Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Happenings

You may remember my Holiday Happenings Updates that I did around Christmas. Well, so much is going on around here, rather than wait for my Weekly Happenings post this weekend, I thought I'd go ahead and check in......

- This week has been pretty busy so far, trying to get ready for Cursillo (a retreat thing we're going to). We'll be leaving Annie for an extended period for the first time and aside from trying to emotionally prepare for it, it's amazing how much needs to be done in order to get her "situated" to stay with our parents (buying extra formula, food, diapers; packing clothes; writing out a schedule, ect.). We're leaving tomorrow and I have MMO in the morning, so I want to get everything DONE by tonight.

- My first sewing class is also tonight!!

- I had a little set back this week. I was SO sick on Monday and part of Tuesday. I just woke up feeling really dizzy and nauseous and had an AWFUL headache. Now, before anybody gets any crazy ideas, I think it's just sinuses/caffeine problems, but it was a lot worse than usual. Monday was really the worst; I chased AP around for most of the morning and then called Peyton pretty much in tears to see if he could come home early, because every time I moved my head throbbed and I thought I was going to puke, and you kind of have to move around a lot with a one year old. It's really amazing that she's so flexible, because I ended up putting her in her bed about an hour earlier than usual and she played by herself and then fell asleep. So, I got to rest, too, until Peyton got home.

- We did so many errands today and yesterday, trying to get everything done before our trip. I'm glad I have one more trip to the Kroger to make and that's it.

- I have (almost) accomplished the main thing I wanted to get done this week: Ann Peyton's birthday invites. All that's left is addressing them. I'm not really a crafty person, but I found this cute example of one you could make online and I decided to give it a shot, since we aren't inviting that many people. I think they turned out really well! I'll post pictures soon.

- I also need to post pictures of our new floor and of AP's summer wardrobe (don't know which I'm more excited about.....okay I do, but don't tell Peyton). I don't think I'm going to finish my little "flashback" series of each month of AP's life before her birthday. Oh, well!

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