Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #66 (June 14-20)-- The Week That Kicked My Tail

This week was crazy. I spent most of the week still trying to get Ann Peyton recovered from her little virus that struck last weekend and then the weekend was super busy with wedding activities for Ashley, one of my good friends from college. Three of my other college friends and I were honorary bridesmaids in the wedding. And then, I got sick with an awful UTI.

On Monday, Annie seemed better (no more throw up) but she was sort of puney. I called the doctor and they said just to watch her for the next couple of days. We had a nice day at home, though, and she slept a lot. We snuggled a bunch and during the morning, she just laid in my arm and fell aleep while I watched TV.

During her nap, I cooked some carrots to freeze for her and made Amish friendship bread. I also did some dusting, and really cleaned our hearth and fire pokers/shovelers/tools by the fireplace...just nasty! Monday afternoon, Cookie and my mom came over for a visit and then Peyton got home and reminded me about our anniversary (after Granny reminded him). Cookie and my mom suggested we go out to eat, so we got ready while AP took another nap.
little Annie Einstein...look at that hair!

We dropped Annie off and drove around for awhile looking for somewhere to eat. We wanted something new but Olga's, Anthony Z's, and the Strawberry Cafe were all either closed on Mondays or closed at nine (it was 8:30). We ended up eating at Mint. The service was great, but poor Peyton had a cold steak! We had fun, talking, though, and it was nice to be together for a little bit without having to worry about the babykins.
family pic before our date

Tuesday was eventful! We had another relaxing morning of AP sleeping in my arms, while Peyton went to play golf since it was his day off. I hate her being sick, but I love that she's so cuddly! When he got home, they played a little and I swept and mopped the floors and deep cleaned the kitchen counters. We were hosting Ultreya that night at the church, and I needed to fix something, so I started baking a chocolate chip pound cake. The weather was terrible, and about half way through the power went out. Not only was the cake unfinished, there just wasn't much we could do without any lighting, ect. I ended up doing some more organizing and getting the poisonous cleaners out from under the kitchen sink (since AP knows how to get into the BABY-PROOFED cabinets). Peyton's mom came over and kept AP while we went up to the church for Ultreya.
Peyton's momma took some pictures of Annie snacking!
We ended up bringing creamed corn and heating it up in the microwave there, because the power was still off when we left. Hosting the meeting wasn't too hard and we had a nice time.

On Wednesday, AP woke up really early. It was good, though, because I wanted to go to the overstock sale. My mom was planning on going with me and we were going to take AP, but she still seemed to be feeling bad, so I left her at my mom's house. I got some great stuff that I'll post soon! It was a lot better than last time, partially I think because they didn't really do a lot of advertising, so there weren't hoards of people throwing things everywhere. I went ahead and called Dr. Denney, since AP was still so unlike herself and got an appointment for that afternoon. After the sale, AP napped and I watched an episode of Army Wives, worked on her baby book (finally!) and read blogs. I had to wake her up for the doctor's appointment and she was pretty upset. For some reason, it was a pretty long wait and we ended up being there for over two hours. Most of which she screamed during. The rest of which she slept in my arms. I was pretty exhausted when we got home. I knew I really needed to get a few things done at home, so I made her a little palette on the floor and she rested while I folded some laundry. Peyton got home and we talked a little and then he mowed the yard while I feed Annie and put her to bed. After she went to sleep, I ran by Kroger and Target. I cooked fish for supper and organized the hazardous cleaners in a box in the laundry room.

I couldn't beleive how late AP slept on Thursday. She didn't wake up until 10:30 and I didn't wake up much earlier! Our day was SUPER low key, because I knew the weekend was going to be busy. I did some more laundry, watched another Army Wives off the DVR, vacuumed and dusted my vanity. I took every single thing out and wiped it all off. It was awful. Truthfully, I'm a little mortified at my housekeeping skills, or lack thereof, especially since I'm at home full time. I'm glad I'm working on it! I also washed our sheets and AP's bedding. I cooked chicken spaghetti and a squash casserole, with squash from our garden, for supper! I ended up staying up way too late, I guess since I slept in that morning.

Friday was honestly one of the busiest days I can remember in quite some time. It was super packed with wedding festivities for my friend Ashley. And, my other friend, Ashley (whose blog I link to all.the.time) was here for the weekend. [From here on, Ashley M. is the bride Ashley and Ashley L. is the friend who recently moved to Yankee territory and who was here for her hub's graduation from his residency program. Got it?]

Okay, so Friday morning my phone rings and Dr. Denney's nurse says to bring her back in. I really thought she was better, but I had mentioned to Sue (Dr. Denney's daughter/one of my BFF's) the day before that I might take her in. I figured since he wanted to see her, I ought to bring her back. We got there a little before nine and left a little after ten...not too bad. Of course, it was still just the bad virus getting to her. My mom met me at home and I changed my clothes really quickly (I had already showered and stuff) and left for the bridal luncheon. It was at Brent's and it was really fun. After the lunch, I got home and had about an hour to change my clothes into something comfy, chat with my mom, and pick out what I was going to wear to the rehearsal. I picked a dress that was one of Cookie's that she gave me and this was the first time I've worn it. I LOVE it. I wish I had gotten a picture. Peyton got home and I left to go met Carrie and Ashley L. at Broadstreet for a little snack. It was so nice to see Ashley and catch up with her and it was super relaxed because we were all sans children (well, Jude was there, of course!). I left Broadstreet and went over to Sue's house to get ready for the rehearsal. It worked out good since we were riding together anyway!

The rehearsal was hot, but things went smoothly and everything looked so pretty. Peyton's parents came over and kept AP so he could meet me for the rehearsal dinner. It was at the Lake Caroline clubhouse and they had Penn's cater it....the catfish was yum! After that, all the of us went back to Ashley M.'s house for strawberry daiquiris and an impromptu lingerie shower (we just found out about it that morning and Sue knew how overwhelmed I was with the day, so she picked up my present, too). It was loads of fun, but I was exhausted and by the time I picked up my car at Sue's house it was almost midnight!

I had felt a little bad Friday night and when I woke up Saturday morning, I just knew I had a UTI. I had them so much in high school and college, for whatever reason and when I got married I figured I'd have them pretty much once a month (because, supposedly, you're more susceptible when you're sexually active). Well, I haven't had one in almost two years, and I forgot how AWFUL they are. Peyton got me something for the pain/constant peeing and said if it didn't get better, I should go to the doctor on Monday. The medicine helped and I was fine the whole day.

I met Sue at her house and we rode out to Canton together for the wedding. The wedding and the reception were at a beautiful house called the Jiggetts Home. We got there around two to get ready for pictures. We got dressed, did hair and make-up, had pictures made, and ate a little snack before the wedding at six. Peyton dropped AP off at his parents (I figured after being sick and with the heat, she probably would not enjoy herself) and met me at the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and Ashley looked GORGEOUS in her dress. We left after seeing Ashley and her new husband, Adam, off. We picked up AP and were about to go get my car from Sue's house, but I was feeling terrible so we decided to get it on the way home from church the next day.

the friendgroup from college....reunited and it feels so good!

Kourtney, Marianna, Steph, Sue, and me

Lo and Panda

LeeAnn and Amanda cutting a rug

me and my bow-tied stud

Today (Sunday) I woke up, took a bath, and was half way ready and I decided I just could not go to church. For one thing I had been up two hundred times teeteeing and even with the medicine I think I would have had to leave church at least twice. Plus, my back and stomach were started to hurt, which I knew from previous experiences means that that infection is making it's way into your bladder and/or kidneys. UGH. Peyton remembered that my mom had an antibiotic from when she had a really bad upper respiratory infection and he said it would work for this, too. We decided to go ahead and get my car from Sue's house and then I could go get the medicine from my parents' house. I got my car and called them as I was on the way and my mom said she had thrown it away (it had given her hallucinations and terrible dreams). So, I ended up taking AP to my parents and spending the remainder of the morning at MEA. Good times. The doctor was really nice, but told me that it looked like I had an awful infection. I guess I'm just used to them; he seemed alarmed I wasn't doing much worse. Anyway, I got my prescription filled, picked AP up, and headed home. I ate lunch, put Annie down for a nap, and contemplated where even to start on my war-torn house that is just a disaster and looks like is inhabited by a family of eight, instead of a family of three. I couldn't decide where to start, so I started this post. Peyton went for a bike ride and I did do a little cleaning before AP woke up. Then we headed over to my parents' house to eat dinner and celebrate Father's Day. It was nice and I think Peyton and my dad both had nice (though not very eventful) days.
playing with Papa in the heat before heading to M&M's house

I feel like I did pretty well on my little schedules I set up last week. This post is already way to long to really evaluate that, but I do feel pretty good.

This coming week should be fun. Peyton has tomorrow and Tuesday off, so we are going to take a little day trip to see Granny and PopPop tomorrow and on Tuesday I think we are going to go swimming! I'm not sure what else, but I know it will fill up!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Wow, you have been busy. I hate UTI's - they are so horrible. I sure hope you are feeling better now. Evie's outfit is Lilly Pullitzer and I got it last summer while on vacation. It was on sale so it made me like it even more.

J. Henry said...

That picture that Peyton's mom took of AP is precious!

Have I told you that we have more than our Carrie connection? I was looking at blogs one day and my friend Lauren was over. She said her brother (Josh Foreman) knows Peyton. Small world! :)

Also... my husband and I got married at the Jiggetts Home! Love that place!

Anyway, hope you are feeling better! Y'all have a fun week!