Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life- What is Your Typical Day Like?


I am a Stay At Home Mom, but our days are kind of all over the place. I'm glad Ann Peyton is so flexible because every day is kind of different. I really love schedules and routines and we do have a *very* flexible routine that we try to stick to, but like I said things vary alot! [My husband is fond of saying that I like to make schedules, but I rarely stick to them. It's true; I'm a poor time manager. I got this very detailed planner awhile back, and on the days I actually make a schedule (usually the night before), I get a ton more accomplished!
(It's from Bob'sYourUncle; they have a ton of cute planners and other fun stuff!)

Anyway, here is our schedule:
- On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Ann Peyton and I go to Mother's Morning Out at our church- I work at it and she plays! On those days I get up around 5:45-6:00. Peyton helps me get her ready, or when I know he's had a big week I give her a bath the night before and get up about ten minutes early to get her dressed. I usually wait until the last possible minute to wake her up- after I've had my shower, finished getting ready, gotten all her stuff together, and sometimes even started warming up the car. I nurse her right before we leave. At "school" she plays and has a bottle, breakfast (applesauce) and (usually) a nap. We get home at around noon. If she hasn't had a nap, she usually eats again and goes straight to sleep for a LONG nap.

- My husband is a pharmacist so his schedule is slightly inconsistent. I say slightly because we know what to expect, but it flip flops every week. One week he works mornings (8:00-4:00) and the next week evenings (2:00-10:00). He also works every other weekend, but he has either Monday or Tuesday off. Confusing, much? Anyway, we try to adjust to accommodate his schedule, too.

Here is what most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays look like:
8:00ish- AP wakes up. I usually wait to wake up until she gets up. She nurses and usually I go ahead and give her a bath (if she needs one) and get her dressed for the day- might as well if I'm changing a diaper already (to whom it may concern: I call that being "efficient"--just a little joke for Peyton who thinks he's more efficient than me at certain things). I feed her her breakfast (usually applesauce) and let her munch on cereal while I get laundry and dishes going or unload dishes from the night before. Sometimes I straighten up the den a little if it's messy. It's about 9:30 by this time.

9:30- I take my bath. AP usually plays with toys on the floor, but now that she's crawling that doesn't work so well. Sometimes I put her in her Pack N Play. Sometimes, I put her in her "Annie Pen". Sometimes I just close the door and trap her in the bathroom with me. I know it makes more sense to wait for her nap, but I hate "wasting" her nap on a bath or a shower. It would go ALOT faster though. I let her play on the floor while I get ready.

10:30- I usually fold clothes or just play on the floor with AP while we watch The View. It starts at 10:00, but I have it dvr'd.

11:00- Ann Peyton has her bottle and goes down for her "morning" nap. I eat lunch, play on the computer, watch tv, or do whatever. I try to make sure the house is reasonably straight for the day before she wakes up.

12:30- Ann Peyton wakes up. We usually have something to do in the afternoons. If Peyton is home, sometimes all three of us go run errands. I hardly ever take AP on errands by myself, but I've started to more in the last couple of weeks. Sometimes my mom comes over and we play with Annie. Now that it's warm (some days), we'll probably start going on walks more.

2:00- Ann Peyton has her bottle. I usually wait about thirty minutes and feed her solids. I know you're sopposed to do it together, but she's tiny and we're trying to put the weight on her and she'll eat more this way.

3:00- We play and I try to get things done around the house that I know won't be difficult with a baby crawling around. Sometimes I put her in her highchair and make baby food or bake cookies. Sometimes, I bring her in on of the bedrooms and organize (her closet is my favorite). We go in her room and play and listen to music, sometimes.

4:30- Usually I give her the next bottle early and she takes another nap. I do stuff that is more difficult to do when she is up (filing receipts for example; she grabs all the paper and tries to eat it; or ironing, which just makes me nervous unless she is contained in something). Then I sometimes watch TV and just relax.

5:30- Annie wakes up and we watch the news. If it's a "evenings off" week for Peyton, sometimes I cook supper. I really only cook about twice a week. We eat leftovers, go out to eat once a week, and eat with my parents once a week.

7:00- I feed Ann Peyton her "dinner"- meat, vegtables, and usually yogurt for dessert. Then we begin our "bedtime" routine. I change her into pj's (after a bath, as needed) and then I read to her from her Baby Bible, pray over her, read Wyken, Blyken, and Nod (we read it every night), and sing to her. I nurse her and then she goes to bed. If Peyton is home, he helps with all this.

8:00- If Peyton is home, this is our "hang out" time. We talk and watch tv and play on the computer. If not, I do the same thing by myself, minus the talking. This is usually when I do my Bible Study and read for pleasure.

10:00- If Peyton is working late, we usually don't have supper until 10:30 (I eat a big snack around 5ish). I start it around 9:45 on these nights- usually something easy like Pita Pizzas or fish.

11:00- I stay up way to late some nights, just watching T.V. or reading blogs. I try to be in bed by midnight.

So, that's our schedule; it was fun to type it out and see where all my time goes!


Christy said...

Posts like this fascinate me because I am so nosy! HA!

I like to see how other people spend their day. I am going to do this myself I think :)

Claire said...

Loved learning about your day! AP is adorable!