Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sarah Denley and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I'm not doing a Won't You Read to Me? Wednesday post tonight, but if I was the book I would choose would be Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. I might feature it next week, because it truly is one of my favorite books ever. I didn't want to do a WYRTMW post, though, because I wanted to share with you about my own day.

I went to bed last night pretty much a nervous wreck because I had my yearly OB appointment this morning. Really, after nine months of having them when I was pregnant, I should be okay with these visits. And also my doctor is A-MAZING. But, still, thinking about it kind of makes my whole body tense up and my stomach hurt.

When I woke up this morning, though, I felt better. Things always look better in the morning! I called my mom about thirty minutes before I was supposed to leave to make sure she was on her way to my house to keep AP. Oh, she was sick and still in bed and didn't even remember anything about keeping Annie. I called Peyton and asked him if he thought I should just reschedule the appointment or try to take Ann Peyton or what. He said he'd call his mom and see if she could come. Thankfully, she zipped over here on a moment's notice, but needless to say, I was super stressed as I walked out the door.

When I got there, I realized that Peyton had my insurance card with him and he was in a meeting so I couldn't get in touch with him. Also, my phone was acting funny and wouldn't work in the doctor's office. After a long debate with myself, I just decided to pay for it and we'd file it later. Of course, I was slightly even more stressed, though.

When I finally got to see Dr. McMinn, I forced myself to have this super awkward conversation with her that needed to be had. I'm just going to leave that at that, because tons of people, including my mom's friends read my blog. She was really nice, though and made me feel much better.

UGH, then I really got my feelings hurt. For. No. Reason. She told me she was concerned with my weight and pretty much asked me if I was eating at all. The implication was obvious. Yeah, it stung. But, it's not the first time. And, really, it's her job to look out for things like that; I know it wasn't personal. I've said if before, but I don't really like being as thin as I am and I would LOVE to gain ten pounds. To that end, I often eat more than I really want. I know I'd look better with some extra "meat" on my bones. I also know that the closer we get to preparing for baby #2 the more important this is. I know that being pregnant will be MUCH easier on my body if I am at a truly healthy weight. It will also be safer and easier to achieve. Anyway, I told her yes I ate and no I wasn't trying to loose weight and actually yes, I'd really be happier with my appearance if I got back up to my ideal weight, which was the weight I was when we got married two years ago. She prescribed an appetite stimulant for me and I really hope it works!

When I got home, my cellphone still wasn't send texts, so I did what Peyton recommended I always do when there's a problem- take the battery out. Only, I broke the freaking thing in the process.

We went to Peyton's parents' house for a visit and I got a meatball sub from Subway and the day went pretty smoothly for awhile.

When we got home, we got Annie to bed and I sat down to relax for a little bit. Peyton was fooling with the hot water heater again because it was dripping. All of a sudden, I heard a bit of mild profanity so I ran in there to check out the situation. The thing was spewing out water REALLY fast. My laundry room was basically flooding. Peyton kind of gave me orders what to do- "go get the big garbage can from outside", "get your phone and call your dad", while he tried to figure out something and eventually, he got the water shut off. Long story short, once Peyton got everything fixed, I cleaned the room for about an hour (it needed it pretty bad, anyway) and got directions from Peyton on what to tell the plumber when I call him in the morning to fix the water heater. After my cold shower.

So, I'm dreading the start of tomorrow about as much as I was dreading the Pap Smear last night. Okay, really not that much, let's be real. Luckily, around lunch, my day starts looking up.

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Carrie said...

I hate those days when you just feel like nothing goes right. And you know you can always call me to keep AP if you're ever in a situation like that! I won't let my child beat her up, promise! :)