Thursday, June 17, 2010

Babykin Boutique: Consignment Collection

Yesterday, I went to the overstock sale that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I had much better luck that I did last time and I had some major success at the sample sale last week, too! Of course, I will be blogging about those, but first I thought I'd share some consignment finds from a month or so ago.

This trip, I stopped by Wear It's At and Leap Frog. I almost always have good luck at Leap Frog, but Wear It's At can be pretty hit or miss.

This time was a definite "hit"!
I got a cute reversible romper for next fall, a few dresses for next summer, a birthday outfit for when she's probably three and the little play outfit on the end.

My favorite by far is this blue smocked dress. I think it will we PERFECT for a trip to the zoo next summer! It's by Amanda Remembered, which is turning out to be one of my favorite brands, but it is ridiculous expensive!

I found some great stuff at Leap Frog, per usual.
This was the last time I've bought anything for this summer (I was so proud of myself- I used such restraint at the recent sales). I got the two little Carter's bubbles that are basically like pajamas. They are so soft and comfy and she loves wearing them around the house (she wears them on days when I wear gym shorts and a t-shirt). They've actually been perfect this week while she's been sick. The kite outfit is Kelly's Kids and it's also for this summer. The other three outfits are for either the very end of summer or for next summer (they are 18 mo. and if she continues like she is now, they'll fit next year).

These are my two favorites from that trip. For some reason, I seem to be obsessed with sailboats! I got the sailboat bubble at an even better price because it had a small stain- which I worked my magic on, of course! And I loved the little animals that are embroidered on the other bubble (another Amanda Remembered find). I also love the soft green color. The little "puffy" embroidery reminds me of a few dresses that Cookie and I had growing up, one of which AP wore as an infant.

Finally, I got these two outfits for later.
I just thought the dress with the bunny was so cute and I got the cupcake outfit by The Bailey Boys for her b-day next year. After I bought it, I saw on Suzanne's blog that she has a tradition of dressing her little girl in a certain brand of outfit every year for her birthday. I thought that would be such a neat thing to do and since I love The Bailey Boys (which she wore this year), it would be a fun challenge!

That's it. I'll be sharing my overstock/sample sale finds soon!


Anonymous said...

The overstock sale was MUCH better this time around!! I won't attend another one that is as chaotic as the last one! They said the difference in the chaotic vs peaceful experience is that they only send out to their email list usually and then they do other advertising occasionally - which was what they did last time. I have a boy and found some cute things. They had some precious smocked swimsuits for girls, which I'm sure you found :)

Carrie said...

I haven't been to Wear it's At in forever... I need to go see if they have anything cute left, but I'm sure you cleaned the whole store out. Ha!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Great finds! You found such cute things!

Amy said...

Precious! I looooove the smocked dress with the animals on it - that's my favorite. And the bailey boys birthday outfit is so cute! I need to do better about buying ahead. Poor Libbi is going to be squeezing her thighs into size 18month clothing next summer, b/c i have bought so much in that size....oops!