Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Happening Post #56 (April 5-11)-- Party Palooza!/Vommit Palooza

Um, let's see this week has been.....busy, fun, interesting, eventful, gross, exhausting and entertaining. You'll see.

Monday was a great day! Instead of going to a restaurant this week, Ashley and Carrie and I (and all three girls) met at Carrie's new house for lunch. Carrie's house is BEAUTIFUL and it was so much fun to let the babies just roam around and play; I think they really enjoyed it and we enjoyed not having to entertain them in a high chair. I think we'll be doing more of this!
Guess who that midget baby belongs to?

After lunch, Annie and I went to Target and when we got home we both took a nap. Peyton wanted to go for a walk, but I told him I had SO much to do. Being the sweet husband he is, he said "tell me what I need to do to help you so that you can go on a walk with us". So, we took Annie to the park and let her swing since she had so much fun swinging at my parents' house...she loved it again! After that, I went to the grocery store and fixed Chicken Wraps for dinner. I also tried to make homemade sugar cookies for Mother's Morning Out (since AP's birthday was last Friday). They were a fail. Then I tried using the cookie cutters with Slice N Bake cookies, which was also a fail (they get to puffy). So I ended up just making regular cookies. I did some laundry and straightened the house a little. I also got started on Annie's birthday banner.

Tuesday we had Mother's Morning Out. For some reason, everyone seemed to be having meltdowns all morning; compared to last week's festivities, though, it was a walk in the park. When we got home, Annie took a nap and I relaxed a bit. Then Annie woke up and helped me straighten the house some. [Sidenote: I know I keep saying I "straighten" every day. But we've been so busy and our house was a DISASTER. Which drives me crazy. But, I just cannot stuff things in a drawer. I have to organize as I go. So going through a pile and putting everything up could take like, half an hour. The other day I took it to the extreme even more- when I was putting up some gift bags, I realized my entire gift wrap drawer needed reorganizing, so I took thirty minutes right then and did it. Anyway, that's why I have so much straightening.] After that, our friends, Morgan and Mary Milton stopped by for a visit. We had a nice chat and then we went to Hobby Lobby to grab a few party things. After we got home, Annie took a little cat nap and I started to feel TERRIBLE. I tried to take a little cap nap, too. That's when the stuff really hit the fan; and by stuff I don't mean poop, I mean barf and pee. And of course, I don't mean literally, but almost. What a day!

On Wednesday morning, Annie and I got ready early and went to Kroger.
I took her to Kroger in her pjs, was a little chilly, but I didn't want to put her in winter clothes for th day! This is why it's nice to have cute jammies (and because Mommy loves looking at cute footies!).

We also organized some kitchen cabinets to make room for my new food processor (just in time-- she's about to be done with eating baby food, ha!). Then my mom and her friend, Sandy, came over for a visit so Sandy could see AP (she hasn't seen her in FOREVER!). I attempted making the cookies again (with Slice N Bake, but floured with powdered sugar, per Sandy's recommendation). Well, it didn't work for us! Minnie stayed and played for awhile afterwords.

Wednesday night I had my sewing class and it's really picking up- the skirt we're working on is almost finished! After that, I went BACK to Kroger and I cooked Tilapia for dinner. Peyton had Netflixed Precious for us (the are so many Oscar winners that look great this year!), so we watched it together. I don't want to say too much, because I keep saying I'm going to do a review post, but it was both really good and really hard to watch. I feel asleep after that.

Thursday was actually pretty low key. We had MMO and I folded a bunch of laundry, like I was able to watch two episodes of Parenthood before it was finished! Peyton (and Annie) helped me get the house in shape for the party.
He's a pretty good multi-tasker!

Thursday night we had a Cursillo thing. She had thrown up a little right after MMO, but she was acting perfectly fine, so we went ahead and went on to it. It was fun to see everyone again! When we picked up Ann Peyton from Peyton's parents' house she was fast asleep in Mr. Randy's arms and he said she had been there for two hours. I was a tad jealous because she never falls asleep in my lap and doesn't really like for me to rock her. Peyton's mom told me not to be mad, they didn't have a she needed to justify them taking such good care of her! When we got home I worked on the birthday banner some more and then went to bed.

Friday was crazy with trying to get ready for AP's party. Peyton had to work, but I spent the day at home for the most part. I painted some decorations for the party, straightened, and made some homemade cookie dough again. Annie and I took a short break to go by Helen's Young Ages to get a blouse and Stride Rite to get some sandals. We also picked up some last minute supplies at Hobby Lobby. When Peyton got home, my mom came over to help him with figuring out where to plant some things in our yard. She also helped me with making the cookies AGAIN- this time they finally turned out okay, but I'm still going to try another recipe next time. My mom was super sweet and took AP home with her so I could get more done. Peyton worked in the yard and I edited and printed pictures and deep cleaned the kitchen until around 9ish and then we went over to eat Red Beans and Rice and Peyton dug up some plants from my parents' yard to replant here. Annie threw up again at my parents' house. When we got home I fooled with our memory card and Peyton worked in the yard until midnight. I was so upset, because I could not get the memory card to work and I needed it for our digital frame. I went to bed around three.

Saturday was the big day! Ann Peyton was super cooperative, which was great because I still had a lot to do. I ironed the slipcover on the couch, straightened and decorated. My mom came over around one to bring me a flash drive for the frame (it worked, yay!) and she took Annie home with her again! I finished the birthday banner, balled fruit, and made favor bags. Ha, I never thought I was a procrastinator before this year! And, I actually did end up following Carrie's recommendation and just throwing stuff in a closet. I totally ran out of time!

The party was super fun, but, as I'm sure you predicted, I plan to devote a whole post to it. This is too long already! I will say that my mom, who threw the BEST children's parties, was full of compliments and said I outdid her-- that meant the world to me!

After the party, Peyton's brother Andrew stuck around and they hung out while I did some cleaning and Annie took a nap (she decided she needed one about three quarters of the way through her party, so we just put her in her crib and she feel fast asleep, despite the noise!). When she woke up we all went to eat Mexican. After we got home, we kind of just goofed off and went to bed early (around 10ish). It's a good thing. Peyton woke up at one, two, three and four throwing up. I guess AP did have a bug and he caught it. Whenever he gets the stomach virus, it is BAD; this has happened to him several times before. He just cannot stop barfing and he gets so dehydrated. I woke up the last time and he just looked awful (I'll spare you the details). He said he was fixing to wake me up, but I had been so tired. It had been about four hours of it (and two failed attempts at keeping my left over pregnancy Phenergan down), so we decided he should go to the ER-- which he ends up doing every time he has the stomach bug (like three times before). We ended up going to Saint Dominic's because Peyton's mom is an ER nurse there. She took really good care of him and Annie and I waited there with him for about three hours. I got my wish....she slept in my lap (after I sung every hymn, verse of "You Are My Sunshine", and lullaby I knew and told her Wynken, Blynken and Nod about four times). I'm glad I went to bed at ten, because that was a good night's sleep, relative to the night before! We ended up leaving at around six and Peyton's mom brought him home when her shift ended at seven. They were surprised that it took the drugs so long to work and he kept throwing up the even once he had the I.V. Clearly, it was a pretty long there a wife badge? Ha!

Today (Sunday) we all just took it easy. I was really sad we had to miss church, because some of our friends were visiting our church for the first time. Peyton pretty much rested all day. Annie and I slept most of the morning (thank goodness) and then went over to my parents' house in an effort to get out of the nasty sick house. We had fun and when we got home she took a nap and I worked on getting pictures and videos uploaded on the computer. I watered the plants, did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen and fixed Peyton some soup. It was Raman noodles, but I'm going to say I "cooked" three times this week, ha! Now, we're just kind of relaxing.

Next week looks pretty laid back, thank goodness. I feel like the last six weeks have been so crazy, but the party was kind of the final thing. I'm glad we're on a downhill slope for awhile now. Maybe I can stop "marking all as read" in my Reader and watch more than one thing a week off the (full) DVR. I do have a big project coming up- my Spring closet changeover!

I also decided to make a list of some upcoming post I plan to do (more for myself than anyone else):
- finish the journey through Ann Peyton's life
- Preppy Meme from Ashley and Master of Karate and Friendship Award from Allison
- Birthday Party Recap
- Reviews Posts- Movies, Shows, Books
- Babykin Boutique- Summer Clothes

I know you're on the edge of your seat waiting for these, ha!


Carrie said...

I'm so glad AP's party was a success! Really, you outdid yourself! I will be getting you to help me plan my kids' parties from now on :)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Where did you get that cute bib that AP is wearing while eating her cake? Evie needs some new bibs but they are all too little.

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Sounds like a fun, but busy week! Can't wait to read more about the party!

I will email you my sugar cookie recipe. It is really easy and tastes better than the slice and bakes!