Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #58 (April 19-25)-- Spring Has Sprung!

This week was really nice. It was just a fun, easy week. It wasn't too busy, but it wasn't boring, either. I LOVE that type of week! Also, I feel like Spring is really here. It felt so nice outside this week and we took full advantage of it. I'm sure it will get blazing hot any day now and not cool down until around October, so we're trying to soak up as much of the pleasantness as possible.

On Monday, we stayed home all day. After Ann Peyton woke up, I cleaned up the kitchen and made blueberry muffins (from a box, but they are SO, SO good). During Annie's nap, I straightened the house, did some laundry, and wrote notes to some of the people who were really instrumental in making our Cursillo weekend so special for us. It's amazing how much I can get done when I stay at home all day AND choose to be productive. When Peyton got home we went for a little walk around the neighborhood.

I made sloppy joes and french fries from scratch for supper and I also made some chicken salad for our lunches during the week. Seriously, what could be easier than ground beef and chicken salad? Not much, but I managed to mess both up. I meant to make burgers with the beef, but I was really absentminded and just started cooking it without making it into patties first. No biggie, though we just through in the Manwich stuff and it was fine. For the chicken salad, I just use Swanson's canned chicken most of the time (I know that's gross to some people and there are some things, like chicken spaghetti, that I can't stand it in, but that's how my mom made it growing up and I think it's really good). Well, I got in a hurry and dumped one can of chicken and one can of TUNA in it. You couldn't really taste a difference and I didn't even notice until later in the week. Anyway, a couple of fails on the cooking front. I will say between the fish the night before, the muffins, the sloppy joes and homemade french fries, and the chicken salad that's probably as much cooking as I've done in any two days of my life, save parties and such. Haha! After that I stayed up way, way too late (like, I went to bed between the 2:00 and 3:00 hours) reading Angie Smith's new book, which it totally captivating.

On Tuesday, we had Mother's Morning Out. That afternoon when Peyton got home, we played in the backyard and I read more of my new book. Tuesday night we had our Ultreya picnic and it was so much fun to fellowship with other people from our church that have been through Cursillo.

I'm glad Wednesday was a low-key day for us, because I was SO tired. I read somewhere once, that on any given day it is actually the sleep you got the night before the preceding night that determines your level of tiredness that day. I have, almost without fail, found that to be true in my life. Case in point- on Wednesday I was super tired from Monday night. Anyway, we didn't do too much. I did some laundry and then I took a nap when AP too hers. I did have my sewing class on Wednesday night. It was the last one and we finished the top we were making. I was not nearly as satisfied with the top as I was with the skirt. I think I just need to keep practicing, though! I went to bed almost immediately when I got home.

On Thursday, we had MMO again. When we got home, while AP napped, I spent a long time going through old pictures looking for a few to scan for this post. Peyton called that afternoon and reminded me that his parents were going to keep Ann Peyton that night while we went out on a date. What a nice surprise, I had totally forgotten! On the way to drop her off, we went by the cell phone store to get my phone fixed because it mysteriously stopped working (I say "mysteriously"; it was about three years old and it was my Dad's before it was mine; it was time for it to die). Our date was so much fun, even though we talked mostly about kid stuff, haha! We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Julep. It was so good! I had my usual, the Spinach and Sausage Quiche with Strawberry Pecan Salad and a cup of Tomato Basil Soup; Peyton had a sandwich, and we split a new appetizer- the Shrimp Toast, which was really rich, but so good! After dinner, we went to Renaissance to do a little shopping. Peyton did a little browsing at J. Crew and I found a dress MAJOR on sale at Anthropologie. I'll post a picture later if I end up keeping it. It was such a fun night!

Friday was fun because we had our little friends Aubrey and Evy and their Mommas over to our house. The morning was a little ca-razy at first, though. I had AP in her high chair and was sweeping and mopping the kitchen, because, you know, other people (even your best friends) may not want their children scooting around on the grime that has been there for the last week. She was playing with some toys and all of a sudden she was really coughing hard on something. Her face turned a strange color and I rushed over there, thinking "Okay, you don't Heimlich babies, you just pat them on the back REALLY hard....but not unless they stop coughing and are really choking". Well, praise the Lord, it didn't get that far. By the time I got to her she had coughed up the little piece of plastic wrap she had in her mouth, along with puking the entire bottle she had just drank. Girlfriend seems like she enjoys throwing up these days, huh? Anyway, I was right on schedule with getting the house cleaned and myself ready, but I had to slow down and deal with this issue. Well, I threw her high chair cover in the wash (it's covered in plastic, but there are times when you just HAVE to wash it. This was clearly one of them.) and cleaned up the floor and took her to the bathroom for a bath. She really hates baths and mostly, I just stick her in the tub with Peyton or myself now, so I was dreading it but not as much as I would have dreaded having her reek of vomit for her company. She did okay at first, but sure enough, she was wailing by the end. After she got out as I was drying her hair off in her room she leaned forward and bumped her head really hard on the rocker on the rocking chair. Ouch! She still has a big blue bruise! Anyway, I gave her some applesauce and put her in her crib, and she was so tired from all of it, she fell right asleep. I straightened the house really quickly, made some more (tuna-less) chicken salad and some Berry Tea and finished getting myself ready.

Once the girls got here, we had a blast and Annie was her usual, happy self! We tried to watch our wedding DVDs, but my DVD player was acting up (actually, I couldn't figure it out), so we just had a good time visiting. At one point, I let The General inside because he was meowing and the whether seemed to be getting bad (there were tornado warnings/watches all day...I can't ever remember which is which). Anyway, Aubrey started jumping up and down and crying and pratically shimmied up Carrie's leg. It was so sad and so funny at the same time! It's even funnier because she has a huge boxer that lives in her backyard and is pratically her best friend, but she was scared of our kitty!
(Not sure where Aubrey was, possibly hiding from the General)

When Peyton got home, it was gross and rainy outside, so we watched Grand Torino and I folded laundry.

We were about to leave to go to my parents for Red Beans and Rice and Peyton starting messing with something on the hot water heater. He ended up having to drain the whole thing, so we went ahead and he came late. When we got home I finished my Cursillo notes.

Saturday morning I got up early to go to the Beth Moore Simulcaste at Pinelake with Carrie, Ashley, and Ashleys friendwiththecutestnameever, Jennilee. It was all about saying "So Long!" to our insecurities and wow, that was a message I needed to hear. Of course, as usual, Beth definitely "brought a word". There were so women all over the country watching and it was neat to be part of something like that- espessially something that is so common to so many women. I just love Beth because she is so real; I mean she's a total randomite and all over the place and yet, she's one AMAZING speaker. It's like she just can't contain the infomation the Lord has given her. We had a nice break in the middle and we went to eat Mexican and had a great time talking about things like toenails, our OBGYNs, and some other important topics. Par for the course with Carrie and Ash, but I hope Jennilee didn't think we were a bunch of crazars!

After the conference, Peyton and I went back to the cellphone place and then to the grocery store. I got stuff for supper and had every intention of cooking (along with reading my Bible, writing some birthday thank yous and cleaning out my closet a bit), but Peyton and I both fell asleep around 7:00. I have no idea why we were so tired! We had put Annie down for a late nap at around 5:00 and she didn't wake up until around 7ish this morning! I didn't, either (of course Peyton woke up at midnight and couldn't go back to sleep, so he's been up ever since). I cannot believe I slept TWELVE hours!

This morning (Sunday) we went ahead and went to early church since we were up and then to Sunday School. After church, Annie took a nap and we finished the movie from Friday. Then, Peyton went to his parents' house to hang out with his youngest brother and I've kind of goofed off and cleaned up the mess in the laundry room from the hot water heater fiasco. We went to Target to get a new garden hose and a laundry basket and then I went by my parents' house for a bit. I cooked some pork and zuchhinni stir fry for the first time for supper and we had a nice relaxing night!

Next week is going to be a little busier, but not bad. Tomorrow we're going to Peyton's grandparents' house and Friday we're having a Sunday School class get together at our house. Also, there is going to be a fun consignment sale on Thursday that I'm super excited about and can't wait for (even though Annie's summer wardrobe is beyond complete).

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