Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mom Badge

Ann Peyton is so easy going and keeping with her nature, we have been relatively catastrophe free so far. She's never had a diaper blow out anywhere but at home, actually she has hardly even has a leaky diaper. And we've never really had an serious illness or injuries; our one scare was the kitty butt worms incident. So, I feel like I NEVER get to wear the mom badge. Last night I got to wear the form of throw up AND teetee.

I was feeling AWFUL yesterday evening. Annie had taken such a short nap and it was so late, I figured that I'd just feed her and we'd play for thirty minutes and it would be time for bed. Well, in an effort to keep things moving, I decided to give her her solids right after her bottle. I do this sometimes at breakfast, but for bigger meals, I give her a fifteen or twenty minute break in between. I didn't thing skipping the break would hurt. WRONG.

First, let me back up. I had tried to take a nap during her nap. But, I woke up when the doorbell rang. It was people selling UVerse and they wanted to talk to MY MOM. Seriously? I gave them a look and the guy goes "Oh, are you the lady of the house?". Wow, that cheese is thick, isn't it? [Sidenote: are Soffie shorts still appropriate for moms? around the house? Mine from last summer are too short and too tight and they are smalls (not extra smalls). I'm REALLY little....clearly, these things are made for prostitutes and hoochie teenagers.] Anyway, I let them in and then I end up looking like an idiot, because I don't know what we pay for anything. One of my goals for this year is to be more involved in our finances. They finally leave when the lady says "Uh, Bill (or whatever his name was), I think her husband makes most of these decisions, let's just leave her some information". I feel like they think I'm some kind of oppressed housewife who doesn't have any idea about anything.

Okay, back to Annie. As she was finishing her last course (baby yogurt), she burped a big one and then proceeded to throw up the entirety of her dinner. If stuff like this is TMI for you, just stop here. It had literally been in her stomach for hardly any time. So, she threw everything up in reverse order-- yogurt, peas, chicken dinner. It hadn't even mixed together. I guess that makes it less gross. Still gross, though. It seemed like she'd never stop. She looked confused, but it didn't phase her too much. When she finished and I knew she was okay, I just sat there and stared at her for a few minutes. Then I decided to go run her a bath. Yeah, I just left her there sitting in her throw up. Then I reconsidered (she might play with it? eat it?) and so I got her out of her high chair and striped her totally naked in the kitchen and took her to the bathroom and finished running the water. The water running made her scream hysterically. [Sidenote: she now HATES baths, as of like two weeks ago.] Then I feel something streaming down my leg and my whole sock is covered in warm liquid....she got so nervous she tee-teed on me. So, I just striped down myself and we both got in the tub. [Another sidenote: Peyton is just going to have to start wearing his bathing suit in the tub, because she's getting too old for naked baths with Dad, but he is definitely the preferred bathing partner.] Anyway, after we got out and I found clean clothes for both of us in the huge pile of laundry in my bedroom, I got her ready for bed. Only then did I begin the work of cleaning up the highchair, the bathroom where she tee-teed, the tub which had some throw up remains in it (yeah, I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that, realizing I was in there). Clearly, I took another bath after that (third one for the day!).

All things considered, I think we had a lot of things in our favor. Really, if you are a baby and can't hold your head over a toilet, a high chair is the ideal place to barf your breakfast (or dinner) is made to be cleaned off really easily. And a tile floored bathroom is a pretty good choice if you're going to tee-tee all over yourself, your Momma, and the room. It was about an hour of clean up I hadn't anticipated, but....I got the MOM BADGE for the week!

I call my mom and tell her everything. She fusses at me really hard for letting the UVerse people in my house. I can't believe I was so stupid....never let people in your house when you're alone! I'm not the oppressed housewife, but it is really dumb to let people I don't know in the house when Peyton isn't here, in my opinion.

After I get off the phone, I'm brushing my teeth and FINALLY going to bed and Peyton walks in and scares the crap out of me! I just burst into tears. I guess my Mom just freaked me out.

Seriously, what a day!


Ashley said...


I can't help it!

Sarah Broadus said...

don't you hate when they ask for your mom?!?! I get that all the time too.YAh for Mom Badge...atleast she didn't poop in the tub with you in it. Thats def. not fun!!

Katie Smith said...

awww what a day! sounds like you made it through OK though despite everything... and now for a new day! :)

Alison said...

you DO deserve the mom badge!

I left you a funny little blog award, so check my blog for it :)