Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Letter to (Fourteen Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

It's funny because this is the first month of your life that I have really felt like has been a full month. I know that doesn't make much sense. It's just that usually, the months fly by so quickly. The space between you turning thirteen months old and today felt longer to me for some reason- it really seemed like a month. Maybe, it's because things have slowed down in our lives (Mother's Morning Out is over until the fall and the past few weeks have been happily uneventful). I've enjoyed being able to soak up the days with you.

I realized as I started to type this letter, that these letters are starting to change a little bit. There are not going to be as many "big" achievements each month and the physical developmental milestones are becoming more spaced out. I think these letters are going to become collections of little mini stories about what you are doing, rather than a list of milestones you've achieved. I'm glad, because I think that's probably more interesting, anyway.

You have learned several new tricks, just in the last few days. A couple of days ago you were playing with a whistle on Minnie's keychain (she is afraid of getting mugged) and your daddy taught you how to blow it. You picked up on how to do it so quickly!

The next day, we were at Smoothie King and you wanted a taste of our Smooties so bad, so Papa, as your daddy likes to be called, put the straw to your lips and made a little face to show you how to suck it. At first you tried to blow, like you did with the whistle, but then you did the reverse and sucked it up. You had such a serious look on your face, but you did it!

Your current vocabulary includes "ma ma", "da da", "ba ba" (for bottle), and "bye". Cookie also said she heard you say "hello" when you were pretending to talk on the phone the other day.

It is so much fun to start to get a look at what is going on inside your little baby brain! The other day you found Papa's bedroom slippers and you held them up and said "da da"-- you knew just who they belonged to (he's working on the "Papa" thing with you). You have also started saying "da da" when I get you out of your crib after a nap. I think it's because last week he got you out of bed each morning. You are such a smart girl!

You said goodbye (or, rather, "See You Later"...Mommy is more comfortable with that) to your little friend Evy a couple of weeks ago. Today was the first time in a long time that we had lunch with just Aubrey and Ms. Carrie. It was different, but you seemed to adjust okay.

You swam in a "big" pool for the first time last week and you LOVED it. I was a little surprised because you aren't a big fan of baths, but you really enjoyed yourself and splashed around and kicked your little feet so hard!

Annie, I adore our days together. At this point in life, I don't wake up in the morning until you wake up; I love that I get to see you almost immediately after I wake up. When I go to sleep, the very last thing I do before I get in bed, is to check on you and rub your back and stroke your hair. You are so beautiful, so soft, so peaceful. And the stuff in between those two times? It's like the cream filling in the Oreo!

Time is such a conundrum in some ways, sweetheart. Sometimes, I think about how it seems like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time, and now you are over a year old and have two teeth and are so, so close to walking and talk a little bit and OHMIGOSH, YOU SAID MOMMA, SAY IT AGAIN, SAY IT AGAIN. But then other times, that seems so far away and I can hardly remember what a newborn looks or smells or feels like. It's strange, really. There are also times when I look at you and I imagine what you'll be like at eighteen months, or two years, or five years. You'll have little quirks, like all children do and you'll have favorite foods and very real fears and things that make you feel safe. I can't wait to watch all that. Mommy is one of those people that is very good at looking back at the past and ahead toward the future. But. You remind me to stop doing this all the time. I watch you become much more of a toddler and much less of a baby and I'm reminded. You whisper to me that {this} day is special. It is full. It is enough. And it will never come again.

We love you so much more than you can imagine!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. I thought that it would be fun, for posterity, to note the size of your outfit in the current picture. 6-9 mos.

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