Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekly Happenings Post #67(June 21-27)-- Swimmin', Road Trippin', and Chillaxin'

Guess it was time for another pic sans makeup. Also, notice AP's onsie says "Daddy's Little Sweetie". Ordinarily, I just can't stand things like that, but my mom found it and I actually kind of like it because Peyton and I call each other "Sweetie" and he's taken to calling her that, too.

This went by so quickly! It was nice and relaxed, but we had a lot of fun activities mixed in, too.

Before I share our "happenings", I thought I tell y'all how my little chore/dinner/activity routine is going. If you don't remember, here's the schedule:

Monday- finances day (receipts, checkbooks, coupons, (if Carrie and I start that); I'll also write notes on this day, if I have any that need written)
Tuesday- organizing day (I need to reorganize every drawer in this house!)
Wednesday- craft day (practicing sewing, working on the baby book that is not even HALF finished, ect.)
Thursday- yard wok day
Friday- catch up, rest day

Monday- surfaces (dust/deep clean counters)
Tuesday- floors (sweep, mop, dry mop, vacuum)
Wednesday- bathrooms
Thursday- big laundry day (wash all our bedding, do extra loads, iron, ect.)
Friday- misc./catch up

Monday- grill night [Peyton's always off on Monday afternoons]
Tuesday- casserole or spaghetti
Wednesday- BFD (breakfast for dinner)
Thursday- fish or pita pizza
Friday- Beans and Rice at Mickey and Minnie's house
Saturday/Sunday- leftovers, eatout, grill, sandwiches

So, assessment? I've been doing pretty good with the activity schedule, but I haven't necessarily stuck to the designated days. For example, I might switch around my "yard day", depending on the weather. And I've been practicing sewing for my "craft" and I kind of just do that for a few minutes here and there. By the way, in the next few weeks, I'll be attempting my first real "project" since I took my sewing class.

As far as the chore schedule, it has helped me tremendously. I don't know if I have a ton more time/energy since MMO is out for summer, or if I'm just making myself be productive. It's nice to have the house cleaner, though!

I haven't been doing great with the dinner schedule, but I do feel like I've been cooking a lot more than usual (like twice or thrice a week, instead of once, ha!). I think I may add in a "veggie night" for the summer, though, because we love having just home cooked vegetables for dinner!

As you probably know, I've really struggled with time management skills a whole lot and really beat myself up over it, but I'm at a point where most nights I am happy and proud of myself for what I have accomplished during the day. Peyton and I were talking tonight and we discussed how the one more thing I need to make time for is exercise. I may have to take a cue from Ashley and do something to stay active!

Okay, now that I've bored you to death with that, onto our happenings this week....

was a fun day. Peyton, AP, Peyton's brother, Andrew and I took a little road trip to Hebron to see Granny and PopPop. We got on the road about ten and got to their house in time to relax a little before lunch. Of course Granny had fixed THE best lunch of chicken, butter beans, corn, fresh tomatoes, cornbread and squash. YUM. We visited all afternoon and got back into town just before dark.

Granny had gotten a little tea set for Ann Peyton.

PopPop made the little table and chairs for Peyton and his brothers and sisters when they were young!

Granny serving AP some "tea".
I did laundry and straightened the kitchen, but that was it for the night. Traveling is tiring!

Peyton was off all day on Tuesday, too and we had a really nice day. Tuesday morning I did some housework. I did a load of laundry and then I worked in the kitchen- after I did the dishes I scrubbed the counters, cleaned the kitchen table, and dusted Peyton's little bar area. Then I read my Bible while Peyton was riding his bike and AP was napping. I usually do it very last thing at night, but I think I should at least do part of my reading in the morning (not first thing, though, I wouldn't get anything from that!).
I had to take her picture because these were my pajamas when I was a baby. I took a bunch, so I think I'll do a whole picture post one day this week!

reading in her chair
After Annie woke up, we met Cookie and my mom for lunch at the Yacht Club. After lunch my mom left, but we stayed and swam for a little while.

When we got home, Annie took a nap. I was doing something in the kitchen and I heard a crash. Peyton had broken a platter from on top of his armoire, so I got on eBay and looked for a new one- it's a retired Gail Pittman pattern. I read some blogs and Peyton went shopping for a freezer. We decided we needed an extra freezer to keep the HALF OF A COW we are getting next week. Yes, we decided to be super crunchy and by a locally grown and slaughtered cow to eat on for the next who knows how long. [Sidenote: Did ya'll know that organic cow's milk is more expensive than the store brand formula? We've never bought organic formula (I don't know why), be we drink only organic cow's milk.] After Peyton got back, I had some more time of productivity. I vacuumed the office and bedrooms and did MAJOR dusting in our room, including the tippy top of the armoire the platter fell off. Then I straightened the house a little and put up laundry.

Then Peyton remembered that he was sopposed to meet a friend for dinner. While he was gone, I organized Annie's closet and made room for the new things I bought at the sample sale and overstock sale, while she was playing in the nursery. I had to stop in the middle of things, because she got really sleepy. Once she went to bed I read some blogs and a little of Mere Christianity. What a busy day!

On Wednesday morning Ann Peyton woke up at 6:30. That's really early for her! Usually Peyton gets up with her if he doesn't have to work until two, because he's more of a morning person than me, but he was sort of tired, so I got up and finished organizing her closet while she had her milk and played. Peyton made us breakfast and when she took a nap at 10:30, I took a little one, too!

When she woke up, I washed the breakfast dishes and folded some laundry while she played in the den. We went to Kroger and Target and then she took her afternoon nap. I read some in my Bible and some more of Mere Christianity. I feed her dinner and sweeped and mopped the house while she was in her highchair. My mom stopped by for a little surprise visit and we had a nice time playing and chatting until Ann Peyton's bedtime. I cooked veggies for dinner (okra, corn on the cob, and squash casserole, plus fresh tomatoes). The only problem? I fogot to the steam the squash this time! I don't know how I missed that step, but we just cooked it for longer at a higher tempature and it was fine!

Thursday morning I got up and tried to get the house ready for our play date with my sister in law, Elizabeth and her little boy, Simeon. I straightened, washed dishes, swept and dusted mopped the wood floor, and cleaned the bathroom. We had a nice visit and Elizabeth brought a great lunch from Mediterranean Cafe.

After they left, Annie and I drove over to Leap Frog, one of my favorite consignment shops. I got a cute bib for Ann Peyton there about a month ago and I wanted to see if they had any more. They didn't and they didn't have much else good, either, I didn't think. Probably a good thing! Ann Peyton had a hard time going down for her afternoon nap and ended up not falling asleep until around 5:30. I know that seems crazy and wouldn't work for some people, but if I tried to hold her off she'd be overly tired and have an even harder time falling asleep for the night. It worked out nicely, anyway, because Annie and I ended up going over to my parents for dinner- they were having shish kabobs with steak and fresh peppers, AMAZING. We dropped some by the Walgreens on the way home and Ann Peyton did her little trick that Peyton tought her when she saw him through the drive thru window!

Friday was a REALLY long day. Ann Peyton refused to take a single nap for the first time in her life. I know a lot of babies go on long nap strikes and I shouldn't complain, but it was awful. She was miserable, too, because she was so tired. Actually, she apparently took two really short cat naps in the car and her mind thought that she had gotten her two naps in. Peyton took her on an errand Friday morning while I was getting dressed and she took a little snooze then. Then she took another tiny nap while we were running errands with my mom. We went to Continental to get some sewing things, to the jewelery store for my mom, and to Walmart. I was going to do like Thursday and let her take a late nap and then go to my parents' house for Beans and Rice, but she wouldn't do it. So we played some, I fed her supper, gave her a bath and put her to bed. I cooked fish and asparagus for supper. I was so exhausted by the time I got to the kitchen clean.
I was terrified this no napping was our new normal!
I had to have one before bed!

Saturday was a nice day. Ann Peyton did take a good nap and I did put up some laundry and read blogs. I also went through a bunch of receipts and worked on our finances. I wrapped a wedding present and got ready for an afternoon wedding for my friend Stephanie.
Annie's room on Saturday. Have I mentioned what a baby does for one's OCD tendencies??

My mom picked up AP since I was riding with a friend and I finished getting ready. The wedding was beautiful and I had a nice time catching up with old friends at the reception. Our friends, Melissa and Ryan were in town and said they might stop by and see Ann Peyton later that night. When I got home, I worked on getting the house picked up and Peyton got AP from my parents' house. Peyton told Annie he knew of a fun game called "walk to the other parent". Ha! So, we practiced walking a bit. Melissa and Ryan ended up not coming, but it was just as well, because Annie was pretty sleepy.

Today (Sunday) has been nice and relaxed. I meant to get up early and go to the 8:30 service since I was doing children's church at the late service, but I didn't make it. I actually fell back asleep with my bath water running- could've been a disaster. Anyway, I really wanted to go to church since I haven't been in weeks due to mine and AP's being sick and because we have a new preacher and I can't wait to hear him! Next week will be nice, because Peyton can go and stay through the whole service.

When we got home, I started this post and then had lunch and watched TV while Ann Peyton napped. I ended up taking a nap myself, too! She only takes one nap on Sundays, but she took a nice long one- just over three hours! When she woke up, we played a little and I folded laundry and ate a snack. Peyton got home and he played with Annie some and then we headed outside so we could do some wedding. We got out the little kiddie pool for AP and she enjoyed herself, but then a storm blew up. The wind scared her and it started thundering so we went inside.

the littlest gardner

gardening + a wet bottom = a dirty bottom

We got a good bit done, though! I gave AP a bath, fed her supper and put her to bed. Then I cooked our supper- veggie dinner, again. We ate and talked a little and then Peyton watched the World Cup while I played on the computer.

Next week looks fun! During the first part of the week, we'll be seeing Ryan and Melissa and we're also having lunch with Carrie and Aubrey tomorrow (we missed this week because Aubrey had a virus). I'm not sure what's going on the rest of the week, but I'm sure it will be a good one!


Amy said...

I am in total agreement about the onesie....I'm not a big fan of the whole, "my mom is dad is that" thing, but every now and then there is one that is just too cute to pass up.
I have taken a cue from you (and Flylady) and have started trying to plan out my's hard to not feel unproductive when my hubs comes home from a long day of work and I don't feel like i have accomplished anything, even though i have spent the past eight hours caring for a child - what could be more important than that?!
the pics of Ann Peyton gardening are cute - maybe she'll have a green thumb :)

Carrie said...

We should start exercising together! We could meet at night (because I can't stand heat even when I'm not pregnant!)and walk after the babies are in bed (at least on the nights Peyton is home).