Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #61 (May 10-16)-- School's Out for Summer + Happy Birthday to Me!

Peyton looking redic with his cheeseburger in hand

This week was really fun! Nothing big happened, but I got a lot (for me) accomplished during the first part of the week and I spent the weekend just kind of relaxing. I also got to catch up with some old friends, which is always fun!

Monday was really uneventful. I stayed up WAY too late the night before and Ann Peyton wok up unusually early (like 6:30), so I laid her down for her nap early (at about 8:30) and went back to sleep myself. We both slept for most of the morning. She didn't wake up until after noon (and she still took an afternoon nap!). I'm glad I went back to bed for a bit, because once I got up I was super productive. I swept and mopped the kitchen, sunroom, laundry room, and bathrooms and straightened up the house. Then I cooked some green beans for Ann Peyton. [I usually just cook a big bag of vegetables every couple of weeks and put them in little containers to freeze. It's cheaper than individual bags and there's not as much packaging waste, so it keeps my EnviroSweetie happy. I do worry that it's not as healthy for her to be eating only one kind of vegetable for two weeks, so I think I am going to start doing two different kinds at a time.] I gave Annie the beans and they were really the first food she hasn't been crazy about. She usually likes green beans, but these were "stringy" and I think that bothered her, for some reason. I took some stuff to the attic and then my Mom and her friend, Lynn, came over to talk about ordering a new sofa from Lynn's daughter's furniture store.

After they left, I watered the plants outside and did some laundry. Annie and I went for a stroll and I put her to bed and waited for Peyton to get home.

On Tuesday, we had Mother's Morning Out. I was so tired this week for some reason. For one thing, during the first part of the week, I just got on a terrible schedule of staying up too late. Anyway, I took a nap Tuesday afternoon. When I woke up, Ann Peyton and I straightened up the house and then worked in the yard. I did some weeding in our front flowerbed for about forty five minutes! We went to Target and to the grocery store and I made a Ham and Grits Quiche and potato logs for supper. I also fixed English Peas to freeze for AP since she hated the beans.

Wednesday was fun. My mom came over Wednesday morning and helped me put the bedskirt on our bed. We ended up getting a king skirt, since our bed is on blocks the queen skirt was too short. But the king skirt was too big, so my mom helped me pin it and it looks perfect! After she left, Ann Peyton and I went to lunch; I was so happy to see our friends this week, since it had been two weeks since we'd seen them! It's starting to really get close to time for Ashley to move, so I think our lunches are getting progressively more bittersweet; they are for me, at least. We went to Beagle Bagel this week, instead of one of our houses, and it was kind of like old times!

When we got home, my Mom came back by to drop off a few things. I worked on my closet changeover, folded laundry, and put the fan for AP's room together. It took me like forty five minutes (it would have taken Peyton ten), but I was proud of myself and glad I didn't have to wait on him to do it! I swept and dry mopped the living room and hall while Annie played and waited for Peyton to get home.

Thursday was busy, but also really fun! It was the last day of Mother's Morning Out until the fall. It was sort of sad to be done, but I'm glad to have a break. It feels like of like it did when I was the one in school! After MMO, Ms. Darlene (the director of the program/one of my all time favorite people) had everyone that works there over to her house for lunch. She had fixed some great cornbread, pasta salad, and a "crunchy" green salad with nuts and Raman noodles (one of my personal faves). It was so good and she's such a wonderful hostess! Peyton kept AP all morning, because I knew she would be in full melt down mode by the time we got to lunch if she didn't have a nap.

When I got home, I made up our bed (I had left AP and her papa snuggling in it that morning) and folded up and put up some clothes. Then, I put my new Shark together and vacuumed our room (I LOVE it). Annie took a little nap and then we got ready and met some of my college friends at Keifers. We had a great time catching up and Ann Peyton loved eating the chicken and the honey mustard from my chicken gyro. She's a big fan of honey mustard!'

Friday was my twenty fifth birthday. It was very low key, but at this point in my life, lowkey is really a good thing. At any rate, it was better than my birthday last year when I had my six week postpartum checkup with the OB. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like stirrups at the gyno's office, right? Anyway, Peyton went to the doctor Friday morning, because he had felt so bad all week and he woke up with a really sore throat. I think all three of us have sinus infections! I had lunch with my sweet friend Morgan and her little girl, Mary Milton. We ate at this great little Italian place near my house, Cerami's. We didn't know until we got there, but they give you your lunch free on your birthday! I didn't really do much but watch tv and try to take a nap when I got home. After AP's nap, we headed to my parents' house for Red Beans and Rice.

My mom had a cake for me and my present.

She had asked me what I wanted and I told her "debt forgiveness". See, when we were first starting out my Mom paid for a lot of stuff for our house, but Peyton and I insisted we pay them back. Well, the "decorating budget" is part of my spending money that I get each month, so I've been gradually paying her back for almost a year. I was down to a few hundred dollars and I thought they could cancel $50 or $100 for my birthday. This is what my Dad did instead.....

An interesting sidenote is that I also asked Peyton for the same thing because I owed the family money, since last month (and maybe a few other months) I had gotten an advance on my spending money. It's nice to erase debt to your loved ones, haha!

We had a great time hanging out and AP had fun playing with her new toy, a "Zebi" that some of our friends gave us, since their little girl had outgrown it.

On Saturday, I was the one that woke up feeling pretty under the weather. I fed Ann Peyton breakfast and cleaned the house a bit, but I just relaxed during her nap. I decided I'd treat myself to another day "off" from housework. We did go to Target to make a return (we ended up with a few purchases, too, isn't that always the case) and we were going to go to Old Navy, but it started raining so we just went home. Annie took a nap and I read blogs and watched The Good Wife and ran the washing machine.

Saturday night we went to a shower for one of my college friends, Ashley (teacher friend Ashley, not mommy friend Ashley) and her fiance, Adam. We had some great craw fish and got to visit with some old (and new) friends. It was actually a little chilly, which was complete craziness for May in Mississippi! Annie stayed with my parents and when we picked her up she was so ready for bed.

When we got home I stayed up way too late obsessing about baby names. Peyton and I had discussed them in the car and then I told my mom that Peyton really likes the name Sarah Graves for a girl or just Graves for a boy. She said it made her think of tombstones. Since it's Peyton's grandmother's maiden name, I just associate it with a last name, I had never thought of a graveYARD. Of course, Peyton said he didn't either and he is still very attached to it. I it's stupid to worry about, since I'm not even pregnant or anything, I'm just kind of nervous after reading that article on Baby Name Regret. I mean, I realize it's unusual and it's okay if people (even my mom) don't like the name, but I don't want everyone thinking of a cemetery every time they see my kid, you know?

Today (Sunday) was really relaxed. Peyton went to the Men's Club breakfast this morning and he had to work after that, so Ann Peyton and I went by ourselves to Sunday School and church. I woke up barely in time to make it to SS. It was a nice service and when we got home I changed Annie's clothes, fed her and put her down for a nap. I had great intentions of doing several things during her nap, but just didn't happen. I still felt pretty bad, and I decided we probably all should have gone to the doctor and gotton shots in our rears on Friday. So I took a nap, too. Really, I have taken more naps this week than any week since I was pregnant (I KNOW I'm not pregnant, don't worry!). Even when Annie was a newborn, I don't think I napped this much!

After AP woke up, I straigtened the house and folded and put up some laundry. Peyton grilled hamburgers when he got home and we had a nice relaxing evening.

I don't think next week is going to be too busy, either. I'm going to go help Ms. Darlene clean everything up in the MMO rooms one day and on Wednesday I have my yearly visit to the OB (yuck!). Nothing too exciting!


Ashley said...

Our lunches are DEFINITELY bittersweet for me...I'm in denial!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, what a nice gift from your parents!