Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gems from SD's Reader: Volume One

Last week, we're out of school for summer and since we haven't had any out of town trips, important parties, major house renovations, or unexpected crises; I have had some extra time on my hands. One thing I enjoyed last week was not having to "mark as read" on anything! I'm glad I'm at a point where I can allow myself to do it without suffering some kind of nervous breakdown, but I don't want to be doing it every week!

Anyway, I decided that it might be fun to share some of the things I've found with you, kinda like how BooMama does Linky Interwebby Awesomeness, except way, way less cool. I always love it when people link to articles/posts/ect., so I thought I'd share some of the neat things I found in my Google Reader lately, and you can click on whatever is of interest to you.

- I thought this Laundry Room Re-Do from The Idea Room was ingenious. I especially love the cat door in the cabinet- if I didn't need my storage space, I would so do that!

- This post from Stuff Christians Like about "Consoling Pastors Now That the Best Sermon Illustration Generating Television Show of Our Generation is Over" is just hilarious, because it's so true.

- Okay, I'm warning you, THIS GETS GRAPHIC. There's just not another way to discuss this, and I wanted to discuss it. I hesitated to post this because it's so controversial, and such a sensative issue. [Also, I agree with the bloggers at Jezebeel on almost nothing, but I've found that I find out about things, like this, that I don't hear about elsewhere.] But, I think it's an important talking point, so I wanted to share it. This article is about how the American Academy of Pediatrics is advocating offering families who want to practice "female genital cutting" the option of a "ritual nick". I don't totally agree with the author of this post. While I'm hesitant to say I stand behind the AAP on this, I think they were unfairly vilified in this post and it is obvious (to me) that what they are trying to do is to keep these families from doing the procedure at home, or possibly worse, traveling to their home country to have it done. Clearly, they would be better off at the hands of an American physician. What gets me is that, in virtually every. single. argument I've had with someone who is pro-choice, it always comes up that legalized abortion is good because it prevents "back alley abortions". I won't play the "lesser of two evils" game with something I consider to be murder, but with somebody's clitoris? Maybe.

- On a (MUCH) lighter note, I thought this looked like a fun summer celebration. The mini burger, pink lemonaid, and bright pinks and greens, scream summer. I just love Style Me Pretty.

- Also, I can't wait to try this recipe from Kelly's recipe site that I refound via Lyndsie's blog.

- Back to the serious. I loved this post, Intimate Issues: The Making of a Marriage Bed from A Holy Experience. What vulnerability it took to write this. Let's just say, it's an area we could use some work in, too!

- This post, The {Me} in Media, by SortaCrunchy is so neat- Dina shares how although our children are definitely influenced by the media, our influence as parents is so much stronger. I'm kinda not excited that Peyton found her blog, though. When he started talking about "family cloth", aka reusable toilet paper for the whole family, I basically told him hell to the no. I try to limit my profanity on the blog and in life...but that merits it.

- Time's Up, a post on Cora's Story, which is a blog dealing with a mother's grief after loosing a child, is a great reminder that we should never try to put time limits on other people's grief.

Finally, Pioneer Woman had one of her famous photo contests last week. They are always inspiring, but this one was especially so. It was called "Coming Home" and featured photographs of troops returning home. It's extremely poignant, because many of the images were of caskets and graves. It's a painful reminder that to many American families that is exactly what coming home has meant. I have tears in my eyes, typing that. It was so timely, in light of the holiday Monday, and really brought to mind the sacrifice of the countless men and women who serve our country.

Well, that was fun. I'd love to hear about what y'all are finding on the interwebs. Let me know if I'm missing anything great!

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Allison said...

"mild rebuke", HA! Yes ma'am, we (well, mainly Danny, If I'm being honest) hand wash all our dishes. No room in a tiny kitchen for a dishwasher! We've actually only had a dishwasher for a year out of the last 6 (that's counting college, obviously), so I guess we're used to it.

I'll have to check the link about the litter box container in your post--I must've missed it somehow before.