Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #57 (April 12-18)-- A Little R&R

I'm glad this week wasn't super busy and we didn't do anything "big" (throw a birthday party, take a trip, go on a retreat, deal with the stomach bug, ect.) at all. It was really nice just to have a laid back week and not have to worry about much.

On Monday, I subbed at Prep, but just for half the day. Peyton kept Annie and when I got home they were outside playing.
We all relaxed in the backyard for awhile and then went to Lenny's for supper and ran by Target and Petsmart. I also washed our bedding, since Peyton had been sick (I had been sleeping on the couch since Saturday). That was really all I did all day!

I had Mother's Morning Out on Tuesday. Peyton kept AP again, since she still had a little diarrhea (she hates it when I share her bizness like that; shh, don't tell her!) and we didn't want to risk her infecting anyone. When I got home I straightened the house and washed Annie's bedding. Tuesday night we met Logan and Amanda for dinner at Broadstreet (they weren't worried about being exposed to anything). Amanda had the cutest little dress for Annie, since she missed her birthday party. When we got home I did some laundry and went to bed.

Wednesday was busy! We had Annie's well-baby check up Wednesday morning and then Ipicked up Newks and visited with Carrie and Aubrey and Ashley and Evy at Carrie's house. We were going to do it over here this week, but since we'd had so much sickness, we decided to let our house "air out" and just do it here next week. Annie stayed home with Peyton.
"Shots wear me out, Mom!"

Wednesday night I had my sewing class. I finished my skirt and I'm pretty impressed. Not that I've been wearing it around town or anything, but not a bad start, huh?

Ignore the spots on the mirror. Peyton's armoire came that way and they won't come out (it was a steal, so worth it!)

After the class I stopped by Ashley's house because she and Carrie had gotten Annie a cookie cake since both her friends missed her party. I thought that was so sweet! I had spaghetti with my parents when I went to pick up Annie.

I was really planning on taking Ann Peyton to MMO on Thursday, since she had been symptom free for at least a day, but Peyton basically begged me to let him keep her. It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever. He just loves having her at home with him in the morning and pulling her around in her little wagon while he waters the plants. I agreed and I'm so glad she stayed home, because several of the children ended up getting the flu. I would have been pretty disappointed to have just kicked one round of sickness and then get the flu! When I got home, I was really tired so I took a nap during AP's nap. When she woke up we played outside and then went to the grocery store to get fish for supper.
This girl loves being outdoors!

By the time Peyton got home, I was exhausted again (don't know what's wrong with me, but I know what isn't...wink, wink). We ended up just eating frozen pizza and I watched the season premiere of Army Wives (which I had forgotten I had DVR'd on Sunday!).

Friday was a fun day! Peyton, Annie and I watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox (it's really cute, but we haven't finished it yet!). Then got ready and ironed some of Peyton's work clothes and we went to his parents' house to visit with his Mom and get a little instruction on how to operate her sewing machine that she is letting me use. After that, Peyton, AP and I went to eat at Blue Moon Cafe, a little deli type place in Ridgeland that one of Peyton's friend's father owns. We dropped Peyton off at work and then AP and I went to the Target on County Line Road. When we got home, she took a long nap and I straightened the house. I mopped the floors and then we went to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice. We picked up Peyton on the way home.

Saturday was a really productive day! Annie and I didn't leave home at all until Saturday night and I was able to get a ton done. I worked in the yard (in my pajamas) a little right after we got up (by "worked in the yard", I mostly mean I watered plants, but it took a bit of time, because we don't have a hose in the front yard so I had to fill up a bucket about six times and I had to keep "reminding" Annie not to stand up in her wagon). After her breakfast, I washed dishes while Annie played in her highchair. I was clearly a little behind, because I unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded it again and ran it. Then I cleared out all the winter clothes in Ann Peyton's closet while she played on the floor in her room. I also went through some books in her room to make room for some new ones. Some of the ones in there were more appropriate for an older child so I got them out to send to the attic for a while. Annie took a nap and I took a shower and read blogs. After she got up, we had lunch and folded laundry. I straightened up the house and took down her birthday decorations. I guess it's like Christmas and I just had to leave them up and enjoy them for a week afterwords! Annie took another nap and I rested a little, too! When Peyton got home we all went for a walk and had a little picnic of hummus and pita chips in the backyard. Then we went to Marble Slab for ice cream. We're super healthy and eat hummus and ice cream for supper, ha....I'm enjoying it now, while I don't have to cook a healthy supper. We went to Target and Kroger and when we got home I took Annie's winter clothes to the attic. Packing up baby clothes is always a little sad for me and it makes me think maybe Annie needs a little sister (or brother)!

Today (Sunday) was so nice. Peyton went to early service because he had to work, but Annie and I went to Sunday School and the late service so we could meet some friends of ours who are trying to find a church home that is closer to their house. When we got home we really didn't do much at all. After I fed her lunch, she took a nap and I kind of just vegged out. It was so nice. When Peyton got home we took another walk and I cooked fish for dinner. We watched the rest of The Fantastic Mr. Fox and put Ann Peyton to bed. I have a few more things to do and then I'm going to bed, too!

I think next week will be pretty low key, again and I'm excited about that! On the agenda: a picnic with our Ultreya group, my final sewing class, lunch with the girls at our house, and the Beth Moore simulcast on much fun!

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