Friday, April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday: Just Your Typical Bag O' Produce {May 1, 2009}

Now that Ann Peyton is over a year old, one thing I have had fun doing lately is going back and looking at pictures from today's date a year ago. We don't take pictures of her EVERY day, but I feel like we probably have footage from at least half of the days she's been alive....which I am so grateful for!

Anyway, these pictures are actually from a year ago tomorrow (May 1st, 2009). They've appeared more than once on the blog before, but they make me laugh every time. Peyton was just asking me last night "Sweeeeetie, are other people really not as weird and goofy as we are?". Um, no, they aren't.

Potato: Check. Tomato: Check. AnnPeytonato: Check!

"Catch ya later, Peeps!"

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J. Henry said...

I love those pictures!

And I can promise you, other people are as weird as y'all! Dan and I ponder the same thing... especially because our dog & our 4 month old carry on conversations with us & each other on a regular basis.