Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #60 (May 3-9)-- A Great Momma's Day and Other Fun

That Annie Baby was SOO tired!

Well, this week was nice and relaxing. We literally had hardly anything on the agenda and that was a refreshing break. I'm glad we had such an uneventful week, because it seemed like everything we did, we had had to do three times (you'll see what I mean). Anyway, I was very thankful for such a relaxing week!

Monday morning was interesting. Ann Peyton did not sleep well the night before (I think it was her teeth) and she refused to take a nap Monday morning. I tried putting her down three times and let her cry for a while each time, but I can tell when she's just not going to be able to go to sleep and she was not giving in. I got her out of her crib and put her in her high chair for lunch. Around that time some guys from Batte came to deliver a mattress. [Backstory: one of my Mom's friends from Batte got a new mattress and offered to give us her old one. We said "yes, of course!", because until this week we've slept in a double bed that is a) really not long enough for Peyton and b) really not wide enough for both of us. The headboard we have can be used with either, so we figured we'd just need new bedding and we'd be set!]

Well, the guys come in and I haven't even striped the bed. I guess I just assumed I was paying them to bring the mattress to my house; I didn't realize they'd set it up, ha! So, Annie is in her highchair literally SCREAMING and they are like "Excuse me, Ma'am, if you'll just unmake the bed...we'll take it from there". Anyway, they brought it in and set it up on our old bed frame, but they told me they thought we'd need a new one. [HELLO, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS....of course we did!]. They were later heard asking around Batte, who the "little girl" they delivered the mattress to that morning was...ahh!

After they left, Ann Peyton finally took a nap and I folded laundry, watched The View and Army Wives, and straightened the house. When Peyton got home, we took Ann Peyton to the park and let her swing some (she LOVES to swing!).
Monday night, we went to Target and Kroger and I worked on writing some (overdue) thank you notes for AP's birthday presents.

On Tuesday, we had Mother's Morning Out. We had a nice time and we ended up staying a little later than usual to help out with the children who stayed for lunch. I had lunch, too, because some of the sweet moms brought us lunch from a cute little deli called Friends- it was SO good! When we got home, I folded some more laundry and edited some pictures on the computer while AP napped. When she woke up we played outside a little.

Peyton was working late, and I just went to bed early!

Wednesday was REALLY uneventful. We stayed home all day. Wednesday morning, I finished my thank you notes, straightened the house, and did more laundry. That afternoon, I tackled some "projects". I worked on Ann Peyton's big closet- I moved all her fall and winter stuff for next year over to the right side (I pull from the right side). So now, she has a few more summer things that are too big but hopefully she'll wear toward the end of summer and some winter things on the right side and the left side is all 24 mo. (next Spring/Summer) and up. I also cleaned out under her big bed and made room for the comforter that I had switched out last week. During her afternoon nap, I worked on MY closet changeover.

When Peyton got home Wednesday night, he had gotten a frame for our new mattress. He didn't end up trying to put it together until about 9:00. When he started working on it, he realized that it had a third piece down the middle and since we had our bed on cinder blocks (to creat more storage), he'd have to get more bricks. He went to Walmart, but they didn't have them. On the way home, though, he stopped by Target and got two things I've been bugging him about- a fan for AP's room and a Shark for me to vacuum with (we've been joking that that was my Mother's Day present this year!). Peyton set up the fan and it was basically worthless. Ann Peyton is so hot natured and we figured it really wasn't going to do any good as little air as it was putting out, so he took it apart and boxed the thing right back up. I was kind of exasperated going to bed with the bed still not really fixed (I slept on it, but Peyton didn't think he should with the frame not being right) and with the fan not working out.

On Thursday we had MMO again. When we got home, I just relaxed during AP's nap. After Peyton got off work, he watched Annie and I did some MAJOR errand-ing. I went to Kohls and Babies R Us to look for some shoes I had seen on a little girl at MMO. Then I went to Azwell, which I'm pretty sure I'm kinda too old for, but I did get a couple of cute headbands. I swung by Gap and scored some great deals on baby pjs. I got some more pjs at Old Navy, as well as a couple of tops for myself. Then I hit up Target to swap the fan for a better one, buy a comforter I had decided on since Monday, and get a push toy for Annie to walk with (she's started loving the one at MMO). When I got home we hung some new stuff in Annie's room (pictures to come) and made a few trips to the attic to swap out my summer/winter clothes and get some baby gear down for our friends who are having a baby next week. We went to Marble Slab for a treat and I fixed Chicken Wraps for supper. Peyton had gotten the blocks for under the bed, but they seemed to be a different height than the other four we already had, so he said he'd go get four more the next day.

Friday morning we got up and ran some errands. First, I gave AP a bath, which I HATE to do. Most of the time, we just put her in the bath with one of us, usually Peyton because he's faster at getting ready than me. [Which, brings me to this, it's probably time he starts wearing his swimsuit for baths, huh? Also, yes, Peyton ONLY takes baths; he's probably taken maybe, ten showers since we've been married. That's super funny, I've been told.]

After her bath, we went to the bank, Kroger, and to the Post Office to mail some bibs to our blog friend, Evie, that they apparently do not stock at the Target in Tennessee. I washed and folded up our old bedding and put together AP's new push toy.
Frankly, putting together the actual stroller that she herself rides in was about as easy (I did that myself, too....impressive, right?).

My mom came over for a little visit and when Peyton got home we met his sweet friend from pharmacy school, Virginia, at Newks. I love Virginia and she's so much fun to hang out with because she's not one of those pharmacy friends that only wants to talk about pharmacy stuff! After Newks, we went back to Target because I realized we had gotten a black fan and I wanted a white one. We didn't get the white one, though, because it didn't have as many features, but I did get a picture hanger thing I needed. We also went by Babies R Us and got some locks for our cabinets and toilets, since AP is starting to REALLY get into things! Then we went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls because I wanted to see if they had anything better than the comforter I had found at Target. They didn't. We had planned to eat Beans and Rice with my parents afterward, but AP was really tired and I wanted to get some stuff done at home. I can't believe we've missed RB&R two weeks in a row! When we got home, Peyton realized the problem with the bed wasn't that the blocks were different sizes, but that the legs on the frame were. He ended up cutting little one inch pieces of wood for it at like, 10:00 Friday night. He finally got it set up, but see what I mean about doing things three times??? I made up the bed and we both (FINALLY) slept in it. I did find out, however, that the queen bed skirt I got was not going to work, because the blocks made it too short. Great.

Ann Peyton didn't sleep so good on Friday night. I think it was just her teeth again, but she just kept waking up and waking up. The first night we got to sleep together in the new bed, guess who ended up joining us? It was sort of fun to snuggle with her, but I don't think any of us slept very well. Well, Saturday, she took some GREAT naps. I was so happy, but I didn't get a whole lot done. I did a little laundry and some work in my closet and caught up on some blogs, but that was about it. When Peyton got home, we took some baby gear and some clothes over to our friends, Ian and Swayze's house and we visited with them for a little while. I had a terrible headache and went to bed pretty early. I ended up taking a B.C. Powder after I woke up for about the tenth time at 2:00 am. That cured it right away, so I'm pretty sure it was a caffeine headache.

Today (Sunday) was Mother's Day and it was wonderful. Peyton cooked me breakfast and brought it to me in bed. We all went to Sunday School and then to church. After church, we drove around for awhile looking at houses in some of the neighborhoods near us and just talking. It was so nice! When we got home we played with AP a little and then she and I both took naps while Peyton went and hung out with his youngest brother, Joseph. When he got home we went by Target (I decided on the white fan, after all and I got a new bed skirt) and back to church for the evening service and then to Cracker Barrel for supper. We stopped by my parents and visited for awhile and then got home and put AP to bed. Peyton feel asleep right afterward, so I'm having some computer time!

Next week seems like it's going to be pretty low-key, as well. I can't wait to see Ashley and Carrie (a week of not seeing each other was too long!) and I'm hopefully going to at least get close to finishing the closet change-over. Also, next week is the last week of MMO and then we're out for summer!

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