Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Floored

I was thinking about how I wanted to post some pictures of a few changes we've made in Ann Peyton's nursery and then I realized that I never posted pictures of our new floors (which are a couple of months old now).

We got rid of the carpet in the den and the hall and had the floors put in. I don't really like it when they are super dark or super light, and I think we hit it just right with this color that is kind of in the middle. I love them and I think it makes the room look SO much better. But, see for yourself....

Here is the den before:
and after:

If I had been brave enough to take and share a close-up picture of the carpet, you'd see that this is a VAST improvement. It looked like something off Animal House though, so I decided against it.

Next on the agenda is getting a new couch; our current one is ancient and is "wearing" a slip cover that was not designed to fit it. I'm glad we didn't blow the bank making these improvements when we first got married, but it's so nice to get them done now!


Mallory Pickering said...

I love the color of your floors!

Ashley said...

That's my favorite color of stain! We're doing a lot to our house on the front-end (paint, carpet upstairs), so refinishing the floors has to wait, but this is the exact color I want :)

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Looks really good! I like the bookcases too. Are they built in? We need something on either side of our fireplace too. You are right! Floors make a really big difference.

J. Henry said...

The floors look great! You're right... I think our floors are a little too dark and they show everything!

I love your curtains too!