Friday, May 14, 2010

Five Squared

In honor of my 25th birthday today, I thought I'd make a list. I was inspired by a "five by five" post I'd seen on Bea's blog before and I thought it was so much more fun and creative than just making one big list of twenty five things.

Five Reasons I'm Happy to be Finished with a Quarter of a Century
1. Drama seems to progressively decline. Junior High Drama>High School Drama>College Drama>Mommy Drama. Or so it appears, thus far.
2. Instead of criticizing parenting decisions my Mom and Dad make with Cookie, I just take notes, because I've got my own chance now!
3. I'm done with flaky boyfriends. Barring Peyton's premature death (which, it goes without saying, would be unfortunate for many substantially more important reasons) , I'm happy to say I'll never have to deal with dating stress again.
4. I think I have better perspective than I've ever had. Trivial things seem to matter less and less. I'm glad that is the case.
5. I'm no longer at the point where I feel like loudly dropping the F Bomb in a crowded room is appropriate. Because that was kind of crass.

Five Items on My Bucket List
1. Live in New York City for a year with Peyton, Annie, and possibly another family member that has yet to be conceived.
2. Successfully be solely responsible for AP's (and possible sibling's) education during said year in NYC (well, with assistance from Peyton).
3. See Bruce Springsteen live in concert.
4. Give away a year's worth of paychecks once I start um, acquiring them.
5. Have a piece of my writing published in a forum other than blogspot (a magazine, newspaper, ect.)

Five Things That Make Me Nervous About Growing Older
1. People I love dying. {Shiver, Shiver}
2. When the day finally comes that I have to stop shopping in the junior's department.
3. When the day finally comes that I have to stop shopping in the kid's department.
4. The fact that Ann Peyton will grow older. She's perfect. Can someone please find me a pause button? I'm kidding. Kind of.
5. Menopause. It's so final. Glad it's a ways off.

Top Five Coolest Birthday Parties I've Ever Had
1. Pajama Party Breakfast at the Jackson Country Club (I was around seven)
2. Cookout at my grandparents' (now parents') house (I was twelve, I think)
3. Autograph Party- we signed autograph books, wrapped May poles, and had lime sherbert and Sprite floats; my mom was SO creative (I was around nine)
4. Tea Party- everyone brought their baby dolls (I was five)
5. "Outer Space" Party- we had a space jump and bright green alien cakes, and my Dad showed everyone how to use his telescope (I think I was eight)

Five Things I'm Looking Forward to Experiencing in My Life
1. Teaching Ann Peyton things like the alphabet, numbers, and The Lord's Prayer. I got so excited about this today, for some reason. Also, memorizing poetry and reading and discussing books together and teaching her my favorite songs.
2. Having my own classroom and teaching school one day.
3. Our special year together in New York- I'm sure it will be life changing for all of us. But mostly, seeing how happy it (hopefully) makes Peyton.
4. Experiencing birth and the initial meeting of a child again.
5. The first time Ann Peyton says "I love you" to me.

Pretty fun analyzing my life and such, always fun to be a little reflective. If anyone feels compelled to make a similar set of lists, I'd love to read!


Ashley said...

I do believe I will use this format around my birthday this summer. I do love a good list :)

Tiffany said...

Very Cute! I love all the different birthday parties. Your mom was very ceative:) Happy Happy Birthday my bloggy friend! Wow! I feel so old. I forget how young you and Ashley are sometimes. Ah to be 25 again. Life was good. Hope you are having a fabulous day!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Happy Birthday!!! Evie was so excited to wear her new bibs. THANK you so much for sending them to her. I really appreciate it!!!!!!