Monday, June 14, 2010

The One Where My Eighty Year Old Grandmother-In-Law Has A Better Memory Of Important Events in My Life Than Me (or Peyton)

So, can anyone guess what today is? That's right it's FLAG DAY.

And do you know what other important event falls on Flag Day every year?

It's okay, I forgot too.

And so did Peyton.

But Granny sure didn't.....

Um yeah.....we probably would have missed our own (two year) anniversary if it hadn't been for Granny calling to make sure we got the card she sent us to celebrate said anniversary.

I'm glad we both forgot. It's just easier that way. I do think it's sorta sad. It's funny, too, though. More funny than sad.

A little comparison to end the post....

June 14, 2008- Kissing my wonderful new hubbykins

June 14, 2009- hanging out with Ann Peyton after her first trip to church

June 14, 2010- spending the day {blissfully} snuggling my slowly recovering girl

I thought this morning about how I wanted to remember this day forever. Annie and I had such a happy time just lazing around loving each other. What wonderful memories- our wedding day; the first time we brought her to the Lord's house; and today, a wonderful simple day where I just felt such joy in being her mother. I am so, so thankful for these two!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Happy anniversary! Your wedding picture is gorgeous!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary...and I love the card your grandmother sent - it was too funny! My grandmother would totally send me a card with a "commode" (as she would call it) on it. :)

J. Henry said...

So funny that y'all forgot- thank goodness both of you did!

Yes, our dog is a sheltie and she is the best! She is so, so sweet. She normally is much prettier but we decided to shave her this summer and see what that was like. I'm not so sure I like it....