Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday

This week I decided to do something a little different. Last week, I commented on Tiffany's post and mentioned that, along with Beverly Cleary's classics, the Anastasia Krupnik books by Lois Lowry were some of my favorites as an elementary school student. [Sidenote: Tiffany has already begun to read "chapter books" to her young children. I think that is a fantastic idea! I remember my mom reading the American Girl books to us long before we were able to read them to ourselves and we enjoyed it so and grew so much as readers from that experience.] Anyway, y'all know that I usually try to feature something that is age-appropriate for Ann Peyton and is something that we are actually currently reading. HOWEVER, TIffany suggested that maybe I could share about the Anastasia books this week, since they are ovbiously near and dear to my heart (in fact, I have mentioned them in passing several times before on this blog). So, without further ado.....

Anastasia Krupnik
by Lois Lowry

Gosh, I loved these books! First of all, just look at her. These are the covers I grew up with- the ones I checked out time and time again from the Saint Andrew's Lower School library. As much as I'm not sure I want to admit it; I really related to Anastasia and her emotional, moody, dorky self. She was quirky and unique and struggling to find herself. Actually, the cover above with her desk litered with several lists could be me today!




If you're thinking this post could get ubber nostalgic; you're thinking right! I loved these books so much, I think, because they were the first "coming of age" type books I read (another sidenote: Tiffany mentioned The Wonder Years (the tv show) last week and I thought "ohmigosh. Must. Write. Post. because I adore the series so much....talk about coming of age drama at it's best.). Anyway, these books were the PERFECT introduction to into that genre, if it can be called that, because they were very real and at times raw, but also appropriate for someone still in upper elementary school.

The books dealt with Anastasia's emotions on a variety of topics- fear of having a new sibling, anxiety about moving, and searching for religion, among other things. They are not largely plot driven and are written in a more episodic fashion, with the focus being on the character (really my favorite type of books, to this day). It is the little quirky things about Anastasia and her family make the books what they are (like how her father, who is a writer, keeps his drafts in the crisper drawer in their fridge so they won't burn should the house catch fire).

And, finally, the lists. Each chapter ended with a list of "Things I Hate" and "Things I Love" and the lists slowly changed over the course of the book, kind of tying the whole thing together in a way. I am fairly confident this is where my fascination with list originally began.

Lois Lowry is such a gifted writer- truly one of my favorites, even as an adult. Her works are nothing if not varied, she also wrote a beautiful peice of historical fiction called Number the Stars and a really deep, heart stirring, make you think, novel, The Giver.

Next week, I'll probably be back to sharing our current favorites, but this was so fun; I'll have to do it again from time to time!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I loved Anastasia too!

Tiffany said...

I am so going to have to check these out! I love a good comming of age story. I enjoy good writing, period. Thanks for featuring me. -So sweet of you to do so.

Christy said...

I had forgotten all about those books! I LOVE Lois Lowry-The Giver and Anastasia series are wonderful.