Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #65 (June 7-13)-- Stomach Flu: Round Two

This week was pretty low key. We spent most of our time just hanging out at home this week, trying to stay out of the miserable heat (I think it was supposed to have been the hottest week of the summer). I was pretty productive around the house for the first part of the week, but then on Friday Ann Peyton came down with some sort of stomach virus. Fortunately, Peyton and I neither one have gotten it and we've tried not to expose too many people this time (we infected our entire extended family at her birthday party last time she had it). Annie is such a good patient- she has been more fussy than usual, but she knows just what she needs to do to get well and has been taking great naps!

The medicine that I'm taking seemed to be not as bad as last week. I just tried to stay busy during the day, especially when Peyton wasn't home, so I wouldn't feel so tired/anxious/depressed. Overall, it has been a good, relaxing week.

Monday was Peyton's day off. Usually, we fill those up with lots of errands and fun activities. For some reason, though, we just decided to lay low and try to get stuff done. Monday morning we cleaned out the fridge and I washed out all the containers (we should definitely clean it out more often) and then swept and mopped the kitchen, laundry room, sunroom and bathrooms. Peyton went over to his brother, Andrew's, house for awhile and Annie and I did laundry and clipped coupons. When he got home, we went to Kroger. After that, I put up the groceries, cooked some chicken, and took stuff to the attic. I was going to fix Poppyseed Chicken, but Peyton wasn't very hungry, so we just had sandwiches. We took a few boxes of AP's stuff that I had cleared out of her closet to the attic, along with the last of my closet changeover boxes.
(All the pink boxes are either Annie's stuff she's already worn or stuff for later.)

On Tuesday, I kind of took the morning off and just lazed around, played on the computer and watched TV and stuff. Peyton had to work a double on Wednesday, so I knew once he left for work on Tuesday afternoon, I'd be on my own taking care of AP until I just let myself enjoy the morning. After Peyton left, I got busy. I gave AP a bath, swept the floor and did some dishes. Later that afternoon, Morgan and Mary Milton came over for a visit. We had a nice chat and when they left, Annie and I went outside and did a little weeding before it got dark. It was really hot, though, so we only lasted about twenty minutes. I cooked the Poppyseed Chicken for supper. For some reason, I had such a hard time going to sleep.

Wednesday was a long day, but not as long as I had anticipated. Peyton was helping another pharmacist by working for him, so he ended up having a fourteen hour day. Ann Peyton and I stayed pretty busy, too! Wednesday morning, I did a load of dishes and then put the chair cover back on Annie's little toddler chair (it had a spot on it, so I washed it the night before). It took awhile for me to figure out exactly how to get it back on! I folded some laundry and straightened the house. After Ann Peyton's morning nap, we went to Kroger and CVS. I'm really trying to start couponing and I think we got a good start. After we got home, Cookie and my mom came over for a little visit. After Annie went to bed, I cleaned the bathrooms and cooked Tilapia for dinner.
(This was mine and Cookie's outfit when we were babies!)

Peyton kept AP on Thursday morning so I could go to a sample sale. I got AP about five really cute outfits for the future (all 24 mo. or bigger). When I got home, I was so tired, so I took a little nap during Ann Peyton's nap. When we woke up, I got to work. I dusted around the house and did some intense dusting on our blinds in the den (they were horrid). I also moved everything off our kitchen counters and "deep cleaned" them. Annie and I played for awhile and then I put her to sleep. I folded laundry and put clean sheets on our bed. Ellis called a little while after she went to bed and he and his adorable, sweet girlfriend (I just adore her) came over for a little visit. They stayed for a while and saw Peyton when he got home. After they left, I cooked fish again (the butcher at Kroger gave me way too much for one meal) and we watched The Road. Peyton had already seen the movie, but he thought it was so good, he wanted me to watch it. I'm still planning on doing a movie review post (of movies I've seen in the last year, I guess, since I've put it off so long), but I will say the movie was terrifying and sad. It was also really good and pretty "deep"- one of those "thinker flicks", you know? At one part I was crying uncontrollably and couldn't even catch my breath. Yeah, one of those.

Friday morning Ann Peyton threw up in her crib. We got her in the bath and I stripped her bed and started the wash. We were supposed to meet Carrie and Aubrey for lunch and Peyton told me just to go ahead and he'd keep her. We had a nice lunch and when I got home, Annie had just woken up from her morning nap. I had some other errands planned with my mom, but we cancelled those and decided to miss Beans and Rice, so we wouldn't expose my family to our sickness. I did some laundry, but that was really it. Annie was pretty cranky, but she took a good afternoon nap. She threw up again as I was putting her in her highchair. I cleaned up the mess and then it was time for her to go to sleep.

She had a really hard time falling asleep. She was standing up screaming in her crib when I went back in there. So I got her out and tried to rock her, sure it wouldn't work. She actually let me rock her and sing to her, which is really unusual for her. [Usually, she lets me rock her for a very short time, but it's really for my benefit, not hers. She could take it or leave it.] She was so peaceful when I put her back down and didn't make another peep. My mom came over a little while after that, to bring me some Red Beans and Rice and because she realized I was lonely, I think. I told her about the movie from the night before, which was kind of still bothering me and we ended up talking about all sorts of tragedies and sad things. It made me feel SO much better, though, to get it all out of my head. Peyton went out after work with one of his pharmacy friends, so it was nice to have the company.

Saturday was a lazy day. I put Annie in her high chair and let her eat Cheerios and I just laid on the couch and watched TV. I was kind of nervous I was getting sick, too. When she took her morning nap, I laid back down on the sofa and took one, too. After she woke up, I brought a bunch of toys in the den and we watched TV and folded laundry. I put the cover back on her high chair, since I had washed it the night before and she had a little snack (more Cheerios and Baby MumMums- nothing too heavy). I also ended up cleaning the microwave, because I blew up my lunch in it. I put fresh bedding on her bed and we played some more. She was so bored with all her toys. I think being sick, combined with the boredom of being trapped at home all day was really frustrating for her. When Peyton got home, I made a trip to Target for some wedding presents and stopped by Kroger for a few things. He had put her to bed by the time I got home and fallen asleep himself. I woke him up and asked him why he left Annie Banani in her clothes, instead of putting pjs on her. His response- "I don't remember finishing up with that little banana". Ha, he's hilarious when he's half asleep! I read some blogs and a little in a new book I'm reading and then I did some crafting on something for AP's room.

Yesterday (Sunday) was another pretty lazy day at home. I wasn't planning on going to church anyway, since she was sick, and then she threw up again Sunday morning. So, we just had another relaxing day at home. She took good naps, but I still didn't manage to accomplish much- just the bare minimum of laundry and dishes.
Isn't she a cute little sickie?

When she woke up she really didn't want to play. I held her in my lap, and surprisingly, that made her happy. She really doesn't like to be held much anymore, but I guess she just felt so awful that it felt good to be in her momma's arms. I soaked it up! She literally let me hold her for over an hour. We watched The Story of Us, a History Channel series I had DVR'ed. During her second nap, I took a nap, too. I REALLY hope it was just the medicine making me tired and I'm not coming down with something. Peyton came home for a little bit, but then around AP's bedtime, he went to meet some friends to watch a basketball game. I cooked a Breakfast Casserole for dinner (we're getting kind of tired of our old favorite, the Ham and Grits Quiche), but it didn't turn out great. The recipe called for white bread and I think that's what made it weird.

A couple of weeks back, I shared my little activities schedule:
Monday- finances day (receipts, checkbooks, coupons, (if Carrie and I start that); I'll also write notes on this day, if I have any that need written)
Tuesday- organizing day (I need to reorganize every drawer in this house!)
Wednesday- craft day (practicing sewing, working on the baby book that is not even HALF finished, ect.)
Thursday- yard wok day
Friday- catch up, rest day

Well, I decided to add to it a little bit and I made a chores schedule and a dinner schedule for the summer:
Monday- surfaces (dust/deep clean counters)
Tuesday- floors (sweep, mop, dry mop, vacuum)
Wednesday- bathrooms
Thursday- big laundry day (wash all our bedding, do extra loads, iron, ect.)
Friday- misc./catch up

Monday- grill night [Peyton's always off on Monday afternoons]
Tuesday- casserole or spaghetti
Wednesday- BFD (breakfast for dinner)
Thursday- fish or pita pizza
Friday- Beans and Rice at Mickey and Minnie's house
Saturday/Sunday- leftovers, eatout, grill, sandwiches

I doubt there will EVER be a week that I get all that done, but it's a goal and I feel good about having it laid out like that.

This week is already looking kind of busy with another sale, wedding activities for one of my best friends from college, and our monthly Ultreya meeting that I'm hosting this time.

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The Niemeyer Nest said...

SD, I am so impressed with your schedule. I need to make one too. I spend way too much on this dang computer and just being lazy. It makes me anxious but I still do it. HA! Thanks for motivating me.