Monday, April 12, 2010

Preppy Preferences

Ashley tagged me to do this fun survey and I couldn't wait to do it!

Favorite Style Icon:

Okay, I'm going to just be cliche and say it- Jackie Kennedy. I know she is everyone's favorite "style icon", but there's a reason for that- she had a wonderful style! In fact, Tiffany basically wrote a small biography of the gorgeous first lady on her blog. There's not too much to add really....but I'm going to anyway!

I have a huge American Fashion coffee table book and have spent hours browsing many others, I have an application on my Facebook called "Icons of Style", I love paying attention to the styles in older movie,s but I have really NEVER found anyone's style that I loved more than hers. So much so that when Peyton and I were listening to Rod Stewart singing "You Wear It Well" one time on the radio and it came to the line that says "Madame Onassis got nothing on you", I told him that I thought that was the ultimate compliment of one's style and to feel free to use it anytime he felt my attire was particularly stunning ;)

Part of what I find appealing about "Madame Onassis" is that she knew what looked good on her. As Tiffany pointed out, she had a very classic style and it suited her well. I try to wear things that flatter me. I'm still trying to pinpoint my style; I feel like it's pretty traditional with a little bit of whimsy. I don't like to have a style that is so structured it is boring, but I also don't like things that are way over the top and super trendy. Many, many of my outfits are retro inspired and some are authentic vintage.

I have sometimes tried (not always consciously) to emulate Jackie's style. Here are a few comparisons:


I also enjoy the styles of another first lady....our current one!
Although I don't agree with her husband on much of anything (I doubt I'd have agreed with Jack's politics either, he was a pretty liberal fellow, as well!), I love checking out what she and her girls are wearing. Of course, many a comparison has been made, but I tend to think she and Jackie have entirely different styles; though sometimes Michelle does seem to be channeling her in some of her more classic ensembles. Mrs. O is a blog devoted entirely to "following her fashion". I love it!

Favorite Party Theme:
Gosh, that's hard. Clearly, my current favorite party theme is a bunny rabbit party.
However, as far as adult parties go....I think anything period inspired would be super fun. I mean ANYTHING. At Ole Miss, one of the fraternities has "Old South" as the theme of their formal every year and everyone dresses up in antebellum costumes- I think that would be about the most fun thing. Of course, flappers from the roaring twenties are always fun, too and I think the forties would be another interesting decade. I'd be really nervous hosting something like that, though, because not everyone shares my love of the past.

Speaking of...I have been toying with this idea for quite some time now; I just haven't had much time to devote to it, but....I am thinking of starting a new blog (in addition to this one of course!). This seems like the perfect time to introduce it-- it would be a "throwback" blog. Peyton reads a blog called The Art of Manliness, which is devoted to the lost art of masculinity. I certainly thing there is a lost art of femininity, as well! I emailed the founder (it is a huge blog) and here is what he said:
The reason we haven't started it yet is that we're not exactly sure what approach to take with the site. The art of being a lady seems a lot harder to pinpoint, or least harder to talk about then the art of manliness. AoM is built around the nostalgia and desire many men feel to recover the virtues and skills of the past. Men used to be is a position of privilege in society and lost that, and so are eager for traditional manliness to make a comeback (although obviously we don't advocate the same sexist manliness of yesteryear). Women, on the other hand used to be in an inferior position in the world, and then had to fight these last few decades for equal footing. So I'm not sure they feel the same nostalgic longing for old school womanliness. For them the past is more of a mixed bag, and so it's harder to recover being a lady, while not being sexist about it.
Well, I'm certainly not afraid of stepping on any toes! [And I can already think of at least two people I'd love to get to do guest posts once I get the blog kicked off!]

Favorite Socialite Lit Book:
I haven't really read many. Ashley mentioned Bergdorf Blondes and I've heard both good and bad about these books. One of my friends described them as Sex and the City, but better. I don't know why I didn't check them out after that because SATC is a huge guilty pleasure of mine (and I mean really guilty when I Netflix it and watch the unedited versions...I don't do with my husband some of what those girls do, akk!).

Extravagance That You Can't Live Without:
Okay, so everyone went all sophisticated on this- travel, performing arts, ect. I'm inclined to say a box of Thin Mints and old fashioned bottled Coca Cola. If I'm gonna go deep though, I'd say music AND books. I can't choose. Both are hugely important and life altering.

Living Person That You Admire Most:
Everyone that I read so far has named people that aren't family members and/or broad groups of people. I really tried to think of someone in one of those catagories, just for fun, but I couldn't. So, at the risk of being trite and cheesy....Peyton. I don't idolize him or anything, but I am so in awe of his love for other people. He is so generous with his time and will do anything for other people. He is so kind to his patients and I know he blesses them everyday. On top of being an amazing husband and father.

Greatest Fear:
Loosing Annie. It used to be loosing Peyton. I don't know why it changed. I just have a really bad fear of loosing the people I love. It has bordered on seriously unhealthy at times.

Which Talent Would You Most Like to Have?
I wish I could sing and I wish I was more artistic. It doesn't help to have a BFF who excels at both- not that I'm going to call any names, because you know who you are. I did get some mighty good practice this weekend though- crafting for the Bunny Bash and singing for HOURS in the ER, ha!

Greatest Achievement:
Aside from the babykins and hubbykins, let's see. I'm really proud of my 4.0 in college and I'm proud that I was a head lifeguard my last summer at the pool. I'm also proud of myself for leaving EVERYONE I love and serving as a summer missionary for a whole month the summer after my freshman year in college. My greatest acievement, though, (and this is going to sound really corny) was being voted Friendliest Girl by my classmates my senior year in high school. I think that it was because I was bubbly and energetic and I was friends with EVERYONE even if they weren't "cool" (I wasn't either!). But I hope it also meant that I was truly a good friend to people, because that is what is most important to me. Of all my acheivements and accomplishments, the thing I care most about in this life is that I invest in my relationships. I want to love others well.

I want to nominate:
Carrie- I know Ashley already nominated you and you're pobably too busy with breathing treatments and gestating and such, whatevs, just go ahead and knock it out!
and anybody else who wants to do it!


Tiffany said...

I love your list! I already knew we had a love for Jackie in common, but, I love the pictures you paired of your outfits and her's. And I love the thin mints and coke. Sometimes the simplest pleasures in life are the sweetest. Blessings!

Allison said...

Well, I did it!

Also, thin mints are seriously the best cookie on the planet. I got 4 boxes, and I'm down to my last 3 cookies! I'm trying to save them, but it's not very easy.