Thursday, April 29, 2010

Babykin Boutique: A Little Bit of Everything Collection

Well, I didn't get to go to the consignment sale that I was so excited about this week because it got canceled! They actually postponed it until the fall due to "technical difficulties" (I am really curious as to what that even means). Anyway, needless to say I was super bummed! I thought today would be a great day to do a post on some of the great things I have acquired for Ann Peyton over the past few months. It's a good reminder that I didn't need to spend one cent more on her closet right now!

I've been to two big consignment sales this Spring.

The first one was way back in February. I got her a ton of great stuff for this summer and for next. Surprisingly, though, I bought less and spent less than I did last fall. For this summer I got her a sea foam green bubble (that we now have in three colors), a lime and pink two piece outfit that I'm not sure I really like now, a blue smocked bubble that I just love the detail on, the little striped dress with goldfish on the bottom, and a cute reversible pinafore style dress. The smocked watermelon dress on the end and the the blue and pink flower outfit are for next summer.

The other big sale I went to was called Lollies and this was the first time I went. I did really well and didn't spend much money at all, but it was almost all buying ahead. I did get her the appliqued bunny bubble to wear this summer. She wore it to an easter egg hunt and she actually wore it to her birthday party, too, since her birthday outfit was too hot. It's one of my favorite brands (The Bailey Boys) and close to Easter they were selling on eBay for upwards of $40....I paid MUCH less for ours and it's in great condition!

I also got her the smocked Little Bo Peep romper and a chennile romper in an 18 mo. for the fall. The duck dress, Raggedy Ann dress, and sailboat dress are all a 2T, so she won't be wearing them for awhile!

I got these three outfits at a local consignment shop. The little two piece with the beach scene is a 9 mo and it fits her perfectly! The other two are 12 mo. and they are waiting on some minor alterations by Minnie!

I got a bunch of her summer clothes on eBay. I have been looking for this smocked sailboat dress on eBay since I saw it last summer at a boutique on sale for $60! I was so excited to finally get it!

I also got several other cute bubbles and sets off eBay. The Humpty Dumpty bubble, the ice cream bubble, and the bunny shorts set are all The Bailey Boys. Those three and the watermelon bubble are for this summer. I don't think she'll wear the sailboat or the "Plate Ran Away with the Spoon" outfits until the very end of the summer (can you tell someone's Momma likes nursery rhymes?).

I also got a polka dot bubble dress for the fall, a swimsuit and cover up for next summer, and another TBB outfit from eBay!

I'm sure it seems like I get everything for her used, but I have gotten AP a few things brand new! I got her these two dresses from Target (one for this summer, one for next) and this little retro looking swimsuit from The Children's Place.

I also got her several new pairs of shoes of her very own!

I went by TJ Maxx with Minnie a month or so ago and we hit the jackpot! I got her another striped Ralph Lauren bubble and a sleeveless t-shirt dress for this summer. The bright funky dress, the blue seersucker dress, and the coat (with a matching dress underneath) are all for next spring/summer. I love buying ahead!

I didn't have as much success at the Overstock Sale this Spring as I ussually do. I did get this funky romper that she wore for a bit when it was still cool and this precious bubble that is going to be her Fourth of July outfit once it's monogrammed. Really, the cutest part of the bubble is the back....

As you can see, it's really okay that I didn't do that well at the sale and the one today got cancelled. She's pretty set, don't you think?

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