Friday, April 2, 2010

Letter to (One Year Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

Today, April 2, 2010, you turned one year old. I know I say it every single month, but I cannot believe it. I don't remember what live was like without you, but at the same time it seems impossible that you are a whole year old and are doing so many things. You are changing from a baby to a little girl before my eyes!

I won't lie to you; it's a little sad to see your baby days fading away. But, I have done my best to soak up every moment of it and I'm enjoying this new stage. I never imagined it would be SO much fun to watch you do new things. Each accomplishment is such a source of joy and excitement to your Daddy and me and to your grandparents, as well.

Even though you seem like such a big girl when I peak in your crib each night, you are still tiny for you age- around 16 pounds. Your clothing sizes have been all over the place, lately. I can't figure out how you wear a 6 mo. in some brands, but in others you are true to size and are wearing a 12 mo. The 0-6 mo. two piece set I put on you yesterday was a bit painful, though. We know you are healthy and adorable, so it really doesn't matter.

You were finicky with your food for the first time this month. I think there was a good reason,'re finally getting, not one, but TWO, bottom teeth! We were worried that you didn't have any! You are a good eater, ordinarily. You have dropped your fifth milk feeding (we've just spread them out) and you now have four bottles a day and solids three times a day.

I totally weaned you from nursing last week. It was emotional at first, but I'm really fine now. It was such a special time to share, but we have SO many special things we can do together now. I glad I made it to a year, though (even if you weren't exclusively breastfed until then). And you don't seem to mind AT ALL! You love your bottle....maybe a little too much, because all my sippy cup attempts have been in vain.

You also don't care too much for table food. I think you're just saying you're not ready to really grow up quite yet and that is fine! There will be a time when you need to but now is not it (and Dr. Denney agrees- you have a few more months with the bottle and about six with the baby food, if you want it).

You are so busy! You are crawling really well, now, for one thing. We knew that you'd finally figure out crawling was faster than rolling wherever you wanted to go!

You are also pulling up on things almost constantly and just this week you've started to do a tiny bit of "cruising" from once piece of furniture to another. You are cautious, but not too cautious, and you haven't had too many tumbles yet.

You do like to get into EVERYTHING that you're not supposed to. I think that you know what "no" means, and sometimes you mind us, but lately you laugh even eat my most stern voice. I am going to have to do some [more] reading on disciplining in the near future.

One thing you have done good about lately- when you know you've got something that's not supposed to go in your mouth, you will hand it to someone instead of "eating" it. We think you are super smart!

You have lots of new tricks up your sleeve this month! You play patty cake, "clean" your hands like you have dust on them, and wave "bye-bye". You also taught yourself a new trick- when you see me holding the phone to my ear, you put your hand to your ear, too! It's the most precious thing.

You love stuffed animals and baby dolls- they are you favorite toys. You have your favorites (Flopsy, PigPig, and Sunny) and you go CRAZY when you see them. You wave your arms around and make the cutest little excited noises.

We've been taking you outside more since it has been so nice, lately and you can't get enough of it (you've pretty much loved the outdoors since you were born). You absolutly freak out over flowers or when you see a kitty or another animal. It's adorable.

We left you overnight for the first time this month. It was much harder on Mommy than on you, although I'm glad we did it! Your grandparents "shared" you and all four of them loved every minute of it. You were glad to see us, though. Well, kind of cried when Daddy took you away from me. I think it hurt his feelings a little!

You have started to talk a tiny bit. Your first word was "bye" and you say "Ma Ma" and "Da Da", a lot, too. We can't get enough of hearing you say those! We feel so special, because we know that you love us.

Annie, I have tried in the past twelve months to convey to you, perhaps very ineffectively, through these letters exactly how much I love you. I figured out early on that, even if I was the most eloquent writer in the entirety of creation, it would still be an impossible task. But I wanted to try anyway.

Having a child is very similar, in my experience, to falling in love. The parallels are remarkable. You see the world through an entirely new lens. You feel a level of emotion of which you never knew you were capable- a new unfathomable joy and in my case, a new inexplicable anxiety. You gain perspective- you begin to see what does and does not matter in this life. You see more meaning in your own life and you have more meaning given to it by the addition of this new person. You really don't like having to be away from that person and you want to spend time together, growing in your love for one another. Being your mother is such a beautiful, life changing, life affirming, blessing.

Momma (and Daddy)


The Niemeyer Nest said...

So sweet! She will treasure that for many years! Happy Birthday!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Ann Peyton! Love that last pic! She is looking kind of like her cousin Simeon in that one! :)

Curran also thinks "no" is the funniest thing I ever say and always cracks up. Then it's hard for me not to laugh back at her, so I'm not sure I'm getting much disciplining accomplished. :) And I was 16 lbs at a year, too. Nothing wrong with being petite! :)