Monday, March 1, 2010

Multitude Monday: 1000 Gifts (1-10)

holy experience

I started to not do this today. Because really, I already do so many "weekly" things, adding another weekly thing to my blog just does not make sense. But I saw it on someone's blog and I clicked on the link and I read the post. A Holy Experience is one of those blogs I just love, I always come away feeling so refreshed, inspired......convicted. Today I was convicted.

Life has caught up with me lately. I have been using "mark as read" way to much in my Google Reader and I'm sure I've missed some other fabulous posts by Ann Voskamp. I going to work really hard to fight the urge to go and find them. All that to say, I am starting of this week by counting some of the things I am grateful for. Will I start every week this way? Who knows. But this week I am.

I have been meaning to make a "Happiness List" like my friend Ashley (and now Sarah and Christy) did for quite some time now and then when Kelly listed the things she considers "Simple Pleasures" I wanted to do that, too. But, really isn't everything that brings me happiness and every "simple pleasure" a gift from the Lord and something I should thank him for? If it's not, then it's a sin and I shouldn't be finding happiness in it at all. So, here is the beginnings of a my list of 1000 gifts (and by the way, here is an explanation of the whole project, Ann explains it so well).

1. This post. Don't finish my list. I mean it. Just go read the post. It is so beautifully written and gosh, convicted me so much. All about seeking affirmation in the wrong way.

2. Finding an old guitar book, and since I don't have a guitar at this house, teaching myself the song on the piano.

3. Enjoying this small window of time where Annie does not know I have a terrible singing voice.

4. Planning a first birthday party.

5. Forcing myself to stay within a budget.

6. The realization that I could not/cannot choose my child's grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings. But for the one person I did have a choice in, her father, I am so very thankful and that decision is one I have never been more sure about than anything in my life.

7. The incredible blessing that is those I did not choose.

8. Another person that I did get to choose- her godfather. My best friend. If he teaches her half of what he has taught me, he will have gone above and beyond what his role calls for.

9. Days like today, when I get to run errands all by myself and I come home and find Peyton playing with Annie, who has been dressed by her Daddy in one of her prettiest outfits. And then he picks her up and presses her close to me and says in a very high voice "Hey Mommy, I missed you!".

10. Having my blog open all day so that I can listen to my Worship Playlist.

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Misty said...

Great list! I can totally relate to 3 and 5 a lot right now. I have an Annie too, who happens to be the one enjoying my singing voice. My 3 year old has been telling me for quite awhile now that she doesn't like my singing. :)