Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #54 (March 22-28)-- Des Colores!!

That looks like some crazy tired parents. Annie looks crazy scared. Typical?

*** First, of all Des Colores is a greeting that we learned at Cursillo this weekend. It will always have special meaning to me.

This week's post is going to be a little different; you'll see why.....

On Monday I woke up feeling terrible. I was super dizzy, nauseous and had an awful headache. It just got worse throughout the day, but it finally went away. Monday night, Peyton, Annie and I did a bunch of errands. We returned stuff to Target, got cat food at Petsmart, and looked for a new bathtub for Ann Peyton at Babies R Us. Then I did a little browsing at Belk, The Children's Place, and Old Navy. We went by Kroger and ended up heating up some leftover spaghetti sauce for supper.

Tuesday, I felt pretty gross again. We went to Mother's Morning Out, though, and it was a REALLY long morning....a room full of toddlers really doesn't do much for a splitting headache. I took a nap when we got home, but that didn't really help. Peyton had the day off, so when I woke up we took AP for a stroll and fed the ducks at the pond in our neighborhood. The fresh air DID help! After that I went back to Belk, back to Target, and back to Belk again (long story). I dropped something off at Logan's apartment and then we went to Peyton's parents' house for a visit. When we got home, I worked on Ann Peyton's birthday invites.
Whew, it was a LONG day!

Wednesday was fun! I met Ashley and Evy for lunch (Mexican!!). We had a great time but we missed Carrie; she couldn't come because she had an appointment with our mutual friend, the OB (we both go to the same OBGYN and she is amazing, so we joke that she's our BFF). After lunch I went by Stride Rite to get AP's shoes that had come in, by Batte to tee-tee, and then by Helen's Young Ages to look for some other shoes (fisherman sandals!!!). Wednesday night, we had fish for dinner and I started packing for the weekend. Wednesday night I had my first sewing class. It was really fun and the teacher seemed really sweet, so I'm excited! When I got home, I had a little breakdown about leaving Annie.

Thursday we had Mother's Morning Out. I woke up really stressed and nervous about leaving Ann Peyton. I was glad I was busy with work all morning. Thursday afternoon I did last minute wash and packed (I had to bring damp jeans in my suitcase because I ran out of time!). I took AP over to Peyton's parents' house and dropped off some of her stuff at my parents'. I was doing great. We had dinner at Newks and then headed down to Camp Wesley Pines. When we got there and had our first meeting, I LOST it. I mean crying hysterically and telling Peyton I wanted to go home. It was so hard because I've never been apart from Annie for more than a few hours. Well, everyone was so kind to me and I talked to my mom (and AP) and I got better.

[This is where things get weird in the post].

I really can't say much about Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, or up through Sunday afternoon. People from our church who have been through Cursillo are really kind of secretive about it and as one guy this weekend put it, it sort of seemed a little weird and cultish. But now, I totally understand. You just can't describe the experience to anybody and if you did it would really take away some of the magic for them if they went.

I will say everything that I heard about it being like a little glimpse of heaven was true. Peyton and I both agreed that it was on our list of top five experiences in our lives, not far behind our wedding day and Annie's birth. It was that meaningful to me. In fact, when we were getting ready to go home today, as much as I wanted to see Annie, a part of me was sad to leave.

Another thing that was really special about the weekend was that one of the pastors on staff lost his father earlier in the week. He made the decision to still serve this weekend. And we didn't know until this morning, shortly before he left to make the ten hour drive to Missouri for his Dad's funeral. His sacrifice meant so much to me and that kind of selfless love was such a pictures of how we should serve one another. It will be with me for a very long time.

One last thing that I CAN share about this weekend. I have a new favorite song; this one...

This guy in my group had the most beautiful voice and I was literally in tears listening to him sing it!

When we got home this afternoon (Sunday) we went immediately to pick up Ann Peyton. She was happy to see us. Okay, she was happy to see me. She was kind of scared of Peyton. Sad. It didn't hurt his feelings, though. Good thing, it would have destroyed me.

Tonight, I think I'm going to do some wash and try to straighten things up a little and then turn in early. We are exhausted!

Next week seems pretty normal. I'm just going to work on getting ready for AP's birthday party and I'm subbing for half a day on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to a (hopefully) restful week!

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