Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Because I Love a Little Comparison Study: Annie's Aqua Bubble

....for the three (maybe??) people that care- I decided not to do a "Won't You Read to Me Wednesday" post this week. I'm not going to do Show Us Your Life, either....even though I plan to do a really long, involved post about my organizational tactics one day soon.

I just have about fifty five posts that I'd rather write this week. For one, I wanted to finish months seven through eleven of Annie's life in my trip back in time before her birthday. But that would require five posts in two days. We'll see. Also, my focus this week is just on celebrating her life and also on the events of this weekend (Good Friday through Easter Sunday). We don't do a whole lot for Holy Week (I kind of wish we did more), but I do want to try to focus my mind and heart on the cross this week, and to that end, I'd like to do a post or two about that.

Anyway, all that to say, if you still want to write a Read to Me post, don't feel like you shouldn't because I'm not hosting it this week. Just put it on up and let me know if you do! I don't know why I felt like I needed to write this post anyway. I've had at most three people at a time do it. I'm just OCD and I'd feel rude not saying anything, I guess.

Incidentally, however, someone DID want to be read to today! I was doing some tidying in AP's room and she crawled over to one of her bins of books and was just so excited!

Hopefully, this will always be her attitude towards reading!

Also, did anyone notice she's wearing the same outfit that she graced the blog in a couple of posts back as a FIVE month old? Yeah, probably not.

Anyway, quick comparison:

Yeah, it's not a duplicate. It's the same freaking outfit. The joys of having a child in the 1st percentile--they never outgrow their clothes! Ha, I'm just kidding. It says it's a 9 mo., but it seemed to fit last summer and we really thought it was mis-sized. I guess the legs were looser than I remembered. It's crazy because she can wear a few things in a 12 mo., but then she still fits in some of her 6 mo. stuff.....her sizing is all over the place! My mom and I were having a conversation about how it's weird she can wear some 12 mo. stuff even though 99% of her peers are bigger than her. Vanity sizing for BABIES??

Luckily, her grin is in the 100th percentile. I don't think anybody could smile bigger than my girl!


Katie Smith said...

look at that big girl! she is just too cute.

Carrie said...

I answered your question about the baby doll on my blog, but in case you didn't see it, here it is: It's one of those ridiculously expensive dolls that looks like a real baby. I saw it in a magazine forever ago and had a fit over it, and so David gave it to me for my next birthday. Haha. I probably had some crazy baby fever or something when I saw that baby in the magazine.

Also, Aubrey wore a dress today that she wore this time last year, and it still fits perfectly. It's just a little shorter. So it isn't just babies in the first percentile :)