Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letter to (Eleven Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are a busy little bee and the weeks just fly by. It is so hard to wrap my mind around you being one month short of a year. You are the same sweet, happy baby you've always been, but you are becoming more and more of a big girl every day.

You still love to eat. In fact, eating and sleeping are still pretty much your favorite activities. We joke that you are a sloth and a glutton and talk about you being our lazy little banana, but of course, we wouldn't have you any other way! In fact, it is really nice for Mommy to have a baby that eats easily and sleeps well....what a blessing!

You eat baby food three times a day and we are working on transitioning you to more table food. You love Cheerios, Goldfish, butter beans, and Puffs and you LOVE feeding yourself. I am in the process of weaning you and this week we've changed one of your nursing sessions to a bottle feeding, so you now nurse only in the morning and right before bed (and have three bottles in between).

You sleep around twelve hours every night and take either two average length naps (about an hour or so) or one LONG nap (3+ hours) a day. I am so thankful you are such a good sleeper and are so flexible; it makes everything very easy!

You like to be busy. You really enjoy going shopping, playing at Mother's Morning Out and going to lunch with your friends. You are a social butterfly!

You currently have another ear infection (the third one for this winter), but it hasn't slowed you down too much. It is hard for us to tell when you're sick, because even then you aren't very fussy.

You wear all variety of sizes in your clothing. I confessed to some friends recently that I just finally sent a THREE month outfit to the attic because your being able to fit in anything that is a three month at almost one year old is a bit unsettling, in my opinion. You are, however, about to outgrow one of your nine month outfits, so you do appear to be gaining weight, albeit slowly.....Praise the Lord and pass the bacon!

That said, your Daddy is basically infatuated with your "littleness". He asks me absurd questions like "Will our next baby be as cute if he/she is normal sized?" I just laugh because I think it's precious how smitten he is with you.

Daddy has been helping me out and taking care of you a lot lately. This has just been a busy month for Mommy and you've had to miss some school due to a little sickness. Daddy is such a big help and you are finally at the age where he can really "play" with you. I enjoy you just as much as I did as a tiny baby and it is so much fun to watch you learn new things, but I never expected "Papa", as he likes to be called, to enjoy playing with you so much this early in your life.

It is so much fun to watch you learn new things. You have become very enamored with "Touch and Feel" books and you love digging through you box of toys.

You have another new favorite activity, too. You LOVE to have your back scratched very very lightly. You smile and make sweet little relaxed noises and every so often you'll lift one shoulder and kind of let a little shiver go through you. It is precious.

You still very much love music and you love real animals. I can't wait for the weather to get better so we can see if you still love the outdoors as much (music, animals, and being outside have always been three of your favorite things).

Speaking of outdoors, your Daddy is so excited about taking you swimming this summer and teaching you to swim as you get older. He was on swim team and is a very strong swimmer; I would probably struggle to swim the length of a pool once these days, so I'm going to let him enjoy that job. I have, however, apparently enjoyed picking out your poolside apparel, as you have no less than five bathing suits for this summer (mommies have weaknesses, too and sometimes those weaknesses come in the form of itty bitty swimming suits).

You are doing so many new things, little BunBun. You clap your hands when anyone says "play patty cake" or just starts the rhyme. You wave "bye bye" and are learning to play Peek-A-Boo. Most recently, you said "bye" and waved as we were leaving Mickey and Minnie's house. You are such a big girl!

It is just delightful for us to watch you change and develop in so many ways. Watching you grow before our eyes is such an amazing experience. I have said it before, but I could never tell you enough- it is, among other things, a blessing, a privilege and an honor to call ourselves your Momma and Daddy. We are so very proud of you, sweet Annie baby.

Momma (and Daddy)

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Christy said...

She is beautiful!! Laura Grace has four swimsuits so far this summer. There is nothing wrong with having one for every day of the week. HA!

I love, love, love the months that are coming for ya'll! After 12 months is so exciting because they explode into these walking, talking people!