Sunday, May 2, 2010

Letter to (Thirteen Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

I briefly considered not writing you a letter each month on the second, since you are over a year old now. After all, the older you get the longer it is between milestones and the less new things you do each month. As I've said before, I'm running out of ways to attempt to express how much I love you. I don't want to get redundant and bore you to tears. So, I thought maybe I'd just write you one whenever the urge struck me.

It just didn't feel right, though. For one thing, I like the accountability of it this way. I know that at least once a month, I will sit down at our computer, write out your little accomplishments, tell you about your daily activities and your likes and dislikes, and pour my heart out trying to explain how much Papa and I love you. I like that. For another thing, I CAN do this now. On down the line, when you have a bunch (hopefully) of brothers and sisters, I may not have time to write you long letters and express all the things I am feeling, so I want to do it while I do have opportunity.

Annie, we have loved this last month as much as any from the previous year. You aren't declining in sweetness one bit, but you are every day increasing in how much fun you are to be around!

You love to play! You are great at playing independently. In fact, at Mother's Morning Out, you hardly notice I am there with you! You are so explorative and want to look in every cabinet and every drawer. We haven't completely baby proofed the house yet, so I have to watch you really good!

You also love the outside. We try to take you outside some every day that it's pretty. You love swinging in your swing at Mickey and Minnie's and at the park and riding in your wagon. Daddy calls this going for a "wagon pull". You are happy just to sit in the sunshine and play, too, though. You're funny, because you're still kind of tentative about the grass and you won't crawl off the blanket we put you on. It's a good way for Mommy and Daddy to get a chance to read, because we know you aren't going anywhere!

You are still tiny. You wear size three diapers and your clothing sizes are all over the map. You can wear some 12 mo. things, but you also have some 6 mo. and 9 mo. outfits that still fit. You even have one set from last summer that is a 0-6 mo. and it fits perfectly, now!

This has nothing to do with your appetite, though. You take four bottles of formula (we decided to keep you on formula for the extra calories, until you are fifteen months old). By the way, I say bottles, but you are getting better and better with your sippy cup every day!

You are almost exclusively eating table food now. You haven't met a food you didn't like. You have tried tomatoes, steak, and even (processed) asparagus. Some foods you enjoy are carrots, English peas, bananas, turkey, ham, and applesauce. Your favorites are Cheerios and strawberries. Those were my two favorite foods when I was your age! The only food you've acted weird about is eggs. I think it was the texture. We've taught you to hand us things that don't belong in your mouth when you pick them up, and that's just what you did with your scrambled eggs that I fixed for you! I don't think you realized that they were edible at first, but then we showed you!

You can say at least four words, now. You say "Ma Ma", "Da Da" (not "Papa", much to his chagrin), "Ba Ba" (for your bottle) and "Bye Bye". You do a lot more talking that we don't understand, too! You are SO smart!

Annie, I am loving this adventure of being your Momma. You fill my days with so much joy and I can't begin to explain how much I love you. You are one of the best gifts God has ever given me!

Momma (and Daddy)

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Sara Ashley said...

Wow, she seems like she got a lot taller betweeen 12 & 13 months. Her head is over the top of the pillow now! She is too cute.