Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #62 (May 17- 23)-- In Which I Gain a Greater Appreciation for the Luxury That Is Easily Accessible Hot Water

For once, she's looking at me, instead of Peyton!

** Okay, first of all, if you follow this blog through a feed reader (like Google Reader), that last post was a draft that I was working on for later in the week. I have TONS of drafts saved (when I get post ideas, I just type phrases in a draft and save it for later) and one of my greatest fears is them getting published. I just think it's SO embarrassing! So, anyway, the real post will be up at a later date!**

This week was one of those weeks that really wasn't particularly busy, but still felt busy. We're done with Mother's Morning Out until the fall and we didn't really have anything "big" until our little day trip we took on Saturday, but most days felt so full. I'm not sure what the deal was!

Peyton was home Monday morning, so Annie and I went with him to our favorite Donut place which is all the way in's about an hour round trip, but we love riding in the car together and it was a fun breakfast! On Monday afternoon, I ran a few errands with Ann Peyton. We made a return to Old Navy and got a gift card from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Then we went by Target to pick up a few things. As I was checking out, the craziest thing happened! This red headed girl, with her three adorable red headed children came up to me and said "I know this is going to sound weird...but do you have a blog?" She told me how she had found my blog and we talked about blogging and how our husbands think some things about it are sorta weird and she commented on how, yes, Ann Peyton really is as little as I make her out to be. She also said she didn't have a blog. Shay (or Shea, I don't know, I'm probably butchering your name), if you're reading this, START A BLOG TODAY! I want to read about your super cute twins and precious little boy. Okay?

After we got home and Ann Peyton took a little nap.

Then, we headed over to Mickey and Minnie's house. Cookie was home from school (she's doing Maymester) to take an entrance test for nursing school, so we visited, ate supper, and helped Cookie practice math problems for the test.

On Tuesday, we really didn't do that much. I straightened the house, did some sweeping and mopping, and made some pasta salad for our Ultreya meeting that night, while Ann Peyton played

I went to the meeting and when we got home, I cooked a "veggie dinner" of corn, butter beans and brussel sprouts. It was yummy!

Wednesday was extremely crazy! After my crazy morning of my mom forgetting about babysitting and leaving my insurance card at home, I came home and relaxed, watched tv, and folded laundry. When Peyton got home, we went over to his parents' house. We ended up going with his parents on their walk; Annie enjoyed the stroll! Once we got home, we were just taking it easy and unwinding and then the water heater incident occurred.
This picture really doesn't do the situation justice. But that garbage can right outside the door had been filling up FAST!

I went to bed pretty worn out!

Thursday was fun, though. We went to lunch with Carrie and Ashley and their respective babykins, Aubrey and Evy. So much fun, but increasingly sad, due to Ash's impending move. When we got home, I had a productive day of straightening, working on my closet, and putting batteries in several toys that had dead batteries in them. The plumber that Sears sent also came and told me that it would be $161 to fix the water heater and the part wouldn't be in until June 1st. UGH. I cooked spaghetti for supper.

On Friday, since I didn't have anywhere to go, Peyton got up with AP and let me sleep in a little (or maybe a lot). When I got up, I hand washed dishes (I had assumed we could still use the dishwasher; it would just run on cold. Not the case; it didn't work at all) and folded laundry. We also took some of my winter stuff to the attic and got down some summer stuff. After that, my sweet friend, Sue came over for a visit. We headed to my parents' house for red beans and rice pretty early, so I could do my white wash over there. I also gave Annie a bath while we were there.

On Saturday morning, Peyton went to play ultimate frisbee with some friends and I had a relaxing morning of just lazing around. When AP took her nap, I tried to catch up on her photo albums on Facebook and ate lunch and watched The Good Wife. AP played with The General.

Peyton also figured out a way to fix the water heater, after talking to my dad (who I guess, was more knowledgeable than the plumber?) so he went by Lowe's to get a part. When he got home, we got things together so we could get ready for our day trip to Oxford for my friend Caroline's wedding. We left around 2:45 and got to Oxford in time to meet Cookie for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, AJax and get changed.

Caroline is one of my good friends from high school and I was so glad we were able to make the was truly beautiful! AP was kind of fussy and the wedding was pretty traditional, so she and her papa stayed in the car. Peyton just drove around at first, but he said it was clear she wasn't going to nap, so he just took her out and let her play with her toys in the front seat with him. I met them afterward and the three of us headed to the reception. It was also lovely and it was fun seeing some old friends and catching up!
We did a pretty good job of matching and we didn't even plan it. You can't tell, but there's some gold embroidery on the bottom of AP's dress. Also, I got to wear my new dress from the Anthro that I mentioned awhile back. I love it and I got lots of compliments on it!

We ended up leaving Oxford around 10:30. I stayed up most of the way home to help Peyton stay awake. He listed to William Lane Craig apologetics podcasts the rest of the time. We got home around 1ish.

Getting up for church Yesterday (Sunday) was SO HARD! It was a little easier, though, because Peyton had gotten up before me and fixed the water heater. It was SO nice to have a hot bath after three days of cold showers! We went to Sunday School and church and when we got home, Peyton grilled burgers and vegetables for lunch. Then, AP took a four hour nap and Peyton and I napped for about half that time. After she woke up, Ellis came over with late birthday presents for me and Annie. We had a nice visit. Our friends, Patrick and Haley, invited us to join them for supper and of course, we took them up on the offer! We had so much fun seeing them and our other friends, Pat and Holly, and enjoying some (more!) fabulous burgers and sweet potato fries.
She's such a bully!

When we got home, I got AP ready for bed and cleaned up the kitchen from lunch and Peyton picked up our mini fridge, which we finally got fixed and dropped of some stuff at his parents' and his brother's houses. Now, we're just relaxing for the night.

This week is basically empty, except tonight Ashley, Carrie and I are having a girls night. It will be the last one with Ashley and I could cry. It'll be so much fun, though, so I'm excited. Hopefully, since next week isn't too full, maybe I can get a lot done, if we can avoid any more appliance disasters!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

I love the picture of you three at the wedding. So sweet! Evie wore the owl bib to a playdate this morning and got lots of compliments. I told them the story of how you sent them to us. We all agree your Target must be better! Have fun tonight.

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