Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another PSA for Those Who Love Quality Children's Clothes

For you guys with small children, who live in the Jackson metro area, I wanted to give y'all a little heads up on a couple of (hopefully) great sales going on around here in the next few weeks.

First of all, next week there is a children's sample sale. I had so much success last year. In fact, one of the outfits that I got her last year, is probably my very favorite of the summer-- it just doesn't get much better than smocking, seersucker, and sherbert-y colors.
It was $15! Seriously, I got four things and paid probably less than what this one outfit retails for.

The sample sale is on June 1oth at the Hilton Garden Inn in Madison.
It is all new clothes (samples) and most are without defect for a fraction of the cost. Last time, there were a few things missing buttons ect. but that only lowers the price! They had lots of boutique brands- Remember Nguyen, Mis Tee V-Us, and others.

There is another overstock sale coming up, as well. I've been to three of these, and last time was the only time I didn't have tons of success (meaning I didn't get eight or more items). I did get two things and one of them is another favorite this summer:
It's a great Fourth of July/Memorial Day/any other day I feel like giving the babykins a patriotic and/or nautical look!

Here's another steal that I got at the very first overstock sale I went to (last fall)...
I'm sure you're wondering if she has any summer clothes at all that are NOT seersucker. She does, but I have to say it's a fave of mine. Peyton was confused and really thought that this was an outfit, not a swimsuit, which is not surprising, since I have been known to use them interchangably on BunBun.

As you can see, the overstock sale usually has lots of great stuff, too! Like the sample sale, all the clothes are new, but usually priced at wholesale or below wholesale price- in other words, major deals! They have TONS of brands- Anavini, (usually tons of) Castles and Crowns, Toni Tierney, Aunt Polly, Three Mommas, Kate and Libby, and lots more! The overstock sale is going to be on June 16th at the Craft Center in Ridgeland. It starts at nine o'clock and it can get pretty crazy, especially now that it's in a relatively small building!

Okay, last thing, I promise. If you do NOT live in the Jackson area, don't worry, because I've got a couple of websites for you. My friend Haley introduced me to these, and then I heard about one of them again, from another friend.

Remember Nguyen- this is the website for one of my FAVORITE brands of kids' clothes. They are adorable...
and Peyton (and I) love the company because of the story behind it-

Initially, 100 interested persons from a quaint but poor Vietnamese village were given scholarships to learn fine needle arts. They now work together to design, produce and distribute children's apparel. The fashions they produce are lovely, wearable children's clothing with craftsmanship reminiscent of yesteryear. The monies that are earned help to contribute to the well being of the individual and the village. Now even the outlying region are finding a boost to their economy since there are over 1,000 needle artists producing these lovely garments and among these are highly qualified trainers helping others as they themselves were once helped.

Remember Nguyen Apparel was the brainchild of Kim Nguyen Ho and her mother, Phuoc Truong who after a 2002 visit to the village of their birth were appalled to see the conditions of the children and families. They raised the money to give villagers the gift of financial integrity through the sewing courses. Now they act as the liaisons, product line evaluators, importers and wholesaler. (

Um, yeah so by now you know that I am pretty fond of anything that is "reminscent of yesteryear". And until I learn to smock, or Minnie gets an unbelievable amount of time on her hands, this is where it's at!

Nguyen is a family surname that is pronounced like the word "WHEN", thus the play on words - Remember Nguyen (Remember When). We remember when clothing was lovely and timeless and created with style and care.

You had me at "lovely".

Anyway, they have an awesome website, especially if you browse the "samples" and "clearance" sections. We're pretty much set for this summer, but I recently ordered AP a few things for later:

Product Detail

Product Detail

Product Detail

I will say that I had a (very) small problem with my order (one of the items was the correct pattern, but the wrong oufit/size) and the people at the website were so helpful and quick to get it fixed.

Little Lavender- This is another website Haley shared with me. It also has Remember Nguyen samples, but it mainly functions as an online consignment boutique. It's got some cute stuff from Remember Nguyen, Kelly's Kids, and Daisies and Doodlebugs, plus more! It's so nice to be able to shop from home when it's this hot! I love eBay, but sometimes it's nice not to have to deal with the auction format and also not to have such an overwhelming amount of stuff to look through and choose from.

Here's to finding lovely, timeless children's clothes on a budget!


Carrie said...

I'm glad to know about all of these! I was just saying the other day that I really need to get poor little Jude some clothes! :)

Sarah Broadus said...

hey do you have a time for the 10th?

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Love Remember Nguyen (as you know)! And someone just told me about that Little Lavender site a few weeks ago and it looks like they have some great stuff!

Rachel said...

The sample sale at the Hilton Garden Inn Madison begins around 6:30am on June 10th. It will probably go until around 5pm.

Sarah Denley if you stop by you will have to say hello! I hope you find some great deals! :)

Amy said...

now, just when i was about to plan a trip to jackson for these great sales, i continue reading and see the online sites - perfect!!! i totally doesn't get much better than seersucker, smocking, and sherbert-y colors :)
unless you add chunky thighs and baby arms in the mix ;)
finally, i never knew about the story behind remember i love it even more!! thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

super cute I love all her outfits!

Anonymous said...

The clearance section on remembering nyugen is amazing if you catch it at the right time. I bought my little boy 10 or 12 smocked things and spent less than $200. I will say they run a little big compared to some of the other popular smocked brands.

Sad I will be out of town for the sale on the 10th. And I'm getting to the other one early, as the boy stuff goes fast since there's not much of it.

Sarah Denley said...
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Sarah Denley said...

Anon- Do I know you in real life?? Just curious!