Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Octo Meme

Okay, so I've done this meme before, but somebody* tagged me a (long) while back to do it one FB and I put it in my drafts and here it is.

*Thanks, Mal, for the tag AND for the super sweet shout out in the original.

Things I'm Looking Forward to...

1) snuggling my Babykins when she wakes up from her nap
2) finding out what a grass fed Mississippi grown cow tastes like, ha!
3) starting my first "independent" sewing project
4) having lunch tomorrow with a woman that I consider a mentor in the truest sense of the word
5) C.S. Lewis book club next week!
6) July's spending money, ha!
7) Fourth of July celebrations at Ann and Joe's farm, Peyton's parents, and Sara's house
8) our trip to Tybee Island in July and another trip that I don't want to blog about yet because it's not for sure and I don't want to jinx it

8 Things I did Yesterday...

1) had lunch with my BFF
2) did laundry
3) read and commented on a few blogs
4) experienced AP's first TRUE temper tantrum
5) bought hummus and pita chips from Mediterranean Cafe
6) tried to buy supplies for my sewing project-the place is closed on Mondays, though
7) spent some "alone time" with Peyton. Ahem.
8) listened to my adorable father in law read "The Wheels on the Bus" book to AP.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...

1) sew really well
2) time manage
3) be a better wife
4) cook better
5) judge people less
6) love people more
7) have a greater passion for God's word
8) make my life reflect my priorities

8 Shows I Enjoy...

1) Army Wives. Sometimes, it can be a bit corny, though.
2) The Good Wife. This is a new one and it's one of my favorite dramas ever. I really prefer drama to comedy, in most cases. Also, anything with Mr. Big in it is not hard to watch. Unless it's Criminal Intent. Then it's incredibly painful.
3) Anderson Cooper 360. I'll admit, Ima a dork, you don't have to tell me. What I won't admit to is watching Neil Cavuto during nap time.
4) America: The Story of Us. We DVR'd it off the History Channel and it is SO good. It's all about how Americans have been so innovative and the true entrepreneurial spirit that has guided this country.
5) Parenthood. Another new one! It can get a little cliche, but I love it. And I think they do a really good job of dealing with the issue of having a child on the Autistic Spectrum.
6) Law and Order. The original. I used to only like SVU, but now I really like the original L&O a lot, too. I think that Sam Waterston does a fabulous job of playing ADA/DA Jack McCoy. Peyton and I love to talk about the complexities of his character. I recently ordered another Sam Waterston series, but I haven't checked it out yet. Because, you know, the time. The time. What becomes of it?
7) Toddlers and Tiaras. Possibly, more embarassing than Cuvuto.
8) 90210. The new one. I'm kind of obsessed. It's a VERY guilty pleasure, though. Let's see, cocaine, sex, psycho stalkers, suicide, homosexuality-all the makings of a good teen drama. Why do half these have either a teenager or a geriatric vibe??

Okay, so tag eight people??
Rebekkah (if you like things like this, if you hate them, don't feel obligated!)

And anybody else who wants to do it! Also, if I tagged you and you hate memes, just ignore!


Rebekkah said...

Thanks for the tag, Sarah Denley. I loved reading about you, and I had fun completing this post!

When Carver was first born, I got hooked on the old Beverly Hills 90210. I can completely identify with your guilty pleasure. :)

Amy said...

Oh....I soooo love these things! More so reading others than writing mine own (but that's just cuz I'm nosey)
Love The Good Wife....that is our new favorite show! And I agree about Mr. Big in L&O:CI....painful.