Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show Us Your Life- China Patterns


I think this will be a super fun SUYL because I loved picking out my china. My mom works for a furniture store in the bridal registry, so helping brides pick out their china is basically her job. It was really fun to go up there and chat with her and her friends that work at the store and finally decide what to register for! I was really kind and let Peyton have a say (ha!). I know some guys don't care at all about that kind of thing, but Peyton was geniunly interested, so it seemed unfair to deny him such a fun experience!

There are so many ways to go about picking out china these days. I know some couples that don't care about registering for fine china, because they know that they won't use it that much. Then there are people who end up registering for three sets- a set of fine china, a set of everyday dishes, and then an intermediate set that falls somewhere in between.

I'm glad my mom could help us and I'm glad Peyton wanted to play an active role, because I am SO indecisive. We ended up registering for fine china and for everyday china. Here are our patterns:

Because, I knew that I wouldn't be entertaining formally a whole lot, I decided to just use my mom's china pattern (which I love!), and choose some accents that coordinated well with it. [My mom is using my grandmother's china now.]

My mom's pattern is a pretty blueish green color around the edge that happens to be one of my very favorite colors

We picked out chargers, and two different sets of salad plates to match it....

Here is the Anna Weatherly charger that we picked out. We liked it because it's so versatile- it can also be used alone as a buffet plate.

For salad plates, we choose Pickard Cypress and Tabacco Leaf by Mottahedeh. They could be used together if we had a large dinner party or seperatly for a smaller one. The Tabacco Leaf is really bold, and I was surprised Peyton liked it so much, but I LOVE it!
[We just got the salad plate, but I couldn't find a picture of just it.]

Here is is all together....

our china cabinet

My mom's China with the Pickard Cypress salad plate

The Anna Weatherly charger and Tabacco Leaf salad plate

For our everyday dishes, we also combined two different patterns. We like to live on the wild side, ya know?

We chose CasaFina Vintage Port for our dinner plates, mugs, and some cereal bowls, but we got La Fenice by Vietri for our salad plates and some cereal bowls. They go together really well!

We had a lot of fun with these, because we kind of coordinated the "breakfast nook" area of our kitchen around the La Fenice pattern.

One of my mom's friends saw our china and realized it looked really similar to an old shower curtain that had been hanging in her pool cabana and was fixing to get rid of. She offered it to us and we snatched it up. It made perfect Roman shads for the French doors that lead to our sunroom!

We also had my friend, Sue, paint the seat cushions for the chairs to match the motif on the shades. I think they turned out BEAUTIFUL!

As in love with our china as I was, I was a tiny bit sad I didn't get any of what would have been our intermediate pattern had we decided to register for it. Well, my mom had a great idea. We went out and bought a few pieces and used them decoratively. I LOVE Mackenzie Childs.
[I took this picture for a SUWYL post when AP was a newborn; that is the reason for the duck!]

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't show you my secret obsession.....
I know it's not "china", but I heart melamine. Peyton indulges me, because it means less paper/plastic waste, and thus less harm to the planet. I just think it's super cute. Target always has the BEST stuff in the summertime!

I can't wait to look at everyone's patterns!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Pretty, pretty! I love your breakfast nook. We need a new table so bad and I cannot find one for a reasonable price so I am considering painting the one I have and getting so fun chairs from Ballard or somewhere like it. Your seat cushions are so dang cute and I love the roman shade. Very nice dishes and I love how they work together in different combinations. I just got white and now I wish that we had gone with some color! Happy Friday!

Mallory Pickering said...

I LOVE your china!!!
Mine is Lenox Flourish.

Amy said...

Can I just say, that I heart melamine, too?!? Seriously. When I got married I registered for some and Jeffrey thought I was nuts. Target always has THE BEST...and we used to have a store called Linens'n Things (do y'all have that???) that carried tons of it, but they went out of I helped myself...stocking up is an understatement. :)

Tiffany said...

I love seeing what different people pick out and how it tells you a little something about their style. This was a cute post. i went over to Kelly's Corner to look at some of the others. Looked like fun! :)

Amy said...

Okay....I am feeling borderline stalkerish...BUT...I just had to share :)
If you are on facebook you MUST check out LollyWollyDoodle's fan page. They offer smocked children's clothing (and monogrammed) at an outrageously cheap price. There are sales every night starting around 8.
Also, is one of my new favorites for affordable smocked/monogrammed clothing.
Just thought I would pass those along....have a great week!