Friday, April 16, 2010

BunBun's Birthday Bash

Ann Peyton's party was really a great success. Well, except for the part wear we ended up infecting seven of our closest friends and family to the stomach flu. Honestly, I've about decided that what Peyton had was something totally different Annie's little throw up episodes. His was just so much more violent and I've convinced myself he picked it up at the pharmacy, thus justifying my decision to continue with the party as planned even after she vomited three times the week before. Because otherwise, I feel so irresponsible. Anyway, onto the fun parts!

I decided a while back (like around Christmas) that a bunny party would be so much fun and so easy for multiple reasons. First, we have always called Annie "BunBun" and her favorite stuffed animals (aside from Piggy) are bunnies (she has Flopsy, Mopsy and now a Cotton Tail). Also, I already had some cute bunny stuff and since her birthday is so close to Easter, I felt confident I could acquire a plethora of more rabbit things. I was right!

First, here is the invitation:
[This picture is TERRIBLE, but we got a new scanner and unlike last time, I was unable to teach myself how it works. So, I'm waiting for Peyton to find the instructions or figure it out!]
I really tried to find a bunny invitation that was not overtly Easter themed and it proved near impossible, so when I found this cute design for an invitation to make, I thought why not (especially since I was sending less than twenty)? I think it turned out pretty cute! I ordered a bunny punch, but I just used regular scissors to make the grass and sun. I used my little scallop scissors to trim the edges of the paper on the inside. It was really fun, actually.

I had SO much fun decorating for Annie's party. I really don't consider myself "crafty". I can be creative and think up a cute idea, but usually I can't execute it. Anyway, I don't know what it is, but I think I've improved a bit. Peyton even complimented me on my decorating skills, haha! Here are some of the decorations:

First, the den....
The mantle was one of my favorite things. My mom got the little banner at TJ Maxx. Isn't it adorable?

I got the big bunny from Hobby Lobby, since it's not really too Eastery, I think I'm going to use it in her room, year around. The little bunny music box is from her dressing table (and before that from my childhood). The painting is SUPER special. It's a sweet quote from The Runaway Bunny, one of my all time favorite children's books and it was painted by one of my best friends, Ashley. Ashley acted like she was going to do a little bunny doodle and I would have been thrilled with that. But then she blew me out of the water with this beautiful painting. I may or may not have cried a little bit. Such a beautiful piece of art from such a beautiful friend! I can't wait to find the perfect place for it in her nursery.

I actually painted this canvas myself. It's pretty basic, but I wanted something that would kind of coordinate with the invitations. I thought it looked cute behind the McCarty and Peter's Pottery bunnies.

I set up all Annie's monthly pictures on our buffet. [Sorry for the glare!]

This sign says "How Big Is Annie...."

And this one says "...SO Big!!!"

Of course, I had to do some bunny decorations on the piano!

The little canvas says "Watch BunBun Grow!" and I had the digital frame going through our weekly family pictures in chronological order. I put the three bunnies behind it (also from HL) because they reminded me of our little family!

Onto the kitchen....

I made her birthday banner and I really liked how it turned out! I love pastels and I'm going to use this one until she is about five, then I'll probably give in and do something funkier!

I hung this little bunny swag thing from her room above it. I know it's not a good picture of it.

This is what it looks like in her nursery.

Here is the table before all the food- I used some little cupcakes, some ceramic Easter bunnies and a little Peter Rabbit toy to decorate. And I bought some pink hydrangeas because they are my favorite flower!

Here is all the food:
We had a good variety of sweet and salty snacks, plus fruits and veggies!

The bunny cake my mom it not the cutest thing EVER? My mom didn't tell me she was planning to do this, but she even made the cake board coordinate with the invites!

These bunny and number one cookies were basically the bane of my existence last week.

Little Annie Bunnies {cheddar, honey, chocolate} are a favorite snack of our little Annie!

I thought the fruit looked really pretty in the cabbage bowl. I also had some baby carrots in big carrot server with some Ranch dressing to go on them.

Here is the candy station and the plates, napkins and utensils. I also got some little bunny bubbles that look like Peeps at The Dollar Tree. I painted the little bunny in the back- his sign says "Bunny Treats".


I think Annie's enjoyed her cake. Here's the progression....

But most of all, she loved the company!

Ann Peyton enjoying playing with her Minnie, while Cookie and Sue watch!

Mommas and babies {Elizabeth, Me, Haley, Simeon, AP. Also pictured: Flopsy}. Annie looks like she got drunk on her bunny cake. [This was right before she took a nap in the middle of her own party!]

She perks up for her boyfriend, though. "Lemme kiss those cheeks, Hank!".

She got some fantastic birthday presents, as well...

She got a baby doll, a growth chart, and a pretty decoration for her room...

...a beautiful bunny that was hand knitted by her aunt, a puzzle, some money for her college account,

TONS of books...

...and this tractor that her Papa used to ride on!

She also got a Wheely Bug from me and said Papa. I think it's like, the cutest thing ever.
[I'm so sad I don't have any pictures of her playing with it yet...I snapped this one while she was napping!.

I had a really fun time with the party favors. I just hate cheapo favors that wind up in the trash. I'd rather not do them than do that. But this year I found so much cute stuff, I knew for sure I wanted to do them. The fun thing is, I thought they looked really good, but I didn't even end up spending that much to do them!

I got these cute bags on sale at Kroger, two days before the party (I had planned on just using cellophane)! Ignore that the bow doesn't look that cute; I hope I made it look better before the party!).

The girls had a pink divided plate, a bunny sippy cup, and a little bag of Annie bunnies. The boys had a blue plate, a little matching container for Puffs or Cheerios, and a bag of Annie bunnies. They were super fun to get together!

I loved doing this party so much. It was just so much fun for me to come up with ideas for the food, decorations, and favors. But the best was seeing (almost) all of our friends and family get together and enjoy some time of fellowship and celebration of Annie's life!


Ashley said...

You know I'm so nervous about people liking my art when I give it as a present...I'm so touched that you liked it! I'm sorry we couldn't be there, but we were sending AP a ton of love!

Carrie said...

Her party really was presh!!

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is the cutest birthday party I have ever seen - seriously!!! (Of course, I expect nothing less from you, S.D.P.H.!) I really regret that we couldn't be there.
love to Annie at 1 year! :)