Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #53 (March 15-21)-- You Call This a BREAK??

Peyton got a new hat in NOLA and is channeling the fellows from Newsies, Annie has a stain on her outfit (stains kill me) and I'm pretty blonde this week. At least AP isn't making the terrified face she has been doing in these for the last three weeks!

Wow. Just wow. This week has been so busy. We didn't have Mother's Morning Out because of Spring Break and so I tried to get a lot of stuff done! I'm just thankful we had a peaceful Sunday, before we get all geared up for next week.

On Monday we got back from our New Orleans trip. I unpacked, did laundry and had a nervous breakdown at Newk's. It's amazing how much worse my anxiety is when I'm tired. I wasn't even that physically tired, but the weekend was just kind of mentally draining. It was so worth it, but a trip like that with two babies is a lot of work! It sort of reminded me of how I felt the first few months of AP's life; I was never that physically tired, but I think that mentally adjusting to my new life just wore me out!

On Tuesday, Ann Peyton and I met my sweet friend, Sue, for lunch at Brent's. She just got into OT school and it had been forever since we had seen her, so we had to celebrate! I had the best grilled pimento cheese sandwich. On the way home, I went by Bridget's to see if I could find a diaper bag. I couldn't find anything I really liked in the price range I was looking for.

Tuesday night, Ashley and Carrie and I had a Girls' Night. It was SO much fun, just like it always is. We talked about everything under the sun and laughed so hard. At one point, I said that Carrie got her tickle box turned upside down and apparently that is a Southern colloquialism, because Ashley had never heard it (even though she's lived in the South for some time). She'll have to teach it to her Yankee neighbors when she moves, ha!

My mom (who was keeping Annie) called me a couple of times and seemed a bit out of sorts. I felt kind of bad because everyone else had left their babies at home with their Daddies so they were asleep in bed and AP was getting cranky at my parents' house. My mom also asked me if we were being "safe"-- she has been so paranoid since some girl went missing while she was jogging and I guess she thought we were going to get abducted from the Shopping Center at 10:00 at night.

Wednesday was interesting. The people came at 8:00 to start installing our wood floors. AP got up around that time and had her bottle. Since they were working in the hall with glue and stuff, we were pretty much trapped in our bedroom. Peyton and I played with Annie a bit (it was his week to work late) and when she took her nap, I took one, too! When it was time for lunch, I had to go out the bedroom window to get to the kitchen! After Peyton left for work, I was straightening up some things and folding clothes in our room and I noticed a little hair wrapped around one of Annie's toes. It was really scary- it looked like the thing was cutting off her circulation. Her toe was really huge and red. I tried to get some little fingernail scissors to cut it and of course, I nicked her skin and there was blood oozing (sorry, gross word) and she was howling. So, I called my mom to try to get her to come help me (because I really didn't want to leave the workmen here by themselves). Well, she didn't answer. I called Peyton and I guess he could tell I was getting pretty scared, because he told me to just bring her up to his store. I got it to stop bleeding, but the hair was still stuck. When we got there, Peyton got it off relatively easily. Typical. I should've taken a picture, but that was really the last thing on my mind. In fact, our family picture was the ONLY picture we took this week....I don't think that has ever happened before since we've had AP!

I was supposed to be meeting my friend Morgan and another friend for dinner, but I decided not to after all that. We did end up picking up Lenny's sandwiches and going over to my parents' house.

I also found out what was going on with my mom on Tuesday. Apparently, she had forgotten to take her anxiety medicine (anxiety runs in our family, clearly) and was just a train wreck. She said she was so tired and emotional and that my Dad had mainly watched AP on Tuesday (which is unusual- he loves playing with her, but he's not much for extended babysitting) and told her that I take care of her all day and when I go out with my friends not to worry and stress out about when I'll be back, because I need that break. I thought that was SOOO sweet of him!

On Thursday, Peyton kept AP while I got my hair cut and colored and ran some errands. It is REALLY blond. That's embarrassing thing #1 for the day. I went by two little boutique places (See Saws and Hopscotch) looking for a diaper bag. They told me that in order to get one that would last the duration, it'd be around $200. Um, sorry, we gotta save for college. Then I went to Target and to Hobby Lobby. At Hobby Lobby my card got declined- SUPER embarrassing thing #2 for the day. I was modified and really wanted to explain "it's just my spending money account, I do have money, I promise". But I just smiled and used the other card. UGH. When I got home the floors were finished. I dry moped the floors and cleaned this redish stuff off the hearth.

After that, Annie and I set out to find a diaper bag. I decided I wasn't coming home without one. We went to Jodi Badon and then to Leap Frog. No diaper bag at either place, but I did get a couple of outfits for AP at Leap Frog. [I SERIOUSLY NEED TO DECLARE A MORATORIUM ON BUYING 12 MO. SUMMER CLOTHES. I don't want to be that mom that is listing things of eBay and saying "we never even wore this one....we just had too much". That is redic.] Then we headed to Highland Village. I stopped by the Polka Dot Pony to look at a bunny sweater Haley had told me about and then we went to Gingersnaps to look for the bag. I found a couple that weren't really diaper bags, but could be used as such. I got a smallish one for five dollars and then another one that has great pockets and is big and looks kind of like a beach bag. I didn't realize until I got home and took the tags off just how HUGE it is. Kind of absurd for an almost one year old. Embarrassing thing #3 for the day. Oh well, it will be great for Mother's Morning Out, because I end up bringing all her food, my snack, and the stuff I'd normally put in my I've got to have a pretty big bag.

Friday was another busy day. Annie had been kind of coughing all week and Friday morning she woke up just hacking something awful. So, I decided to take her to the doctor's office. The whole thing took almost two hours and she pitched a massive fit like I've never seen. She was so tired, at one point I laid her on the examining table and she almost feel asleep. Girlfriend NEEDS her naps. Anyway, we found out she has a "viral sore throat" and also that I can cut her milk feedings down to four a day. Afterward, while she was napping at home with Peyton, I went back to Hobby Lobby and Target to make some returns and to Kroger. I got a TON done at home once I got back. It took me almost an hour just to clean up the kitchen because our dishwasher has been blocked and there was a MASSIVE pile of dishes in the sink. I also dusted everything because it was SO dusty from the wood. Later that afternoon, my mom came over and we worked on putting all the China and some other stuff back up in the den. She took Annie home with her and I kept working and then worked on AP's birthday invitations that I'm making. Friday night, I had Red Beans and Rice with my parents and got to visit with Cookie and her boyfriend, who were home for the weekend. My dad has been changing up the Red Beans and he went back to the old way; the original is SO much better! We watched a Bruce Springsteen concert on T.V. and then headed home. Peyton was hanging out with one of his brothers after work, so after I tucked AP in I got up on some DVR'd shows (they didn't get deleted after all!).

We went to a shower for one of Morgan's friends on Saturday. She is from Africa and doesn't know many people and just had her baby really early (the baby is still in the NICU) and so Morgan wanted to do something sweet for her. It was really fun! Saturday night, we had our last Suppers of Eight group. We actually went out to eat this time. We went to C'Paw's Webster House. Peyton and I had never eaten there before. It had great BBQ! Annie stayed with Peyton's dad and was an angel the whole time (we were kind of nervous, because for a while he scared her- don't know why, he's about the gentlest person you cold met). Peyton went out with a friend from pharmacy school afterward and I stayed home and read blogs and goofed off.

Yesterday (Sunday) has been pretty relaxing. Annie was still getting over her little cough and she napped a ton- she took her bottle at 8 and slept until 10, then napped from about 1:00 to 3:30 and then took another 30 minute nap around 6. We put her to bed at 10:00. I am so thankful she is such a good sleeper and knows how to get herself well!

Peyton had to go into work early and Annie and I went to the late service. I washed our bedding and then my mom is coming over to help me rearrange things on the bookshelves and baby proof the den (it took a few hours with Annie "helping" us). Peyton cooked B4D (breakfast for dinner) and then we went over to my parents' house to see Conrad and Cookie.

Next week is going to be busy, too, I have a feeling. We are doing Cursillo (a retreat thing) starting on Thursday and I feel like I have a TON to get done before then. Whew!

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