Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In Which We Say Good Bye "See Ya Later" to Another Dear Friend

So, we have yet another friend moving away this week. The truth is that we will probably see Virginia just as much after she moves to DC as we have been lately, because you know, she has a full time job, Peyton has a full time job, and Annie and I have a full time job of going swimming and eating cupcakes and making sure we don't miss any important children's clothing sales. But that doesn't mean we are going to miss her any less.

Peyton and Virginia have been friends since (I guess?) he started pharmacy school at Ole Miss. I don't know, they've been friends for at least six years, though, because they were friends when we started dating. Virginia is super sweet and she's the kind of girl that will do anything for her friends. She's also a whole lot of fun to be around. And she's not real high maintenance, as in, she doesn't require that you clean your house for her if she's coming to visit.

She was one of the first friends of Peyton's that I met when we started dating. And I liked her immediately because she was so friendly and hilarious (and I don't think she even knows it). Also, she has NEVER felt the need to spend an entire dinner talking about pharmacy school/the sale of pharmaceuticals/drug interactions/anything else involving pharmacy minutia that is meaningless to me. Instead, she asks lots of truly interesting questions like "So does she talk yet?", "Have you thrown up very much" (when I was pregnant), "What all can she eat?" and "When are y'all going to have another one?". In short, she acts interested in my life. Also, when she does talk pharmacy stuff; it's actually kinda interesting, because, did I mention this already? SHE IS SO FREAKIN' FUNNY.

Annie is going to miss her too...

because she has such beautiful shiny hair...

because she spoils her more than anyone else, with the exception of her grandparents.....
[Life Is Good onsie and Colonel Rebel bib are courtesy of Virginia. Also, now that I think about it, the Woodland Animals Travel Swing pictured is also c/o Virginia, as I bought it with a very generous Target gift card she gave Annie.]

but mostly, because, like I said, she's interested in AP and babies can tell when someone really likes them or when someone is just putting up with them.

We will all three miss her so much, but don't worry, we'll be going to visit(*) soon!

* I will not be making my second trip to DC via a Greyhound. Toddlers actually don't do well on Greyhound buses. I learned this on my first trip to DC, when we sat in the seat directly in front of a toddler on the Greyhound. I could tell by the amount of profanity that her mother was using that she was learning the very same thing.

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Hey, nice high chair! :)

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Your little girl is a cutie!