Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday

This week I decided to share another bunny favorite.....

Pat the Bunny
by Dorothy Kunhardt

I love this sweet little book....maybe because it's interactive, about a bunny, and has such a sweet vintage-y feel to it. Baby pats the bunny, smells flowers, feels Daddy's scratchy beard, and puts her finger through Mommy's ring, among other things. It's so much fun and I enjoy it because although it is very interactive, it is really such a classic....two for the price of one, in my opinion!

The only draw back is that it (at least our version) is not a sturdy board book. The pages are thicker than a regular book, but they are still sort of flimsy. And the book has some sort of plastic binding that doesn't seem to me like it's going to hold up. I still love it, though!

I'd love to hear y'all favorite "bunny books"!


Tiffany said...

I really like this book too. My pick is up for this week. It's a bunny book too. My friend Heidi asked me if she could join in and I told her I thought you would be thrilled. So, she will have her's up tommorrow. :) ~Blessings!

ElvisGalx3 said...

Hi Sarah Denley wanted to let you know I joined your linky. I found you by way of my friend Tiffany. (Southern Sass) I added my link and posted my picks.