Thursday, April 15, 2010

Master Of???

I am so not sure about this title (The Master of Karate and Friendship Award), but Alison (a sweet friend that I know from high school) gave me this award and of course, I love doing this type thing, so here goes.....

Here are the rules for the award:
1. List 6 things you are a master in.
2. Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship and make blogging awesome.

This was kind of hard. It's hard to think of things you are a master at because a) you feel kind of vain doing it and b) you are insecure in the first place and haven't yet had your life changed by Beth Moore's latest book.

Anyway, once I got started I thought of more than six, but I'll limit myself!

I am a master in......

1. Self-Examination. Seriously. I don't know why I enjoy self reflection so much; it seems rather narcissistic. I learned a word during my elementary education days- metacognition. It means thinking about thinking. I'm really good at that. I've definitely made charts of my feelings in order to work through things. I just enjoy figuring out how my mind and personality works and exploring my thoughts on things. That's probably why I like things like this (and blogging in general) so much. One thing I really wish that I could know is how other people truly perceive me. I think that's a problem of the entire human race, though, especially females!

2. Observing and Analyzing Others. This totally ties in with the previous, but I really like figuring out how people "tick". I've said it before, but I'm pretty much obsessed with personality theory; I think it's one of the most fascinating subjects, ever. I won't say I can peg someone at first meeting (my grandmother used to could do this dead on), but after I get to know a person, I think I'm really good at figuring out what motivates them, predicting their responses, and evaluating their character. I recently read a book that talked about not only figuring out your child's personality, but how if you do this you can help them captilize on their strengths and work through their weaknesses- I'm so excited about doing that one day!

3. "Marking As Read". I am SO glad that I am finally at a point that I can "mark as read" entire folders in my Google Reader if it has been a busy week. There are a couple of folders ("People I Know" and "Blogs I Love") that I rarely ever do that to. Before AP was born and in her early months, I spent WAY to much time on the computer, because I could not stand the thought of "missing" something. I'm glad I've been able to prioritize. It's not just this, either....I can finally just stop reading a book if it doesn't interest me, without pressuring myself to drudingly read on to the last page. Like I always say, having a baby has done wonders for my Type A, OCD self.

4. Entertaining. Really, I jest. But I have been surprised that the three times that I've ventured to do it this year, I have really enjoyed it! It's something I'd like to continue to do and become more skilled in.

5. Building My Vocabulary. I really do enjoy word games, but even before Annie I just never made time. What I do do is that if I read a word I don't know in a book or hear it on TV or in a movie I either immediately go look it up or write it down to look up later. It's amazing how much you can grow your repertoire of words this way! This blog has really helped, too. Sometimes, I'll be trying to think of a word and I'll think of a related one, but it's not the one I want, so I'll Google synonyms. [Did I just admit that? I know that's really geeky.] I've learned lots of new words this way, too!

6. Dealing With Bodily Functions. I think cloth diapers have really helped me with this one. Some friends were commenting, after our episode last week, that they really did not deal well with throw up. It just really doesn't phase me. I could be a nurse! Or a stay at home mom. It's a great skill for both.

Okay, so I am tagging:
Mary Louis
(I know that's seven, oh well!)
And whoever else wants to!

And, I'm going to change it up a bit. Like I said, I thought this was SO hard. It's just hard to honestly evaluate yourself on things you are good at. SOOO....since this is a "friendship" award, I'd like to list six things I think YOU are a master off.....even if we only know each other through blogland, I bet I can do it! So, if you decide to do this and if you want me to add to your list, leave a comment and I'll tell you my own six things I think you're a master of. I thought that would be a fun twist!


Ashley said...

You are a master at:

1. Totally analyzing and perfecting AP's wardrobe.

2. Being such a quirky person but not off the wall weird. That's talent.

3. Setting really, really high goals and expectations for yourself.

4. Supporting Peyton in what he wants to do.

5. Being really honest on your blog and sharing things that might not be easy to share.

6. Being a friend!!

:) I'm about to do this!

Sarah Broadus said...

I am on the mission! Thanks for the award!

I also think that you

1) are a master at giving me a new prospective on life

2)documenting your child's life

3) Being true to yourself

4)loving your husband though beautiful words

5)making a day of being puked on seem entertaining

6)coming up with cute nicknames!

Joan said...

Tiffany said...

Ooo I love the twist. So, here it goes. You are a master at:

1. Conversation. You enjoy finding things you have in common with people. (We have this in common.)

2. Capturing "the moment" in your day to day with your daughter. This is where being reflective and detailed really works for you.

3. Being vulnerable and transparent, and you don't appologize for it.

4. You are respectful of others' perspective and view on things, yet, you hold firm to your own convictions, and are not easily swayed on the things that matter.

5. You are fiercly loyal to those you love and often put them above yourself. I would dare to guess almost to a fault.

6. You're idealistic and aspire to great things.

So, how'd I do? I would love for you to do this in my comments as well. Just to see what someone else sees. :D ~Blessings!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Fun! Thanks for the award! I am leaving for the beach early in the a.m. so I will do this when I get back (just catching up on last minute reading before I hit the hay :) ).

Catherine Sledge said...

I google synonyms oh, probably 5 times a week. :) Glad to know I'm not alone. PS: I'm doing this survey asap because Alison tagged me and I'm doing the one you tagged me for too! (I'm a little slow with these things, but they are coming!)

Carrie said...

So fun! I'll be doing this SOON!