) that I couldn't pass it up!

And then I went the opposite direction. This is a 12 mo. but it was $15 and AP is so tiny I figured I could probably squeze her into it and if it's a lenght issue I could just add some ricrac to the bottom of the shirt.

Y'all are not going to beleive me, but I only got TWO things this time. I don't know what it was, I just didn't find as much I really had to have as usual. But that was best anyway, because I've made alot of consignment purchases and I've really racked up on some stuff for this summer on eBay. I'll be doing a big post on all that next week!

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Christy said...

Wow!! SO CUTE!!!

Those 4 and 6 dresses are a great buy-LG has several like it. They look so cute on girls, are a classic and timeless style, and iron/wash well. They are also expensive! You got a great deal!