Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday- Good Times in Target and the School of Ed {2005-2008}

Since my friend Ashley (M.) got married last weekend, I decided to do my Flashback this week on some of the great memories I have from our time in college.

I hesitated to post this picture of me and Ashley, because of the recent controversies involving the appropriateness of dressing up as a Native American/American Indian (comaparisons to black face- really??) on two high traffic blogs I read. But, you guys know I'm not always all about extreme PCness. And, this is one of my all time favorite pictures of us. And also? we were learning about teaching children about various ethnic groups. If there is one thing we talked about during our teacher training days it was celebrating diversity and teaching from a multicultural perspective.

Anyway, making these outfits were one of the many projects Ashley and I worked on together during our time in the School of Education at Mississippi College. We also did an exhaustive Flat Stanely project, wrote our own children's book (mine was about Little Bear's first day of school), made bio-cubes, put together Jack Daw kits, created an alphabet book, and did many varied projects involving Skittles and hard noodles. I will say I'm not near as crafty as Ash, but she helped me, and I've come a LONG way since the start of college.

The reason we were able to enjoy doing all these projects at each other's side is because after we became good friends in our Intro to Education class, we started planning our schedules together. As in: we would schedule our pre-registration meeting with our advisor during the same time slot and go together, so we could get the same schedule. Sweet, huh?upon graduating from the School of Ed

It's not like our friendship was all work and no play, though. We had great times staying up late on Thursday nights eating cinnamon rolls in the dorm and then getting up late on Friday because we neither one had class AT ALL on Fridays one semester. We both loved the corn dogs and Oreo pudding the cafe served every Friday and would wait to go home until after lunch if we weren't staying for the weekend! Ashley was one of the friends who consoled me through the ups and downs that is a four year dating relationship with the love of your life.
fun times in the dorm with some shades and my frog that we named T Pain

We actually weren't into the whole "let's get drunk and forget what we did" thing that T-Pain so elequently sings about, so this was our idea of a fun night!

very teacheresque, no?

We also had a great time enjoying numerous girl trips to the beach, often involving car catastrophes (think getting stuck in a hole, the sand, anything else you might imagine). These were days when I laughed harder than I knew I could.
beach trip '07

modeling some Jackie O sunglasses at the Target in Destin. Because, of course we had to go to the Target at the beach. Everyone knows that no two Targets are created just the same and if you're in a new city, you must check out their Target.

my bachlorete trip-- 2008

There were also the many Swannanoa function that I actually started attending once all my friends rerushed ST.
Mystery Date- the theme was (obviously) the '20s

When I was very lonely in college, and prayed specifically for bridesmaids, Ashley was one of the first people the Lord brought into my life.

He recently answered another prayer I spent a good many of my college days praying for-- as of last Saturday, he has provided HER with a husband, too!


Lisa Rusczyk said...

Great idea to have flashback Friday!

Mallory Pickering said...

I remember the oreo pudding!
My favorite was chicken tortilla casserole- it was awesome.I love MC.

You wedding dress is probably the prettiest wedding dress I've ever seen. I love it!