Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #52 (March 8-14)-- Packing, Subbing, Shopping, Traveling! [Part 1 and 2]

I am really in a haze about the whole of last week at this point. If I didn't have it written down in my planner, I would not even know where to begin. In fact, I have asked Peyton several times today what day it actually was. If last week was lazy, it seems like this week certainly made up for it! I think you'll see what I mean, but first a few little tidbits:
- This was the weekend we went to New Orleans with our sweet friends Patrick and Haley and their little boy, Hank, who is two months old. I'm going to do a two-parter this week and do part two for the weekend or this post would be ten pages long!
- Our hardwood floors are getting put in this week. I am super excited, but right now our house is totally turned upside down. It is SO hard for me to function this way; I don't know what I'll do when they day comes that we have to actually move. Hopefully not mentally deteriorate to the point of no return.
- Peyton moved the furniture, pulled up the carpet and is painting the baseboards himself. It's saving us about $500.
- In order for the floors to be installed we've had to get everything out of the den. This means tomorrow Peyton is going to have to ::GASP:: unplug the DVR! In one way it is a little bit liberating to just start fresh, but there is at least three hours of shows that are "must watch" by tomorrow night. Especially since this past week was so busy, I am WAY behind. Thank goodness that if worst comes to worst, most everything can be watched online.
- On a related note, I have had to "mark as read" on my Google Reader far too much lately. I know I just need to eliminate some blogs (it's no one who actually reads mine- I LOVE all y'alls blogs), but I'm so OCD and I know the minute I delete them, I'll be trying to find "that one blog about soandso" or I'll be scared I'm missing something.
- I had three things I wanted to get before our trip to New Orleans this weekend. I was not completely successful on any one of the three. First, I wanted to get AP some new shoes that would stay on her feet and as a bonus have a sole that would be appropriate for really standing/walking since she's pulling up now(!). We went to Stride Rite because Annie's little friend, Ella Kate, had on the cutest "mary jane" style Keds at Mother's Morning Out last week, but they didn't have Ann Peyton's size (which, I am happy to report, at almost a year, is finally a TWO). So, we had to order them. I also wanted to get an umbrella stroller. The one I wanted that I had spotted at Babies R Us a few months ago was gone and only ugly ones were left. Fortunately, my mom had one that one of her friends grandchildren had outgrown. Also, the diaper bag I have (the one I convinced Peyton was well worth the kind of steep price tag) is tearing to shreds. I got desperate this before the trip and ended up just buying a $15 bag at Target that will make a cute beach bag this summer (I'm going to look for a new diaper bag this week that is around the $30 price point).
Now, I feel like I can get onto the week's Happenings:
Monday was pretty busy, but we really only left the house for a few minutes to go to the Post Office to mail something for Peyton. I put up all the laundry from the weekend, watched some more of the Oscars, cooked Spaghetti for dinner. I also worked on packing up things to get the living room ready to pull up the carpet and "inventorying" the house for insurance purposes.
On Tuesday, we had Mother's Morning Out and then Peyton and I had dentist appointments. I also discovered a little something exciting just in time to tell Dr. Toler (our denist):


Wednesday, was pretty busy. I subbed at Prep, but it ended up being really laid back. The teacher I subbed for only had three classes, so I got to leave at lunch and had about an hour and a half of break time. I read more that morning than I have all at one time since AP was born...sad to say, because I love to read! When I went to pick up Annie from my mom's house she fixed me lunch and then the three of us went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls and then to the Overstock Sale. Surprisingly, I only got two things. It's really for the best, though, because I've gotten Ann Peyton a bunch of super cute stuff at consignment sales and on eBay lately and then I spent a good amount at TJ and Marshalls!
It was Bible Study night, but I just felt like I needed to relax and be with Peyton and Annie, so when we got home, Peyton and I took her for a stroll (I never used to would have considered that relaxing, but it was nice to just talk and walk). Afterwards,I straightened the house and worked on Mint (the program we use for our budget). Annie fell asleep in her clothes and I just let her sleep in them all night....it was a long day for both of us!

Thursday we had MMO and I went by the drugstore on the way home because I realized my "little cough" was getting alot worse. When we got home, I worked on packing up more stuff in the den while Ann Peyton napped. When Peyton got home, we went to Stride Rite to try to get AP some new shoes and then went to my parents' house for a visit.

On Friday, Ann Peyton and I met Carrie and Aubrey and Ashley (but no Evy!) for lunch. We were super late because I was so absent-minded and forgot Annie's bottle and had to turn around and go back. I dropped Ann Peyton off with my mom and then went to the doctor to see about my cough (I knew it was just from sinus drainage, because I didn't have fever, but I didn't want to leave town and it get worse). They had to wash out my ears (yuck!) and it made me SO dizzy. I went home and took a nap and Peyton picked up AP when he got off work at three. Friday night, we did errands. We went to Babies R Us to look for the stroller, to Gap, Target, and to Walgreens for my medicine. Then we went over to Peyton's parents' house and then to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice. When we got home, we stayed up until about 2:00 working on getting everything else out of the den.
I put all this stuff in AP's room while she was asleep....she's a pretty sound sleeper, takes after her daddy!

To Be Continued......Continuing right along.....

Saturday was a bit hectic. Annie was just all out of sorts. I felt like I could not get anything done. I seriously thought to myself for the first time *ever* "if all my days were like this, I would want to go back to working outside the home" (NOT that I necessarily would do that). I guess it's good that after almost a year, that's the first time I've really thought that. Anyway, our house was all turned upside down and I was trying to get so much done and it was just crazy. I did manage to get most everything we didn't get moved out of the den on Friday moved. I also did some laundry and got AP's and my stuff packed for our trip to New Orleans. I always take FOREVER to pack and honestly, packing for two nights with an eleven month old was just as hard as packing for a our trip to Charleston when she was three months old. I really like to pack for some strange reason, but it can be stressful!

I had a few errands I wanted to run before leaving town- I knew I needed to go to Target for a few things and then swing by Best Buy to get a new battery and memory card for my camera. I thought I might run by Bridget's to look for a new diaper bag, but then when AP woke up from her nap her diaper had leaked and I had to change her bedding and I was getting so behind. Well, on the way out the door I spilled Coke all over the diaper bag. So, I decided I might as well go on to Bridget's (which is about fifteen minutes away). I drove all the way there and it was deserted- it closes at three on Saturdays....I was SO frustrated. I did my other errands, came home, finished gettting stuff together and then Peyton go home from work. He took a shower and around 7:00, Patrick and Haley got to our house and we left for New Orleans.

We got to the hotel around 10:00, unloaded ALL our stuff, and then and Peyton and Patrick went down the street to get supper.

They brought back burgers and since the babies slept in the car they stayed up a little while and we had a photo shoot with them. We all joked that we could have gone to a hotel anywhere in the world and done that, but it was really fun!

We didn't end up going to bed until late and of course, the babies kind of woke up on and off during the night and AP ended up in the bed with us by the morning (she started out in her Pack N Play).

morning we took our time getting ready and didn't even leave the hotel room until around noon. The first thing we did was get lunch. We went to a little open air type place that had Po-Boys and burgers. I got a Ceasar Salad with fried shrimp and it was AMAZING.

Then we shopped a for a good while. We went in a couple of cute clothes shops and some baby stores. I got a dress for me and Peyton found some really unique dolls that he liked for Ann Peyton (such a sweet Daddy!). We stopped and listened to different people playing music on the street and went in a few more stores and then we ate an afternoon snack of beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

On the way back to the hotel, Peyton decided he wanted to go back and get the baby doll.

[I have to say that Peyton melted my heart on this trip. He made up his mind that he wanted to use his "spending money" that he brought for the trip to get a baby doll for Annie. Now, I know that "Sunny" is a very different looking doll (Peyton asked me if I thought she would scare AP when she got a few years older, but I said no, not if she grows up with her), but I think she's really precious and I don't know many Daddies that would care that much about getting their little girl a baby doll. He also told me that he really liked her name being Sunny and when she was older and was having a bad day he was going to tell her to "go get Sunny". I LOVE HIM.]

The babies did amazingly well and made it from about noon until five-ish without going back to the room (Hank had to nurse in a dressing room and Ann Peyton took TWO naps in her umbrella stroller).
We were all pretty impressed with them!

When we got back to the hotel, we let the babies rest and play and then the guys went out for a walk. By the time they got back and we were ready for dinner it was almost 10:00. We were staying at the Bourbon Orleans and so, of course, the closest eateries were right off Bourbon Street. Um, yeah....we definitely strolled our babies down Bourbon at 10:30. And got a few comments. And more than a few dirty looks. I don't really blame the people, but of course, it did hurt my feelings. Peyton assured me that we weren't bad parents because: a) it was better for AP to get her rest early that evening rather than push her so we could go eat around 7:00; we know our child and we know what works for her and b) it would be different if she was older and could really take in what was going on, but she's not old enough to really remember these things yet (although, I realize that she's getting close). Let's just say we took a side street to get back to the hotel.

[Sidenote: if you've never been, Bourbon Street really isn't all that bad if it isn't Mardi Gras or something. It's got some great restaurants (the one we ate in was very "family friendly") and fun karioke bars. It's really unfortunate that a few strip clubs kind of give the whole thing a more seedy feel. Otherwise, it's just like Beale Street or any other main drag.]

Annie was asleep pretty much the minute her head hit the Pack N Play. By morning she was back in our bed, though.

I got a little upset because I felt like such an awful mom for taking her out on Bourbon Street and also because she wouldn't nurse well and I was convinced "this was the end" (which is coming up in a few weeks anyway, but you know I like to do things on my schedule). It's wasn't.

[I am going to go ahead and include Monday in this post, although inconsistent, it only makes sense.]

Yesterday (Monday), the boys woke up early and went to the D-Day museum. I was a little sad, because I am such a history buff, but it was nice to take it easy and get a slow start and I know they'll be other trips, anyway.

Haley and I managed to get everything packed and ourselves and the babies pretty much ready by noon. We went to Urban Outfitters and then headed out of town so Patrick could get back for a guitar lesson he was teaching and we could get back to work on the house.

[Peyton had said a much later time originally, but I fussed at him and told him he could not stay up all night ripping up carpet and then go to work (I have seen WAY too much on the news about pharmacists giving people the wrongs scripts and people dying and terrible things and I'm not having our hubby/daddy with no job, no pharmacy license, in jail, and knowing he hurt someone like that because he tried to do too much).]

Ann Peyton threw one of *the* worst fits I've ever seen on the way home. She was just so tired, I think. We were about to have to pull over, but she finally just exhausted herself and feel asleep for the rest of the the way.

Patrick barely made it in time for his lesson and by the time we got home and got the car unloaded Peyton's dad and my parents were here to help us move furniture. They did that and then helped Peyton with he carpet, too, while I unpacked and my mom and I played with Ann Peyton.

We went to Newk's for dinner and by Peyton's parents' house to get some paint brushes.

I had a total breakdown at Newk's because Peyton told me he almost smushed AP last night in the bed. It shows how much worse my anxiety is when I am tired and stressed; it's been so much better lately. But I just started crying in the middle of the restaurant and saying what if we had woken up and she hadn't been breathing. I also got upset because on Sunday and Monday Ann Peyton missed one bottle and one solid feeding both days. We were just so busy and her new tooth has been making it harder to get her to eat anyway, but I feel so guilty if she even misses one meal because of her weight issues. Peyton really helped a lot and told me that I do so good making sure she eats as much as she can and never misses a feeding, but it still made me feel selfish that I let those slip. I was so glad to just be home and let go.

Once we got home, I unpacked some more and started laundry (including another diaper bag that had spilled milk in it this time).

We had a great weekend, but I'm glad to be back home and I'm so thankful we don't have "school" this week!


Christy said...

I am glad that you had fun this weekend! AP is SUCH a good baby to travel that well!

Don't beat yourself up over Bourbon Street-complete strangers will be judging you for the rest of your life based on your parenting. It is HARD. I recently had an experience at church and it is very hurtful. I am so glad that you have a sweet husband who will help you through that! People can be idiots-they didn't know you or your family!

Allison said...

That picture of you in the (Peyton's?) hat is SO cute! I think you need to steal it from him.

And I completely agree with you that Bourbon St. has a bad reputation, but it's not the place everyone thinks it is, except during "party times" like Mardi Gras or New Years. I don't think you should feel guilty at all for strolling Ann Peyton down the street. I mean, you gotta eat, right?! :)

Katie Smith said...

what a fun trip to NOLA! I love the pic of y'all at Cafe du Monde - very cute.

And to add my .02 to the Bourbon Street thing... people are so quick to judge, and the thing is, they don't know you and Peyton and what awesome parents you are - they're really being very small-minded by giving you dirty looks and making rude comments. Bottom line: it's none of their business and you'll never see them again anyway, so who cares? :)