Monday, April 26, 2010

A Year's Wages

I had a really inconsequential, shallow little post planned for tonight. It was another little thing someone tagged me for and I think surveys, memes and the like are super fun, so I'm sure it will appear later in the week. But, I had to share something instead about a really neat encounter I had with the Lord today.

I do want to say something first and I think you'll understand why when you finish the post-- I'm not sharing this because I want to brag about something that the Lord has placed on my heart. I just wanted to share what a felt like was a really special encounter with Him because I love reading about those on other people's blogs.

I have been in a pretty "dry" place lately in my faith. I know that most Christians experience those times and I know with certainty that even when God doesn't feel present in my life, He is always there. Lately, I have been trying to be more intentional about spending time with Him and I have been really asking Him to show Himself to me. I feel like I gained a lot from going through Cursillo recently and from the Beth Moore conference this past weekend, but I was really thirsty for something personal. I can't remember the last time I really felt like I had an experience with the Lord that was deeply personal to me.

Well, today I was reading Angie Smith's book, I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy. I will post more about it when I finish it, but it is basically the story of how she coped and is coping with the loss of her daughter, who died within hours of her birth. If you are familiar with Angie's blog, you will not be surprised that the book is beautifully written and beyond inspirational in it's message.

I feel like I need to backtrack a little bit before I can get to where I am trying to go....

First of all, one thing I love about Angie's writing is that she loves imagery and it seems like everything in her life is a metaphor. Her blog is filled with ways the Lord spoke to her through balloons, broken pitchers, scarves, and the hem of her wedding gown. Without fail, though, it leaves me really yearning for those little messages from him in my own life.

Well, today I got one. I need to back up again, though.

Awhile back (probably about a year ago), I was listening to one of my dearest friends deliver a message at a church gathering. The scripture that Morgan was preaching on was an account of when Mary anointed Jesus with an expensive jar of perfume. Morgan explained what a powerful act of worship that was and really dwelt on the fact that the cost of the perfume was at least equal to a year's worth of wages. Then and there something clicked in my head. When we left the service, I told Peyton that there was something that I really wanted to do one day.

I explained to him that I thought it would be so neat if we could make a similar sacrifice one day. I told him that if and when I go back to teaching school full time when our children are older, I would love to put that money aside and at the end of the first year find a very special ministry or charity and give it all away as an act of worship.

Over the past year, I have thought about it some. I'll admit, it is fun to fantasize about giving your money away in that way. But it's not something that is really in the for front of my mind on most days.

Well, today I was reading in Angie's book and I came upon the same story. In it she made a point of saying that the perfume would have costs about $30,000 in today's money. I had never heard that exact figure before, but I thought it was interesting. Immediately when I got home, I did some Googling and I came upon this:

Mississippi Base Teaching Salaries

Degree Level
Year 1 Teaching Salary Year 6 Teaching Salary Year 14 Teaching Salary
Bachelor's Degree
$30,000 $32,880 $36,720
Master's Degree
$32,000 $35,840 $40,960
Doctorate Degree
$34,000 $38,620 $44,780


I felt such conviction when I saw the number for the first year teacher's salary for someone with a bachelor's degree. Not that it would have made any difference how much I would make, but it was such a neat, personal moment with the Lord and I felt such excitement from it.


Sarah Broadus said...

very cool.

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful moment! I think you can take that as a sign that if y'all decided to do this, the Lord will provide. In fact I truly believe that when we trust Him with something that big in our lives, He not only shows up, but He shows out. I think He will bless you beyond what you can even imagine. But, be prepared because the devil will also come at you full force. He will try to present all kinds of exciting ways you could spend that money you haven't had before. It will be hard to see your friends buying things and going places that you could possibly join in on with that money. So pray about it. But, how exciting! It is wonderful to see how the Lord moves in people's lives. :D