Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday- Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue {Summer 2009}

Since, this weekend is the Fourth of July, I thought I'd share some pictures (and memories) of "Patriotic Annie" from last summer.

Every year on the Fourth of July we go out to my parent's friends cabin. There are tons of people and tons of food and it is always so much fun, no matter how hot it is! Here's some pictures from last year's festivities....

family picture before leaving for "the country"

Mickey and Minnie and a tired little Annie Baby

close up of Ann Peyton in Mick's lap

I remember this moment so well. It was after we got home and she had just eaten. She was so exhausted she feel asleep like this while I was burping her.

I have a few more shots of Patriotic Annie taken two other days last summer.

This was a couple of weeks before the Fourth- mid June. Ann Peyton was only about two months old!

I like this picture because she still makes this face sometimes!

This was in September. She turned five months old the day this was taken- she still fit in the outfit, but had (thankfully) gained a bit more chub!

I love looking back at these pictures. It's crazy how tiny she was and what little hair she had (the red and white outfit was one that we had to wear a bow and frilly shoes with- and people still said how cute "he" was!). MAJOR BABY FEVER COMMENCES NOW!

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