Monday, June 28, 2010

Pajama Party!

I said yesterday that I was going to share some more pictures of AP in the pajamas that Cookie and I wore as toddlers, so here they are!

I think this is one of the sweetest pictures ever!

"Momma, it's simply too early for pictures!"

reading a little in the Touch and Feel Bible

close-up of the Annie Baby

Peyton admited the other day that he's glad I bought this chair, even though he thought it was unnecessary at first, because she loves it SO much!

What could be better that sitting in your comfy chair in your Momma's old super soft pjs, reading your Touch and Feel Bible stories? Not much!

1 comment:

Mary Louis Quinn said...

So cute! Curran has a bunch of my old pj's as well!

I can't believe how long AP's hair has gotten! Precious!