Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #64 (May 31-June 6)-- Dreary Days

We had another nice, relaxing week, but my mood has just been awful. The weather has been dreary for most of the week, and I feel like my mood has been dreary, too. I mentioned this to Peyton about midweek and he reminded me that the appetite stimulant I have started taking could have that effect because it goes into my brain....kinda creepy. We also figured out that it is the reason I have been feeling exhausted for no reason the past couple of weeks. I'm sure he told me this stuff when I started it, but I'm not always good about listening to my pharmacist ;). He also said that there was another drug that could be used to help people gain weight, but then he said he'd only seen it used on cancer patients that were undergoing chemotherapy and AIDS patients. I just really don't feel like I fit into the category with people who are barfing up everything they eat because they are poisoning their bodies in order to keep from dying or people who have a major, terminal, immune system compromising illness. Sooo....most likely not gonna get that. It's really not that bad, and I've already gained a few pounds (by eating, for example, NINE donuts, yesterday) so hopefully I won't have to stay on it too long. Now, for the exciting stuff...

Monday was Memorial Day. Peyton had to work, though. With our current jobs, as a pharmacist and a SAHM, federal holidays are basically meaningless for all practical purposes. I did try to spend time reflecting on our soldiers and their sacrifices, though. Monday morning, I swept and mopped the floors and then Ann Peyton and I ran some errands. I wanted to go to Marshalls and TJ Maxx, but I decided to stop by my parents' house first. My Dad was off work for the holiday ("hey, why's he here?") and they told me to let them keep Annie while I did my other errands. I went to Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. I didn't end up buying anything except at Marshalls- a book and some sandals for AP and a dress for me.
How did her feet get so dirty at Mickey and Minnie's house??

When we got home, Peyton was home and wanted to go for a walk. I was tired and had planned to actually cook dinner that night, but I agreed.
baby ducks at the pond in our neighborhood

my baby

Isn't the little yellow one cute?

Well, when we got back, I realized that when I got the stroller out of my trunk, I dropped my keys in it and slammed it shut. We called my mom since she had a spare key and made a couple more laps around the block until she got to our house. Once that was over, we bathed AP and put her to bed and I cooked the chicken for the casserole I was planning to make. I still needed one ingredient, though, and I was too tired to go to the grocery store, so we just ended up eating cereal, taking showers, and going to bed.

Tuesday was fun because Peyton was off all day! We had kind of a lazy morning and then I straightened up the house. We went to Blue Moon Cafe for lunch and then returned the dress I got to Marshalls (it was not flattering). We went to Renaissance to get a smoothie at Smoothie King because we had a coupon and I shopped a little at two of my old favorites- Migis and Material Girls. I feel way too old to be in those stores, but I found two cute dresses at Material Girls. We let Ann Peyton try the smoothie and she LOVED it. It was her first time drinking from a straw and she mastered it in, like, two minutes! She looks so serious about it!

When we got home, I vacuumed, and took a shower and got ready to go out to eat. My parents took us (and Cookie) out to dinner for a late birthday dinner for me. We went to Walker's. We got to sit in the new addition, which was nice because it wasn't too crowed and we had AP with us, so she wasn't getting in anyone's else's business. I had the Redfish Anna and it was to die for, as always. I also had a BLT salad that was SOO good and blueberry cobbler for dessert. I think I could have gained five pounds from that meal alone! Of course, the company was the best, too!

Wednesday morning I washed our bedding, took care of some business (emailing Remember Nguyen about my order) and washed dishes. Ann Peyton woke up a little late, so she didn't get a nap before our lunch date with Carrie and Aubrey. We went by the bank on the way to lunch, because my account overdrafted when a check that wasn't supposed to be cashed (for the hot water heater repair) was cashed. The guy at the bank was a bit of a tool about it and he didn't know it but I knew him from college. We went to Primos and we had a fun time, but we missed Ashley and Evy. We hit all the usual topics, blogs, parenting practices, ect. We tried to plan some summer activities, but we didn't really come up with much. When we got home, Annie crashed. She took a long nap and I just wasted time during it.

When she woke up we went to Kroger to get the Rotel for my casserole that I started to make on Monday and then we stopped by Target for a couple of things.

I cooked the casserole and had it ready when Peyton got home (he had to work late so he got home around six). We had refried beans and salad with it. Then we took Annie's monthly birthday pictures with Piggy.She looks so BIG to me here!

Peyton took a few more snapshots....

I cleaned up the kitchen and then I organized Annie's bottles to put up in storage, since she now drinks exclusively from a sippy.

I finished up Annie's letter and went to bed.

On Thursday morning Peyton called me and asked me if I could bring him something for this seminar thing he had to go to after work and if I could pick up something from the church for him. I acted a bit annoyed because I had planned on staying home all day and getting some things done- one thing being installing these really complex baby locks on our cabinets (she can get into the old fashioned ones). Anyway, we had a little tiff over it, but I printed off what he needed and got it to Walgreens before he had to leave at noon. When we got home AP took a nap and I realized the baby locks were way too complicated, as they required the use of a drill and stuff and I could see myself doing to our cabinets what BP has done to the Gulf. So, I straightened the house, did dishes and wrote a blog post about kids' clothes.

When she woke up, we went up to the church to get the stuff for Peyton and stopped by Target again. I had to return something and there was a new girl working at the return center at Target. It's funny that I notice this, but really whoever is at the return center can make or break a Target trip for me. I have my favorite employees, and that is that. Case in point: I told Peyton a few weeks back about this guy that wasn't very helpful and I said that he was socially awkward and sort of "off". Peyton goes "Did he have blonde hair?" And I responded "No, the blonde headed, awkward guy is really helpful". And Peyton said "Yeah, I know, it's like he knows EVERYTHING in the store and he's so friendly!". That, my friends, is a little sad.

Annie took another nap and when Peyton got home, he had some Mellow Mushroom take out with him, to make up for our little fuss. So sweet! After we ate, we went for a short walk and then I did laundry. Annie woke up, fussing, around midnight, but we chalked it up to teeth and gave her some Tylenol and she was fine.

She woke up again at 5:30 on Friday morning. Peyton tried to put her in the bed with us because he thought it would be fun and it would've been if she had laid still. But she was all over the place- so twenty minutes later, a diaper change, and another dose of Tylenol and we sent her back to her bed. She was fine and she slept until 9:45! I slept in a bit, too. I was folding laundry when Haley texted me to see if we wanted to go get a cupcake at the new cupcake place by my house. We met up there, but it was crowded and had no highchairs so we just came back over to our house, which was a disaster with half folded laundry everywhere! After Haley and Hank left Ann Peyton took a nap and I finished laundry. When Peyton got home, we tried our hardest to get the baby locks installed on the cabinets, but they just didn't work. We finally just gave up. We were going to meet our friend, Virginia, somewhere to eat, but we decided she could just drop by. Peyton started frantically straightening the house, which was a disaster (especially the kitchen, with all the locks and tools and stuff) and it just stressed me out. I know Haley and Virginia neither one cared, in fact they are probably two of the most laid back friends I have, but it just upset me and embarrassed me anyway....and I had a little breakdown, where I cried a little bit and forced AP to let me rock her. When Virginia got her, though, I immediately got better. She's so much fun and we'll miss her terribly when she moves in oh, a week. [Sidenote: Why is everyone leaving us??]

After she left, Ann Peyton was tired, so we decided to just put her to bed and skip Beans and Rice for the night. I read some and Peyton kept working on the locks and HE ended up drilling straight through our cabinet. I guess it's a good excuse to pain them, anyway....all these goofs Sweetie keeps making are really working out in my favor!

was a good day. AP and stayed home all day, but Peyton had to go to work. I got a lot done! I finished my closet changeover, did a bunch of laundry, and packed up some of AP's Winter pajamas and shoes to go to the attic. I watched The Story of Us (it's the story of America), which I had DVR'd and wrapped a birthday present. I made a salad for a cookout we were going to and washed the filter from my Shark.
Annie was very productive, too....doesn't she look relaxed??

When Peyton got home, we headed over to his brother Andrew's house for his wife's birthday. It was fun and we had a nice time visiting with family.

Yesterday (Sunday) Peyton was teaching Sunday School so he left early to prepare and get donuts for the class. We meet him at Sunday School and then went to church. When we got home, we had lunch and then all three of us took LONG naps. We went back to evening church (we're trying to start going more) and then went over to my parents' house. We had a fun visit and enjoyed leftover Red Beans and Rice. I guess Annie was super rested from her nap because she was wide awake when we got home at 10:00. We fed her dinner (since she was behind on her meals from taking such a long nap) and I did some organizing in her room. I went to bed right after she did, just before 11:00.

This coming up week is going to be fun and uneventful, I think. I didn't really do that great with my little schedule of activities that I ended last week's post with, but I'm going to try harder this week. I'm also going to try something different with a cooking/cleaning schedule. I'll let you know how that works out next week (if it does, ha!).


Carrie said...

1.) I'm sorry yall are having so much trouble with the cabinet locks! David installed the drill in kind on all of ours and they have been a LIFE SAVER!

2.) Is it pathetic that I'm pretty sure I know exactly which Target employees you're talking about? Yeah, it might be time to get a hobby BESIDES going to Target.

3.) I had a meltdown this weekend over my house being messy/people coming over/feeling over-whelmed. It wasn't pretty, but these things just happen sometimes :-/

Allison said...

I just have one thing to say: Walker's is probably my favorite restaurant of ALL TIME. I always get the steak (and I'm not even really a steak person), and it always amazes me how delicious the meal is! The calamari is also divine. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Rachel said...

I COMPLETELY understand about the mini-meltdown. I had one yesterday. It really stresses me out when I know people are coming over and I feel like my house is a mess. I actually cried too.

I guess everyone has one of "those" days every now and then! It seems like you had a very productive week! :)