Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Friday- Who Says Costumes Are Just For Kids? {circa 2004}

So, I mentioned that last weekend we drove to Oxford for the wedding of one of my best friends from high school. I dug around looking for some pictures of me and Caroline and I came up with one pretty quickly, actually....

(Top, LtoR: Jillian, Jessica, Caroline; Bottom, LtoR: CC, Me; circa 2004)

I'm not really sure what the occasion for this dress up party was. I'd guess a play, since four out of the five of us were involved in drama at some point, but as brave and creative as she was, I'm pretty sure our drama teacher never choose a production feature a chef, a puppy dog, and Marilyn Monroe. Maybe it was some sort of costume party.

I'm also unsure as to why Jessica and Caroline appear to be wearing normal clothes. Did they miss the memo that whatever event this was, it was clearly a dress up event? Or was it costume optional? Or did we miss the memo that it was "snappy casual" and make fools of ourselves? Or are aprons, Marlyn wigs, and magic marker drawn whiskers the new black? Probably that last one.

Clearly, I have a lot of unanswered questions about this photo. Caroline is probably still on her honeymoon and I think she is the only one who reads this. So I may have to save this for the next time I visit with these girls.

What I do remember about our little friend group is surprisingly even more frightening. I do after being reminded by Jillian a few weeks ago, remember trying to fix her up with Peyton, with the promise that I would wax his back first. I also remember a certain visit to McAlister's in Brandon in which I asked Caroline "what the hell a cucumber is".....because I guess I didn't eat a lot of vegetables and at that stage, I really liked seasoning my *every* sentence with a bit of mild profanity. And I remember trying, in vain, to learn to shake my boobs in front a mirror at Caroline's house and her mom trying to teach me, because I was such a lost cause. I was such a delight back then!

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Miss Southern Prep said...

Your puppy costume is so cute!

I know, I had heard mixed reviews when I went to see SATC2, and actually, a few of the girls I was with didn't like it as much, but personally I thought it was really good! Basically the girls just go on a trip, which is the main event ( I guess you would call it that) of the movie, but there were other things going on. A lot of girls that didn't like it said it was still worth it to go see all the fabulous fashion.

Oh, and WASP means White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. It refers to people, like Charlotte, who are from affluent families, very preppy, and who went to prestigious schools.

Hope you enjoy SATC2 if you decide to see it! Have a great weekend!