Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday- Baby Swimming Lessons {April 7, 2009}

This video was taken over a year ago, when Ann Peyton was less than a week old. I thought it was a great flashback for the week, because it has really started to feel like summer and I think this weekend we are going to break out her little backyard kiddie pool.

The weirdest thing is that she stayed asleep through all of that. At the time I really don't think I thought it was strange at all, but looking back it's almost creepy, isn't it?

Anyway, Peyton is so excited about teaching Annie to swim. He always wanted to teach swimming lessons at the pool where we worked, but I think he thought it would be sort of a weird thing for a guy to do (plus he only had, like, three other jobs). I know he's not going to really "teach" her a whole lot this summer, but I'm excited about getting her used to the water and taking her swimming in the backyard, at the "real" pool, and hopefully, to the beach!

I'm glad he's so dedicated because I feel like I've done my part of the swimming front already-- I've made sure she will be very fashionable during all these water activities! I've mentioned before that I'm kind of embarrassed about the number of swimsuits I have purchased for this summer (to my credit, two were consignment/eBay purchases and one was SUPER on sale at the end of last summer). I think it will be worth it, though. She didn't really go swimming at all last summer, but it was so much fun dressing her up in her bathing suits. I can't wait to try them on her.

And to *observe* some real baby swimming lessons.

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Rachel said...

girl I would be the same way - it's all about the swimsuits! That is so cute that Peyton is excited about teaching her to swim - what a fun time in yall's lives!