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Weekly Happenings Post #59 (April 26-May 2)-- Cookouts, Showers, and a Happy Birthday to Papa Peyton!

***Okay, actually just one cookout, but "A Cookout, Showers, and A Happy Birthday to Papa Peyton" doesn't flow!

This week was fun, and it felt busy, but I'm not really sure why. We did take a little day trip on Monday and had a party at our house on Friday, but I'm lost as to the days in between. Probably just the craziness of weaning a certain babykins off her bottle and onto a sippy cup, chasing said babykins around the house (she's got pretty adept in the area of crawling...which, it was time, since she's thirteen months old YESTERDAY), trying to remember which is the canned meat and which is the canned fish, and the other minutiae of our daily lives. Anyway....

Monday was our little day trip to Granny and PopPop's (Peyton's grandparents) house in Hebron. We went so that Peyton could help his Dad with some farm work that Granny and PopPop needed some assistance with. My job was to try to keep Granny and PopPop from joining in on the work by entertaining them with Ann Peyton inside the house- Peyton's Dad told me (and them!) that. It worked pretty well with Granny; with PopPop it was a complete fail. Granny cooked a great meal and while it was cool and windy that morning, the afternoon was beautiful, so we spent much of the afternoon outside lounging on a blanket.
When we got home Peyton grilled us some steaks with the new grill that I got him (he picked it out) for his birthday/Father's Day.

Tuesday we had Mother's Morning Out. Ann Peyton and I were both pretty tired from our little trip. I watched Army Wives and folded some laundry. After AP's nap my Mom came over to help me figure out where to put some new decorations in Annie's room. We ended up changing the bedspread on the big bed in her room, too. It looks so fresh and summery! After my mom left, we went to Target and the grocery store. Peyton grilled again, because he wanted to practice for the Sunday School cookout we were having on Friday. We had pork chops, grilled zucchini and potatoes....delish!

Wednesday was just a super crazy day. We went to Ashley's for our little weekly play date and Ann Peyton had refused to take her morning nap. She held it together surprisingly well the whole time, though. We were seriously there for about three hours because Ashley, Carrie and I all watched each others wedding dvds. It's really surreal to watch, because they were neither one at my wedding and obviously, if I got married tomorrow, they'd be up there with me!

After we got home, I anticipated AP would take a nice LONG nap. Not the case. She fought it so hard and I had a shower to go to that night. I ended up just getting myself some Sonic and driving around so she could sleep. That was surreal, too....she's always been such an easy napper, I felt like a real mom, haha! Anyway, I dropped her of with Peyton's mom and she was still sleeping! I just barely remembered to take the Butt Paste out of my back pocket before leaving. [The party was for one of my high school friends who is getting married. No one there was even married, let alone with kids, so I'm sure they'd have died if I was walking around with Butt Paste in my pocket all night!]

The shower was neat. It was at a place called Different Strokes and we all got to paint pottery for Caroline....I'm pretty sure my mug with be the one she lets her kids use (and break) when she has them! It was SO much fun to catch up with my old friends and we laughed so hard. Apparently, I had tried to fix one of them up with Peyton before he and I started dating, but I told her that I "needed to wax his back before he got back into the dating scene". It made for a great laugh! When I picked up AP, she was ready for bed; she had only slept for twenty minutes after I dropped her off!

On Thursday, I had planned to go to a children's clothing consignment sale, but it got cancelled. I was pretty bummed, but I was glad I had taken the day off MMO anyway, because I got a lot done. I washed our bedding and folded some laundry and then Ann Peyton and I met my mom at Batte so she could go with me to get my new dress from the Anthro altered (she's always so helpful!). When we got home, Annie took a nap and our friend from church came over to fix my broken windshield on my car. When she woke up we went out in the yard and weeded some flower beds. Peyton has been bugging me to try to do some things in the yard recently, since he's done a bunch of work to make it look really good. Well, I decided to give it a shot. I had had a headache ALL day and had drank a Coke, laid down, taken a BC Powder and nothing worked.....but twenty minutes of fresh air and it was gone! Plus, it was really nice seeing my (little) contribution to our yard. Around that time, my Mom called and told me she thought she had left her keys in my car. She had, so she got one of her friends to drop her off here and Annie and I took her back to get her car. When we got home, I made Chicken Spaghetti for supper. What a productive day!

I spent most of Friday getting ready for our cookout. It was originally planned to be at our associate pastor's house, but they just found out they have to move out of the parsonage in just over a month and have two small children and so I volunteered us!

Anyway, I straightened the house and ran the dishwasher and then Ann Peyton and I went to Target to get some more melamine dinnerware. I've posted about my love of the stuff before. Well, it worked out great because Peyton decided we should not use paper products at the party (can anyone say "EnviroSweetie"?). I realized what I had was not enough. Fortunately, the summer is the best time to get it and Target had a plethora of super cute stuff. On the way home, we went by Wear It's At, since I didn't get my consignment fix on Thursday I decided I should have it then! I actually had more success there than I ever have, but I only got things for later.

When we got home, Ann Peyton a nice nap and I mopped, cleaned bathrooms, tossed a salad, and made Berry Tea and lemonade. When she got up, we went to the other Target to find something my Target didn't have. Since we were (somewhat) close, I decided to do a little more shopping and we went to Leap Frog. It was a little harder there, because they sell only what is in season, but I did end up getting mostly things for next summer or the very end of this one.

After that, Annie took another nap and I got everything set up for the cookout. It started drizzing, but we put everything under the carport.

I got ready and AP woke up just as everyone was arriving! The party was so much fun and it was really easy, because everyone brought something. We ended up having ten adults and eight children. ALL the children were extremely well-behaved and I had a great time chatting with some of the other girls. Pretty much all the guys gathered around and "helped" Peyton grill. It was cute. Overall, it was a great success and I'd love to do it again!

Saturday was just such a rainy, lazy day. I didn't do much at all on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, Ann Peyton and I went to a baby shower for a friend who is expecting her FOURTH child. Then we dropped off some stuff at my parents' house and went by the grocery store.

We went to Sunday School yesterday (Sunday), but not church. I had meant to get to the early service, but we were running late and then I realized we were missing AP's shoe. Peyton can't stand going in late, so he suggested we just go home and look for the shoe (we have issues with baby got lost in the nursery and it was missing for weeks and then someone brought it back, because they found it in their "church diaper bag", ha!). He headed to work and I headed back to Sunday School. I was going to go to the late service, but when I checked on AP in the nursery, she was so fussy and so tired, we just went on home. We had a nice afternoon of resting and house work.

I also started a BIG project- my twice yearly closet changeover. You may remember from last fall, it's quite an ordeal. We have somewhat limited space and so I store all my out of season clothes in the attic. Last time, I brought all the boxes down at once, and it still took me weeks and I nearly had a nervous breakdown, because my house was a disaster zone. Looking back, Annie was sleeping all day it seems like at that point, so I'm unsure why it took me so long, but I'm anticipating it taking even longer with a mobile Babykins, so I decided I'd just do one tub at a time, and if it takes me months, so be it!

When Peyton got home, we went out to eat Mexican for his birthday. We had a great time and EVERYONE overate. Ann Peyton ate a ton of steak from Peyton's fajitas (after her carrots and strawberries). She definitely enjoyed herself! I'm just glad it didn't come back up, but I'm dreading the "Mexican diaper" in the morning, haha! After we got home, we took her monthly pictures and put her to bed. We kind of just relaxed the rest of the night.

I think next week is going to be pretty low key. I plan to work on my closet some more, clean out my car, and finish birthday thank yous for Annie (whoops, those are overdue!). I'm also going to really try to work on meeting most of my daily/weekly goals this week....I've kind of been slacking on that, lately.

I also realized that we only have one more week of MMO after this week. I'll miss the other ladies that work there SO much and of course, the children, but I sure won't miss getting up super early!

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