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Flasback Friday: The Day All My Dreams Came True in You {April 2, 2009}

I've shared Ann Peyton's birth story before, but it was more a play by play of the actual labor and delivery and less my thoughts and feelings about the day she was born. I'm kind of sad that I'm just now blogging about those, but I'm glad that a year later, so many of the memories of her first day are still fresh in my mind.

I had an ideal childbirth experience. I checked into the hospital early Thursday morning(around 6ish) and by 1:00 in the afternoon, I had met my baby. I felt almost no pain the entire time and the pushing part took at most thirty minutes, probably closer to twenty. It was just a foreshadowing of how easy going Annie would be, I guess. Peyton and I had agreed that we wouldn't take pictures until after she had her first bath, that he wouldn't "look" as she was being born, and he was pretty ambivalent about cutting the cord. Well, the nurses and my precious OB insisted on all three and I'm glad they did, although I think the pictures are the only one of those things that is really special to us (Peyton said the other two were pretty neat, though).
I really don't plan to do anything different next time (I've toyed with natural, but those drugs were fabulous!) except have my hair long enough to put in a ponytail and refresh my make-up as close to the actual delivery as possible (I look awful in the pictures and my three BFF's look stunning in their post-delivery pics....Carrie I'm stealing your make-up bag round two!).

I was pretty excited about getting to meet Ann Peyton, but now, having had the experience, I think I will be even more excited the next time (whenever that may be). I was happy that I was finally going to see her and hold her, but I could have waited another week or two easily; looking back I can't fathom how I wasn't more anxious to see her and cuddle with her!

When we finally heard her and saw her it was amazing. I know everyone bonds with their babies at different times, but for Peyton and me both, it was instant. Not that our love for her hasn't grown immeasurably since then, but I never expected to feel such strong emotions in the very first minute of her life. When we heard that first cry, Peyton and I both started crying ourselves. Not because it meant she was alive and healthy (a blessing that I kind of took for granted), but because she was our baby....she was so real. And then I got to hold her right away.

My mom had warned me that she might not come out being the little blonde baby that I was used to from baby pictures of my sister and me (we didn't have much hair and what we did have was extremely fair). I told her I wasn't worried about it, and partly I think she was preparing herself for a baby that might look more like a Herrington than a Perry. I WAS, however, very curious.

I also had some apprehension about the "cottage cheese" that would be covering her. I had seen pictures of freshly birthed babies and it was just kind of unsettling to me. I vowed I would not take any pictures of her that way (Peyton ended up taking a few, and I treasure them, but they will NEVER appear on this blog). It's just a personal preference, though, I'm kind of over having my stomach turned when I see other people's.

Well, the first time I saw her, I fell in love. I thought she was just beautiful and I loved her so much. After they bathed her and brought her back to us, I was convinced that she was uncharacteristically gorgeous for a newborn, and "Could she possibly get any cuter?" (of course my opinion now is that she did!).

I felt so emotionally connected to her right away. There is just no way to put it into words, but I couldn't hold her long enough and I couldn't stop looking at her and thinking "she is mine!". I had always wanted to be a mother more than anything else in my entire life, and on that very first day, motherhood had already exceeded my every expectation.

She started out right away being a great eater. Really, she didn't need anyone to teach her how to nurse. I had previously thought "eww, yuck", but when the time came it was wonderful. Peyton said later he wished he had a picture of me looking down at her the first time she nursed; my face was just so relaxed and happy (I'm a happy person, but not usually a relaxed one). It was such a special moment.

We let her go to the nursery at night and the nurses only brought her to us about every three to four hours (I'm kind of surprised now that they let her sleep that long, given how small she was at birth- 5.15 lbs). I don't think I realized how nice it was that I NEVER woke up with her more than every three hours; I had to set alarms when we got home.

During the day at the hospital we kept her with us and she was the best baby already; she hardly cried and was easily consoled when she did. I even told Peyton that it was like a vacation! I couldn't have asked for a better childbirth experience or a better baby!

There is so much more I could probably say about that first day and the amazing miracle that is our little Annie, but I could be writing all day. I will say that it was one of, if not the, most special days of my life.

Ann Peyton, 365 days ago, was the day that I saw all my dreams come you!!!

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